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A letter reminding you to renew your 12 month entitlement to a registration number on retention.
This document contains the name and address of the registered keeper and vehicle details (commonly called the Log Book). Document issued by DVLA Swansea confirming a purchasers right to the registration mark specified on the certificate.
A certificate confirming the registration number is no longer held on a vehicle but is retained. A Department of Transport form to apply to transfer the registration mark from a vehicle to a Retention Document. You may obtain these documents from DVLA Swansea or you can request the cherished transfer pack containing leaflets which fully explain the process of transferring a registration number. This document is an authorisation certificate that proves entitlement to a specific registration mark. DVLA is the government agency responsible for all regulatory matters related to the issue and display of private number plates and car registrations in the UK. All personalised number plates and personal registration marks mentioned in this site are either British i.e. As responsible personalised number plates agents we feel it is important that our visitors and customers understand the law regarding the supply and display of cherished number plates as they are valuable assets and should be protected. The law on the display of vehicle registration numbers is now very strict and personal number plates owners may not use decorative or fancy fonts.
There are occasions when you may need to separate your personalised registration from your car. There are two options available when removing a registration from a vehicle; you can either transfer a registration direct to another vehicle (postal applications only), or you can apply to remove a registration from a vehicle (place it on a retention). If your online retention application is successful you should receive a replacement V5C Registration Certificate by post two working days later. If you get a message saying ‘this registration number cannot be retained online’ ring the telephone number on-screen and speak to an advisor.
If you provide an email address while completing your online retention application, you will receive confirmation that your application is complete. Changes have been made to the retention scheme since this article was originally published in 2010. If you are applying to retain your private number plate because you intend to sell your vehicle, it is definitely wise to plan ahead. DVLA will automatically issue an age-related replacement registration when you retain the existing plate. Since Monday 9th March 2015 all V778 retention documents issued by DVLA are valid for 10 years with no fee payable to renew or extend the document. If you would like to put your retained private plate on a different vehicle, you can assign a private number plate online. Successfully helping British motorists acquire their ideal personalised number plates for over fifteen years, James Saperia is the Managing Director and founder of Simply Registrations.
Hi Paul, You should fit replacement number plates as soon as possible – that usually means waiting a couple of days for the replacement V5C (log book) to arrive in the post and then going along to Halfords to get the plates made. How long am I allowed to keep the existing personal plates on my vehicle, or do I have to get the new plates put on immediately? Hi Jackie, As it is a legal matter I can’t comment on your specific case, you may need to consult a legal practitioner. 1) What is the maximum period I am allowed by DVLA to by a new car and transfer the plate onto it?
Yes it is a brand new car and I have spoken to the garage and they are going to do it for me.
When I have applied to retain my personalized plate will my car tax still be current or will I need to re-tax my car with the new number plates so I can still drive until I get my new car. I have just paid ?80 to the DVLA to put my currently used private plate on retention as I am intending to sell it and buy a new car. Am I still allowed to drive around in my current car even though the number plate is technically on retention? What’s the deal with private plates on a vehicle that has been sorn for 5 years or more. Hi Emma, The existing plate will be held on the DVLA system until you retain your private plate, it will then be reunited with your car. Hi Roy, If you contact DVLA and explain what has happened they should be able to issue a replacement retention document. Hi Roxanne, Unfortunately you can’t combine a plate transfer and change of keeper application online.
Hi Glen, If your retention application is processed online you can swap the plates on your current vehicle immediately. I get my new vehicle on Sunday, my current vehicle (which will be my old vehicle) will be uninsured from this date. Hi Phil, I suggest applying online a couple of weeks before you are ready to change cars so that if the online application is rejected, you still have enough time to apply by post. Cheers I’m planing on swapping my car within the next two months, do I need to start the process of retaining it now or wait until I have picked my new car and then go through the process of transferring it the reg plate over to that while purchasing it?
Hi Phil, The fact that you want to put your plate on a different car means you have to separate it from your existing car.
