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Sony's upcoming Reader team press conference has left us wondering what the company has left in its ebook reader bag to announce, but according to a report in the New York Times there'll be changes in both file format and hardware line-up. Details of the new Reader are scarce, with the NYT only suggesting that it would be able to wirelessly download new content and, as a result, take on Amazon's Kindle. As for the new ePub adoption, the company are also tipped to be dropping their proprietary DRM encryption system and replacing it with Adobe's version. SAN DIEGO, August 13, 2009 ? In an effort to take the confusion out of digital book formats, Sony today announced its plan to convert its eBook store to the industry-standard EPUB format by the end of the year. Sony’s Reader was the first dedicated reading device to support the EPUB format, the International Digital Publishing Forum’s (IDPF) XML-based standard format for reflowable digital books and publications.
Current Readers from Sony, models PRS-505 and PRS-700, support EPUB and reflowable PDF documents via Adobe Digital Editions 1.7 software. Sony is also committed to working with local libraries throughout the country as they make the move to digital books.
One year after the release of the original Nook, Barnes and Noble introduced the Nook Color, an ereader designed for reading newspapers, magazines, children's books, cookbooks, and other color content in addition to ebooks. The Nook Color also doubles as a portable multimedia device capable of browsing the web, playing video, music, games, and a lot more now that Barnes and Noble launched the Nook app store in April 2011. If you like to tinker with how things work, the Nook Color can run custom ROMs and can be hacked to install a number of Android apps, even the Android Market. The Nook Color definitely lives up to its name with its 7-inch VividView touchscreen from LG that can display more than 16 million colors.
The Nook uses a capacitive touchscreen so you barely have to touch the display for it to react. Like any LCD ereader, the main drawbacks of the screen are that it is reflective, drains battery power, and fingerprints build up. As for battery life, it is rated at about 8 hours for reading, which seems to be pretty accurate with the brightness turned down some. The home menu of the Nook Color is reached by pushing the "n" button below the display, the only hardware button save the volume and power keys. As you might guess with a full color touchscreen, Barnes and Noble is doing a lot of promoting for newspapers and magazine subscriptions with the Nook Color, as well as the newly-launched Nook Kid's portion of B&N's books. Reading ebooks on the Nook Color is a lot different than reading on a monochrome E Ink ereader, there's no doubt about it. A good comparison would be the difference between reading a newspaper and reading on a computer screen. Hold down on a word and a pop-up appears for adding highlights, typing notes with the keyboard, accessing the dictionary, searching online, and sharing passages via email, Twitter, and Facebook. Other reading features include jumping between chapters and pages using the table of contents and slider bar, searching for words or phrases, and adding bookmarks. For newspaper reading, everything is laid out into sections, which can be navigated by using the TOC. Overall, I'd say that the Nook Color is the best LCD ereader yet for e-reading simply because of its high quality screen. Navigating through B&N's integrated ebook store on the Nook Color is one of its strong points.
The Nook Color supports EPUB and PDF ebooks in Adobe DRM so you aren't limited to just Barnes and Noble's ebook store. The Nook also supports DRM-free EPUB and PDF ebooks downloaded from various free ebook websites. With the browser you can download free ebooks from various websites, check email, run searches, get news updates, etc.
Other Extras include games, importing Google contacts, there's a video player, image viewer, and audio player, in addition to Pandora Internet Radio. If you are looking for something like the iPad that can be used for ereading as well as a multitude of other things, you are not going to get that with the Nook Color off the shelf.
There will certainly be those that choose to run ROMs or hack the Nook to allow it to install all kinds of 3rd-party apps (myself included), but that comes at the risk of voiding the Nook's warranty, and even then it's not a true Android tablet because it lacks a video camera, microphone, etc.
The eBook Reader Blog keeps you updated on the latest ereader and tablet news, reviews, and tutorials. If you haven’t yet started using Calibre (pronounced Caliber) for managing your ebook collection, now is a good time to learn how to get started.
Calibre can do everything from displaying ebooks in its ebook viewer to converting formats into something more compatible for a specific ereader.
Additionally, you can set up Calibre to fetch RSS news feeds from around the web and automatically convert them into an ebook to be sent to your device, no subscription fee required. Once you install Calibre, the welcome wizard will guide you through the installation process.
