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Dubai Commercial Directory, produced by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will be handy for Dubai businessmen, exporters, importers and entrepreneurs as well as global investors planning to establish new commercial activities in the Emirate. As part of its strategic objectives of creating a favourable business environment and supporting the development of business, Dubai Chamber works non-stop to promote Dubai and its economic development process locally, regionally and internationally. The directory’s varied listing indicates the economic status of the Emirate and helps you take a sound business course by connecting to the right business contact as well as to enhance your business further.

Over the years, this annual directory has served as a strong trading tool for businesses and consumers with its precise details of Dubai’s burgeoning trading sector, world-class infrastructural projects, business-friendly free zones, easy procedures to obtain licences, as well as an informative description of the services offered by the Chamber. This new edition is in line with the strategy as it keeps you updated with the contact details of Chamber members’ businesses, overall economic activities, social services and prime events in the UAE in general and Dubai in particular. To the prospective investors, this is a perfect communication tool to promote their business interests and to be part of the overall economic success of Dubai.

The directory encourages the reader to make contact and pursue the endless possibilities of doing business in Dubai.

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