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Elite Lift Services offers a comprehensive range of services to all lifts and escalators to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.We offer a personalised service and work closely with our clients to ensure that total satisfaction is achieved at all times. We are always willing to help with any issues you may have with your equipment and pride ourselves on providing honest, reliable service at realistic cost. We offer an efficient maintenance service carried out by trained professionals to exceed relevant Australian Standards.
Elite Lift Services provides an efficient and affordable service to examine your equipment and provide reports. Our company caters for all aspects of modernisation of your equipment, carried out in compliance with relevant codes.

Elite Lift Services can offer all types of mechanical and electrical repair services for your equipment.
Helping athletes achieve their goals and success within endurance running from 800m to Marathon. Robertson Elite Training has been set up to help improve athletes performances within endurance running at all levels.
Coach Gordon Robertson BA(Hons), MSc Performance Coaching, IAAF Elite Coach in Middle and Long Distance Running (Level 5), UKA Level 3 performance coach has set this group up. As well as coaching with Heriot Watt University and a local school a new training group is being established in Edinburgh for both performance and recreational athletes.

The latest blog will be added on a weekly basis from both Gordon Robertson and his athletes.
Bringing together the latest knowledge and a holistic approach to training to achieve this.
A former athlete who has previously worked with a number of club and international athletes within athletics and other sports.

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