Next, you’ll be asked to choose your specific type of ebook reader so that Calibre can determine the optimum format to output when converting files. Calibre collects the articles and then converts them into ebooks that includes the full versions of the articles, along with the associated images. If the ebook you are sending to the device is not a supported format, Calibre will convert it to the most suitable format for your reader automatically. Also, with the Calibre content server you can access your ebook collection using a web browser from any computer anywhere in the world, and you can set it up to email your ebooks and downloaded news automatically. Check this new post for an article and video with some advanced tips and tricks for using Calibre ». A lot of new devices are coming onto the market so it’ll be getting quite a few updates soon. If one has two different ebook devices (say a nook and a kindle) is it be possible to use both with the same installation of the Calibre? One final question: So, if I only install Calibre and buy my books through the Sony PRS-900, I can manage all my books with Calibre, including those that I have bought from the Sony Store. Have a Literati and have been told to use Calibre for such task than getting books from Kobo.
How can I stop a Claibre newspaper subscription so that I don’t get charged any longer by Amazon?
You mentioned that you can skip the choosing of your reader during the wizard and then later go into preferences to designate the velocity cruz tablet.
What if I already have 300 GIGabytes of books on my hard drives – organized the way I need them and which would take months to recreate? There’s probably more than one way to do it, but I use Kindle for PC to download them to my computer. Hi Nathan, I am about to purchase an ebook, and a the moment I am leaning towards the Kindle.
Hi- I have a PDF of a book I wrote (with cover) and I’d like to convert it to a form that I can then sell as a Kindle ebook on Amazon.
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But with every new technology comes its unique challenges that organisations must take into account.
TJ Walker is the host of the #1 rated YouTube Channel devoted to Daily Public Speaking and Media Training Improvement. TJ Walker is the founder of Media Training Worldwide and has been conducting media training workshops and seminars since 1984. His book, “Secret to Foolproof Presentations” was a USA Today #1 Bestseller, as well as a Wall Street Journal, and Business Week Bestseller. The iriver Story HD is the third ebook reader from iriver and is the first ebook reader to tie in directly with the Google ebookstore.
However, from a functionality standpoint, the Story HD is very different from the Kindle 3. In short, the Story HD is a lot more basic than the Kindle and most other ereaders on the current market, but it does bring one new feature that no other device currently offers: a higher resolution screen. Other features include a Cortex i.MX508 processor, WiFi for downloading ebooks from Google, and a built-in battery than is rated up to 6 weeks per charge, or about 14,000 page-turns. When first starting up the iriver Story HD, a setup Wizard guides you through the process of learning how to use the device and how to sync with a Google account for using the onboard Google ebookstore.
The Homescreen shows a list of ebooks by title and author, with a small thumbnail of the latest read ebook. When reading an ebook, you can adjust text size by 8 levels by hitting the Aa icon on the keyboard. In the options menu, you can jump to a specific page, access the table of contents, which supports multiple levels, add bookmarks, view bookmarks list, and adjust text size and open the Collins English dictionary. Google's approach to ebooks is to store them in the cloud and have them all tied to a Google account so that you can access them on any device that has a web browser, technically even the Kindle can display Google eBooks using its web browser. The Google ebookstore offers a wide range of titles, including over 3 million freebies, but the store on the Story HD is stripped of most searching features.
As far as features go for PDF files, you can access the table of contents, which supports multiple levels, go to page, access the dictionary, and turn text re-flow on and off.
The iriver Story HD comes with the latest cutting edge screen technology, but it has the feature-set of an ebook reader from yesteryear.

The best thing that iriver did was to get the name Google on their product, but that's not going to be enough when the the Nook Touch, Kobo Touch, Sony Readers, and Kindle all have more features to offer. Amazon looks to replicate the success they've had with their Kindle ereaders with release of their first tablet, the Kindle Fire.
The Kindle Fire lacks some advanced features that more expensive tablets offer, but there's no question that it is one of the best options for a budget tablet on the market. The Kindle Fire is heavily integrated with Amazon; that's what makes it unique from other Android tablets. There's a lot of debate about backlit displays being harder on the eyes for reading than E Ink screens. The Kindle Fire's built-in ereading app is similar to the regular Kindle for Android app, with features typical of other Android ebook apps. The features the Kindle Fire does have includes the usual notes, highlights, bookmarks, syncing last page read and annotations across multiple devices and apps, search, dictionary look-up, and automatic screen rotation that can be turned on and off. The main difference with the Kindle Fire's reading app and Kindle for Android app is the addition of more font choices and adjusting options.