Just wandering I want to get rid of my car and purchase a new one then putting my personalised reg plate on the new vehicle from my existing car, do I need to put the personalised reg into retention or can I just assign it to the new vehicle?

Hi Eduardo, If your online retention application is successful you receive instant notification of the replacement registration on-screen and by email. Hi Sharn, If the correct number plate is already showing on the vehicle enquiry website, the seller should have the new V5C by Saturday – use this link to tax the car online.
Hi I went to look at a car last saturday which had a private plate on it, there was no mention in the add on Auto Trader that the owner wanted to keep the plate but she told me after I agreed to buy the car. I saw the log book when I looked at the car, but the new registration mumber is different as it is also an old private number that has apparently been now registered to it?? Hi Marty, Unfortunately it isn’t currently possible to assign a private plate to a vehicle online until you have the V5C (log book) back from DVLA having completed the change of keeper. I want to transfer my plate to a new vehicle ASAP, im in Australia working and get home sunday, but pick the car up on Monday with the plate on is this possible if I fill in the forms online, then carry the documents with me when I pick up the car, or can it be done within the week, considering it is Tuesday? Hi Alan, As detailed in the article; you can apply online to retain your personalised plate.
I am moving to Dubai and want to remove my personalised plate from my car before selling it and therefore retaining my personalised plate. I understand that a plate of the relevant year will be assigned to my car – 99% of the time it will be revert to the original. I currently have a plate on retention & have received my reminder to V778 to keep it on retention but it doesn’t say how much I need to send?
Hi Karilyn, You should have received a replacement V5C Registration Certificate (log book) from DVLA.
So I should now take the cherished plate off and put the original reg on until I get my new car in two weeks?
Hi Karilyn, If you have already separated your cherished plate from your current car, you should fit number plates displaying the correct registration as soon as possible.
Do I need to remove the cherished plate and put the old one back on for the next two weeks?
Hi Drew, It doesn’t need an MOT, but the last MOT should have been carried out no more than 5 years ago. Hi Jef, You only pay the ?80 fee once; when you apply to separate the plate from the vehicle. Hi Dani, If you retain your number plate online you don’t have to send any documents to DVLA. Hi Steve, It is highly likely your vehicle will be reunited with its original registration.
Hi John, At some stage in the vehicle’s past it has been untaxed for a period of time (according to DVLA records). You will need to produce this document along with suitable personal identification in order to get a set of new numberplates manufactured.
The DVLA acronym means Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and its head quarters are here in Swansea from where it controls all UK private registration plates. We contract the agency on a daily basis but VRM Swansea  Plates4less is in no way affiliated to the DVLA or DVLA Personalised Registrations.
It was once possible to buy cheap number plates from any private car numberplates maker without any evidence of your entitlement to the car registration numbers. Letters and numbers must be of the correct size, style and spacing with private registration plates also conforming to strict British Standards in their materials and manufacture. The usual reason is because the car is going to be sold and you don’t want lose the rights to display your personalised plate.
Once retained, a registration can be held on certificate for as long as you like – or it can be put on (assigned) to another vehicle. The registration can then be put on a different vehicle straight away using the online facility (subject to acceptance).
Often the DVLA telephone assistant can make a simple adjustment allowing the application to be processed at the second attempt.
The information you are reading is regularly updated and reflects changes as recent as February 2016. For more information about these changes, read: It now costs less to retain your personalised registration. The company is situated between Leeds and Wakefield and serves motorists all over the United Kingdom. Once the plates are on your car you should notify your motor insurer, tracker provider and recovery organisation.
I am just preparing my car for scrap and paid ?80 to retain my personalised plate before selling it.
Try again to retain your registration online and take note of what it says on-screen when notified your application can’t be processed. If so, give the garage your V778 retention document and they will register the car using your private plate.
