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The kit contains 4 stencils in 4 different shapes –  Curved Arch, Soft Arch, Structured Arch and Full Arch.
There are three ways to use it- one that is described on the kit and the intended use of the product, and two other ways to use the stencil to shape your brows. As described on the kit – Choose the stencil that best fits your natural eyebrow shape. This method utilizes the stencil as merely a tool to help to visualize how your brows would look if you shaped them differently. This nifty little kit come with three things: a pigmented wax, a lighter colored shadow, and a double sided brush with a fluffy side and an angled side.
The wax of the "medium" kit is in dark taupe, it's not very pigmented which allows you to create a more natural look.
The brush the kit included is ok, the angled side is nice and tapered but the fluffy side is too wide and coarse.
This liquid eyeliner has a very fine brush tip which makes very precise lines, perfect for creating the perfect winged liner. As you can see, my brows, especially my left one, are quite sparse and the kit does a really good job to make up for those missing patches.

The reusable stencil is easy to use and with 4 stencils: Curved Arch, Soft Arch, Structured Arch and Full Arch to choose from, it makes these brow stencils suitable for all brow shapes. The stencil should align at point 1 and point 2 and much of your natural brow hair should be inside the stencil cutout.
This method works especially fine if the stencil sizes are proportionate to your face size. Then using the diagram behind the kit as a guide, line up the stencil according to where it should start and end.
Eyebrow Stencil Kit is a good buy especially if the stencils are proportional to your face. Was really fascinated by it..after seeing the video of how to use it effectively in shaping your brows!! Have heard of stencils before and was wondering what they looked like & how useful they are? If you live in Canada, a good place to get them is Nail Polish Canada, they offer free shipping (no minimum).
I got the kit while I was studying in the US and did not have the luxury(and pain) of a parlor threading session.

Next fill in the brow area with your desired filler preference, such as a brow pencil or a brow powder. You can then figure out the shape that best suits your face and train your eyebrows to grow in that particular shape. The wax definitely needs to be topped with a powder because it has a tacky texture so it will transfer and smudge if it isn't set.
I personally am not used to doing my brows with a brush as I have always used a pencil, so I think some practice is needed with this kit if you have extremely sparse brows like mine. Use the same stencil for both eyebrows, simply flip and repeat the previous steps to fill in your other brow. Just make sure you don’t go wild and paint your brows too dark or too large since it might look unnatural. However, for $2.25, I think it is pretty great since the majority of drugstore liquid liners with almost identical formula run about $7-11.

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