Like other Kindle devices, the Fire doesn't generate a table of contents of its own, it use the book's TOC instead, if it has one. Here's what's missing from the Kindle Fire's reading app: no text-to-speech, no collections or organizing options aside from assigning ebooks as favorites on the homescreen, can't download ebooks with the web browser (they download but won't open), can't sideload ebooks in MOBI or PRC to read in the Kindle app (have to send them to the Fire's email address instead, which is nicer actually because then they get synced), there are no built-in sharing features, and there are no book descriptions.
In the end, the Kindle Fire as an ereader is hardly any different than any other Android tablet with the regular Kindle for Android app installed. As you would expect, periodicals get delivered automatically whenever a new issue is released. The great thing about the Kindle Fire is that it can install additional ereading apps and news apps such as the Nook for Android app and my personal favorite Aldiko. The Kindle Fire doesn't come with a comic app out of the box, but there are comic apps available from the Amazon appstore, including the Comixology app for comics from Marvel, DC, and The Walking Dead.
Adopting an industry-standard format and Adobe® Content Server 4 – a popular, cross platform server software solution that copy protects downloadable eBooks – allows Sony to make its eBook store compatible with multiple devices and its Reader devices open to multiple sources for content. The standard was developed with the participation of more than 60 companies and organizations and was unanimously approved by IDPF members. Recently announced digital readers – the Reader Pocket Edition (priced at about $199) and the Reader Touch Edition (about $299) – will both support the EPUB and PDF formats out of the box when they go on sale later this month. Sony Readers are compatible with the industry-standard formats that libraries use for their digital collections, so consumers can easily download perennial favorites and new releases from their local libraries and enjoy them for free.
Images are exceptionally bright and detailed, especially with magazines that use high-quality photographs like National Geographic. Scrolling, pinch-to-zoom, highlighting, tapping letters on the keyboard, and navigating through menus all work really well. The Nook Color has a lot to do with social networking too, incorporating a new feature from B&N called NOOKfriends, where you can share passages with friends and family through email and social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter.
The homescreen background image can be changed and you can drag your books around to arrange them however you want.
In the library there are options for different bookshelf layouts, including custom shelves.
In fact, there's a feature called AliveTouch where kids can interact with words and pictures, and even have books read aloud to them as they follow along. The backlight helps for reading at night, but hinders when trying to read outdoors in bright light, and so does the reflectivity of the screen. There's a pop-up for writing reviews and recommending books that also lists other books written by the author and similar books other customers bought. The colors and text are really solid and defined and you can hardly see the pixels at all on the 1024 x 600 display. You can get ebooks from a wide range of ebook stores and even get free ebooks from local libraries using a service called Overdrive.
There are other Android browsers that are a lot more capable, but since the Nook cannot install 3rd party apps without a hack they cannot be used.
The videos I tested where very bright and ran smoothly, unlike the YouTube videos tested, which all seemed to automatically use the low quality setting. With it you can organize your entire ebook library any way that you choose, and sync all your content with your favorite reading devices. You can find millions of freebies by checking out the websites listed on our free ebooks page, or you can find the latest free titles in the free ebooks category of this blog. Editing Metadata: This step is optional but makes sorting and organizing your ebooks a lot easier in the long run.
Kovid Goyal, gives a tutorial on how to setup Calibre, add ebooks, edit ebook meta data, how to convert and send ebooks to a device, and how to fetch news feeds, among other helpful tips and tricks.
The comparison tables get updated every few weeks or so, mostly when a new device hits the market or one of the older ones gets updated.
I have HUNDREDS of e books on my PC and can convert them into pretty much any file type but am scared I wont be able to read them not he e book reader. As I read through the device instructions, I have to install the Sony Reader Library in order to be able to buy books from the Sony Store through the computer. Does that include transferring all books to the computer for storage in one of my hard disks instead of keeping them in the 900, and transferring back those I choose to read on the 900 back to the 900? Question what do you do in the wizard setup if your manufacture is not listed (Cruz reader,Velocity). Can your software convert ePub loan books from a library to work on the Kindle or will there be some sort of copyright protection which will prevent the conversion? Is this possible or is Calibre just the other way to convert to a format to read on your own ereader?
Learners expect information to be available at the point-of-need or time-of-interest, especially the mobile workforce that requires flexibility and convenience in accessing learning materials. The challenges come in the form of designing and delivering materials across a multitude of devices, operating systems, browsers, screen sizes and resolutions.