You are then expected to buy a set of number plates and attach them to your car as soon as possible. However, I have learnt today that the new car may not be available for 12 weeks whereas originally I thought the change over would be done with 10 days. So to answer your question, it is not necessary to pay ?80 to retain your existing registration. If I buy a private plate and wish to assign the private plate to the car, what happens to the existing standard plate? My mother is the beneficiary of the Will but is incapacitated and does not drive and I have power of attorney for her.

Your friend can apply to retain his personal plate online, once he receives the replacement V5C (two working-days later) you can complete the change of keeper notifications online.
For your new car, you have to wait until you have the V5C log book in your name and address before assigning your private plate.
I plan on giving this vehicle to my partner but I need to get my private plate off and onto the new car asap. Remember to tax & insure the car on the correct registration and make sure the new number plates are fitted before driving away. You can complete the change of keeper notification online, but must wait a few days for the replacement V5C to then assign your private plate online.
It used to be ?25 for a year but I’m confused do I have to pay ?105 & how long does this now last? The registration showing on the log book should be the same as the number plates fitted to the car. It is perfectly acceptable in my opinion to drive your car to collect your new set of plates.
Please could you help me with this: If I apply to retain my personalised number plate before selling my car, when I get a new generic number plate (likely to be my car’s original) will it be legal for me to drive the car on the personalised number plate to collect a newly made set of plates, or will I have to keep the car on the driveway until the plates have been swapped? If i read it right its ?80 to retain and a further ?80 to re assign in the future making ?160 instead of the old ?105 all in. Please ensure you retain your personalised registration before notifying DVLA of the change of keeper. Before your retention application can be processed the vehicle record needs to be looked at further by someone at DVLA.
It was formerly called the DVLC standing for Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre but this title was changed in 1990 and so is now obsolete.
These days you need to provide the private registration plates manufacturer with a V948 number plate authorisation certificate which is issued by the DVLA only after your keeper’s entitlement has been checked.
To break the law on the manufacture and display means you risk having your entitlement to your cherished registration plates permanently withdrawn and face a substantial fine of up to £1000. Please allow enough time to separate your cherished registration ensuring you have replacement vehicle documents from DVLA before selling or part-exchanging your car.
Have a quick look at some of the cherished registrations available for sale, there could be one that is perfect for you.
His girlfriend has now assumed ownership of all his effects, including a private plate, which she has had transferred into her name.
You may have to apply by post but you will need to cross out the information you have provided in section 9 of the V5C. If you are buying a pre-owned (registered) car, the blog post How to assign a private number plate online may answer your question.
If you were collecting your new car in 10 days it wouldn’t be too bad, but to not swap the plates for 12 weeks is pushing it. Is it worth putting it on retention (?80 fee) for when I come to sell the car, or better to just wait till I want to sell the car and get another standard registration allocated to it before I sell it? A couple of days later when the replacement V5C arrives he can apply online to put his private plate on his new car. The only way to notify DVLA you are the new keeper and apply to assign your private plate at the same time is to submit the application by post. Send your application to DVLA and you will receive a new retention document valid for 10 years. You should take the number plates off your car (your cherished registration) and fit replacement number plates. If you retain your plate online you should have a replacement V5C (log book) within a few days. You will have to submit your retention application by post as detailed in the article above.
Your numberplates are an important identifying feature of your vehicle and can be cloned to provide a false identity to any vehicle for those engaged in vehicle related crime. Incorrectly displayed private plates or personalised reg marks will be enough to make your vehicle fail its MOT test. Give the retention document to the garage supplying your new car and they should be able to sort it.
If I apply online can I literally swap the plates over on the same day, giving me the chance to put the original registration on my old vehicle also on the same day? If you complete the retention application online you should receive a replacement V5C two working days later, three working days for the retention document by separate post. There are now many stories that tell of speeding fines collected in areas of the UK where car owners have never visited, due to the display of duplicate number plates  by criminals. The crucial part is to retain the registration (by post or online) before you complete the section 9 notification. It could take up to two weeks if you apply to transfer or retain your personalised registration by post.
If his effects are now legally hers is there any way his girlfriend could possibly keep the plate?

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