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There are plenty of bonafide skeptics when it comes to the zodiac, the 13 constellations along sun’s path. Naysayers, however, argue that if humans have free will, energies can’t affect our day-to-day behavior. In 2011, a new (or forgotten, depending on what you read) zodiac signed called Ophiuchus came about. But, as someone who has a handful of astrology books and three zodiac-related tattoos, I can certainly tell you why I’ve set my eyes on the stars. With all the bad things happening in the world, why not invest in something good natured and peaceful? My love for astrology is a personal thing I try not to project onto those closest to me, especially non-believers. Truthfully, I like to read a potential friend’s natal birth chart to take an in-depth look at the planet positions during his or her time of birth. For all of you still wondering if the zodiac holds any weight, feel free to show me a Libra woman who isn’t charming.
Maybe I’m tricking myself into believing my stubbornness and affectionate ways are nature-given. For all the non-believers still rolling their eyes at my allegiance to astrology, be honest: Can you admit some of your star-assigned traits are spot-on? Ruled by the planet Venus, which represents all things beautiful and artistic, the people born under this sign are typically very good-looking and have a natural flair for the arts. Liberal arts: the ever-intriguing programs within universities that instill knowledge versus technical skills and often explore the dynamics of the human experience. I confess: I am the girl at the bar, roaring with laughter as I toss back my fifth-too-many beer. One really awesome truth about Virgos, though, is they make great friends, and even better BFFs.

They’ve somehow managed to strike the perfect balance between being loyal and not being super clingy.
On the inside, however, a Virgo is often full of billions of thoughts and emotions, but his or her exterior remains cool and collected.
They’ll remember your favorite color, clothing brand and time of day, and somehow make it all come together for a fun birthday surprise.
They’ll remember exactly how you like your coffee and bring it to you if you have a hard day ahead. As they are one of the most determined zodiac signs, you can pretty much count on your Virgo friends to get everything done.
Believers wonder how these luminous bodies in the sky influence their lives, forecasting breakups and accurately predicting a promotion at work. Whether I read my weekly horoscope or get my rundown for the entire year, the forecasts help me create an understanding of my life and purpose.
To me, horoscopes are positive affirmations that give me faith when I need it, the same way I lean on God in the middle of a crisis.
Knowing whether a person is a two-sided Gemini or a heart-on-sleeve Sagittarius helps me figure out the best approach to connect with him or her. Although that is true, there is a lot more that comes with a Taurus’s headstrong personality and uncompromising mindset. Some examples are great food, good wine, scented candles, silky sheets, desserts that melt in your mouth, fur rugs, champagne, leather and musky fragrances. Her passions include Led Zeppelin, self-tanning, open-mindedness, running, and Yuengling Lager. From its presence in the media to self-deprecating conversations at Sunday brunch, its grip on our lives is truly unparalleled. Cancers are unique people with an uncanny ability to recognize when they are in the presence of another Cancer.

I was in cheerleading from second grade through senior year of high school, a sport I loved and was challenged by, but still, to this day, can’t say with confidence I was spectacular at. Coachella is arguably the most fashionable festival in the country, boasting two weekends in the vast Colorado Desert of Indio, CA. It attracts celebrities and common folk alike with its variety-filled lineup, art exhibits and stylish reputation.
Or, maybe it means you, much like Jay Z, are lucky enough to have a Virgo in your life. Either way, congratulations! Your Virgo friend is making sure everything goes smoothly. You have a goal you need to reach?
Still, I believe a person’s initial vibes are informed by his or her star-assigned personality traits. Despite their strong and sturdy exterior, Taurus people are usually very needy individuals. I think you catch my drift. Taurus may come second in the zodiac, but they always fly first class. They make excellent hosts, cooks and entertainers. Their creative juices are constantly flowing. Ruled by the second house (commonly referred to as the House of Possessions), Taurus values their money so much  that they naturally rule the house of income, morals and values. Your Virgo BFF is coaching you from the other side, making sure you remain productive and goal-oriented. You need a favor, and you need it done right? In her spare time, you can find her ogling expensive wines or watching comedy shows on Netflix. Reliable and protective of their loved ones, Taurus feels a strong sense of commitment to their friends and business partners.

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