It explores the role of Responsive eLearning in response to the escalating demand for multi-device learning and performance support, its key features, different approaches and benefits. Registered users have access to the quickest possible download speeds and can also access additional community features such as our "Download Alert", which automatically notifies you when a new version of this software is available. Walker has trained Presidents of countries, Prime Ministers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, Super Bowl winners, U.S. Walker is a also a regular contributor to Forbes and the Reuters Insider Network and has written for the Huffington Post. He has lectured or conducted trainings at Yale University, Columbia University and Princeton University. There's also a European model that doesn't have WiFi or Google eBooks, but is otherwise mostly the same. It is likely that additional firmware updates will be released for it to add new features, so make sure to check the iriver Story section of the The eBook Reader Blog for the latest information and updates. It is almost the exact same size and weight as the Kindle 3, and appears very similar with the full QWERTY keyboard below the screen, which includes arrows for navigating and turning pages, along with the silver 4-way nav bar, home, options, back, and enter buttons. It doesn't have the page-turn buttons on the sides of the screen, it doesn't have speakers or a headphone jack because audio is not supported, and it lacks advanced features, layout settings, notes, apps, etc.
It supports Adobe DRM for ebooks from a wide range sources other than Google as well as the following formats: EPUB, PDF, TXT, DOC, PPT, XLS, HWP, DJVU, FB2, JPG, BMP, PNG, GIF, and Zip. It's not obvious where to find it at first; you have to switch from the Google Library list to Recent. There are 5 separate lists for sorting by Google Library, Recent, Favorites, Title, and Author. The dictionary feature requires you to type the word into a search bar to get the definition rather than moving a cursor on-screen to a word. There's no way to adjust margins, line spacing, font type, justification, or anything else. Opening it shows a list for the top selling ebooks, with a search bar on top, and a link to view categories. It works okay for re-flow and has landscape mode, but the zooming options only work in portrait mode and only offers 4 levels of zoom that doesn't zoom in very much; in effect it works more like a margin crop feature instead of zoom.
As usual, re-flow works well enough for some text-based PDFs but is going to mess with the layout of anything using complex formatting. It's not an official feature, and is rather difficult to find, but it does work to some degree. The higher definition screen is nice, and so is having Google eBooks onboard, but that's not enough to counter the competition. Like earlier Kindles, it can displays ebooks from Amazon, but it also doubles as a multimedia device for music, videos, email, web browsing, and all the multitude of other things that can be done with the thousands of Android apps available in the Amazon appstore and beyond.
Unfortunately that means many of the usual features that other Kindle devices offer aren't included. There are three line-spacing and margin settings, with eight font sizes, and the best part, there are eight font styles, Georgia, Caecilia, Trebuchet, Verdana, Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, and Lucida. I have well over 100 Kindle books and trying to decide which one to read based off of a book cover is not an easy task.

There is no page view, just article view, with all the same options mentioned above for magazines.
Amazon hides some of these apps from the Kindle Fire's appstore, but they can be sideloaded from other appstores and websites.
Pulse is a visually-oriented RSS app that you can use to read RSS news feeds from around the web. EPUB has gained acceptance among major trade book publishers with dozens of publishers already producing the majority of their eBooks using the standard. Sony will also provide an update path for owners of the first edition Reader, model PRS-500, so early adopters of the Reader will also be able to enjoy this benefit.
Check out my reviews and tutorials for the Nook Color CM7 ROM and the Nook Color Android 3.0 Honeycomb ROM. The on-screen functions, being able to tap words to look up in the dictionary, adding highlights and notes, are all much more functional than the original Nook.
There are sections for magazines, newspapers, and your side-loaded content, which includes EPUB and PDF ebooks, Microsoft Office files, music, images, and videos.
There's a browse icon that lists all the categories for quickly moving from different sections of the store. Overall, images and HD video look great on the Nook's high quality screen, there's no question, especially if you use Handbrake to set the videos up properly (learn how). Select the folder with your ebooks in it and then Calibre will import the entire folder at once, or you can just choose individual titles. Select the feed you want and then you can choose to download it once or setup a schedule to automatically download it each morning or whenever you specify.
Calibre will automatically detect your device when you plug it in to the USB port of your computer. I usually don’t mess with updating the minor details like the estimated prices very often because they are always fluctuating.
With the Sony ereaders you have to use the Reader Library to export notes because they are in some weird format. There are others that support a lot more formats but if you can convert them to EPUB, MOBI, or TXT then you’re covered for pretty much any ereader.
