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Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Bookviser, the ebook reading app for the Windows Phone platform has announced an update that will make it compatible with the latest Windows Phone 8 version. Among the new features that have been introduced to the Bookviser app include a more realistic look and feel for the page turning animation including a book jacket that can be added to the open book, with the option to turn off the latter as well if the user so desires. These apart, there are a few other options that has been made available to work with the text, which includes the ability to copy texts, sharing the same over social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and such right from within the app itself.
Among the new advanced library features introduced with the app include the ability to sort titles alphabetically, or according to the last date of opening the title. The new updated app also enables users to import ebook titles located on other devices including those held in Skydrive or other cloud based servers. All of the above mentioned enhancements comes in addition to the usual benefits the app presents such as “color and font customization, bookmarks, footnotes support, search for text in the book, progress bar and ‘go to section’ function” and so on. The eBook Reader Blog keeps you updated on the latest ereader and tablet news, reviews, and tutorials. Now that Pandigital has opened up their line of Android tablets to install 3rd party apps, the process of installing apps has become a lot easier. The video below will show you how to manage apps on your Pandigital Novel eReader, how to install apps, where to find them, and how to uninstall them. One thing to note, the video will suggest you visit the Android Apps Installation Guide for further instruction and for links to download apps. I have found that happens at times and one way to correct it is to do a full power down of everything.
There is a firmware update for the Novel which allows it to function as a andriod 2.o tablet. If your primary use for it is ereading then maybe it’s not worth upgrading, but you have to upgrade to install apps. Ed you likely know this this but in case not, there is a switch at the end of the tablet for turning the WIFI on or off. I am going to use this for when I travel for business to read and reply to emails…review document (PDF).
I would like to do this upgrade for my wife as I bought this as a decent alternative to the Nook.

Nathan, below is the response I received from Pandigital when I had the same problem as you. If the update was successful you will now have a Google search bar at the top of your screen and 12 icons including Sam 4.0 (an app.
The biggest secret about downloading the operating systems is to remove the SD Card, re-download, turn off, then do the turn on while pressing the volume button. Welcome to the wonderful world of budget Android tablets, where nothing is ever easy and straightforward :). The black Pandigital Novel runs an old version of Android so most apps aren’t going to work unfortunately.
I have been reading your website which is phenomenal, however I have not found info regarding how to upgrade my Pandigital Novel 9″ Mod. Of course all the endearing qualities of the app that has made it among the most sought after ebook reading application for Windows Phone 8 remains intact while a few enhancements has also been added to the list. Users will also have the option to search a selected word in Google as well as the app’s own built in dictionary. Users will also have the option to group titles according to authors or genres along with means to single out the latest additions.
These apart, the new update to the apps ensure users will be able to “download titles from pre-installed catalogs (Feedbooks, Project Guttenberg, AllRomance, Smashwords), connect any other OPDS catalog of your choice, or download multiple books per session from OPDS catalog”.
The makers of the app also informed they wish to evolve into the best ebook reading app on the Windows platform and have already planned several enhancements towards achieving that goal. He brings a international approach to news that is not just applicable to the North American market, but also Asia, India, Europe and others. Now, Android users may view every type of recent published book, novel and magazine rightly through eBook reader app. You can install them onto the device right out of the box without any firmware updates, hacks, or any technical work. Here’s the link to their download section for the user manuals, quick start guides, and firmware updates. If it were a different Android ereader you usually downland a zip file, extract it to the device’s root folder with the device off, then hold the power button and the volume+ key as it boots up. When I tried to install it on my XP Desktop PC in order to install critical fixes, found that the Windows-XP driver was not on the system CD.

After download is complete a congratulations screen pops up click ok and a Step by step reboot guide will pop up.
However most, if not all directly associated file extensions should be listed with its appropriate program.
These include “synchronization of Windows Phone and Windows 8 versions, built-in dictionary, note taking, highlights, DRM and PDF support.” The app right now is compatible with ePub and fb2 formats.
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Then, in such conditions there is no requirement to visit book library or bringing it to themselves. You might check over at Slateroid–they have a lot of info on upgrading and hacking the white Novel.
Another extremely likeable feature of the app, something that they have vowed to stick to at all times is to keep the app free of ads. Android users may search much loved author or latest online books from book stores or e-Book stores (Amazon, Google Play) on the single tap. Then power up in this specific order, power on to the modem, let it get fully set up, then power on to the router let it get fully set up, then power up your computers fully, last power up the PDN and try the wifi. This they claim will allow for a pure ebook reading experience with no distraction to worry about.
The IP release and gain by the modem at times will cause the PDN not to find the new address. I have tried turning it off and on several times for the changes to take place but NOTHING. I tried to download the installer from the Pandigital site to see how they do it and my AVG internet security advised me that it was Malware. I don’t want to risk breaking it Because I do find it to be a pretty good budget tablet.

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