Calibre can even manage the books you buy from Sony, it just can’t access their ebook store or read them since they have DRM. To meet this growing demand for multi-device usage and expectation, responsive design was born to facilitate development of a single design that is compatible across all possible user devices. As a result, the design, development and testing process can prove to be quite cumbersome and complex. It also gives insights on when to use a responsive strategy and how to deploy it successfully in the organisation. A frequent network news communications analyst, Walker has made more than 1000 network TV and radio appearances on CBS, ABC, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, CNN, Bloomberg TV, Al Jazeera, NBC, CCTV, Fox Business, Russia Today, HLN, TrueTV, Comedy Central, Sirius and NPR. In the settings menu there's an option to switch to folder view instead, which makes organizing collections and keeping track of a large number of ebooks a lot easier. Once zoomed in, you can use the arrows to scroll around the page, and once you lock the zoom in place it will remain when turning pages, but you cannot scroll unless you activate the zoom with each page. Additionally, the higher definition screen helps make reading the smaller print on a PDF easier by making the text appear crisper and darker.
Hopefully iriver will continue to develop the firmware to add to the functionality of the device. If you have no desire to use Amazon's ecosystem then there is no reason to get the Kindle Fire—you'd be better off getting a tablet with memory expansion.
Colors are very bright and detailed (according to the specs it supports 16 million colors). Turning the brightness down can help a lot to make reading on a backlit screen like the Kindle Fire's more pleasant. Attempting to read the screen in direct sunlight is not a pleasant experience, and you can see every smudge and speck of dust on the screen.
It is located on the bottom edge and protrudes out enough to make it so I'm always accidently turning off the Kindle.
The only option is to keep jumping from the library to the Kindle store and manually running a search for each book to read the description and reviews—takes forever. Considering the Kindle name branded on the back of the device, I wasn't expecting the ereading aspects of the Kindle Fire to be so vanilla. In text view, the articles get formatted to look just like ebooks and include a picture at the beginning of each article.
The table of contents shows a list of articles along with a picture if the article has one. PressReader is a really nice news app that shows a scan of the newspaper and has article view and text-to-speech. The text balloons are large enough to read without zooming, and there's a Guided View mode that zooms in on each frame for a closer look. In addition to the TOC, there's a preview pane that pops up showing thumbnails of each page that you can use to navigate through a magazine. If you hack the Nook Color you can install other PDF programs such as the free Adobe Reader X app, a fairly decent program for viewing PDFs, no editing or annotation though.
And Calibre can even search the internet and download metadata and book covers at the click of a button.
With the Kindle they are all saved in a TXT file that is easier to manage and export (this puts all your notes into the same place). So the question is: if I install the Sony Reader Library on my computer (an iMac), can I install Calibre as well to manage my library or must I uninstall the Sony software? When converting ebooks you can set the output format in the upper right to whatever you want. In 2009, Walker entered the Guinness Book Of World Records for most talk show appearances ever in a 24 hour period.
It downloads Google ebooks to the device so that they can be read offline, like the Android app. And with the higher resolution display, text appears solid and crisp without excessive pixilation at the edges. One problem I have, though, is that the lowest brightness setting still seems too bright at night with all the lights turned off. It requires very little pressure to activate, just lightly brushing your finger across it will do the trick.
The TOC is broken down into separate sections for news categories to easily jump to a different section. Here's a video review and how to for setting up the Nook Color with the CM7 ROM (highly recommended) and another review for Android 3.0 Honeycomb on the Nook. Ther; is another piece of freeware SIGIL which is a wysiwyg ebook editor that you can use to clean up the converted product.
You'd think there would be some kind of notepad application with the keyboard, but there's not. It is much better than the usual 800 x 480 and 800 x 600 resolution screens that most 7-inch tablets use, especially when it comes to text clarity. The back of the Kindle Fire has a soft coating that is comfortable to the touch and adds some grip. Sticking the Kindle Fire in a cover has remedied this problem for the most part, so now my hand rests on the cover instead of up against the power button. Hopefully a future firmware update will add more of these features, especially since most comparable ereaders have them. KooBits 4.0 not only has the basic functions as an universal ebook viewer and ebook manager, like organizing a library of ebook collection, purchasing from an online ebookstore, highlighting in various colours, annotating with symbols or icons using the stamp feature and bookmarking, but enables interactive functions such as page flipping and game elements as well. With KooBits ebook reader, games are weaved into the story plot and incorporated into the eBook to enable easier understanding of the story with the flow of game while reading.
Ingenious features such as video playback, audio narration and more available now makes the ebook more visually appealing to ebook readers. Simple drag and drop features also enable for easy categorizing of one's eBooks, on top of creating personalized categories for them. The extraction tool also enables copying and pasting of digital content into the scrapbook. The Drop Box function also gives a daily eBook for free, based on users' selection of topics of interest. We encourage you, however, to determine whether this product or your intended use is legal in your country.

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