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After last week’s free hand embroidery pattern and the online resource for the old book it came from, I received a slew of email with several questions pertaining to that article. Some questions that came up: How does an old book come to my attention, and how do I know to look for it, and where do I look for it?
I also tend to look for books by specific authors or by people notable in any given era of embroidery. I keep up an ongoing search for these types of publications through used book sources and through eBay.
The other overwhelming question was concerning recommendations for finding free online embroidery books.
For Sajou and similar embroidery pamphlets, the best online source is Patternmaker, a blog devoted to making these old publications available. And finally, the other questions I received concerning old books had to do with designs in particular. Why do I bother doing a line drawing of a design that’s available in a free online book?
Someone else has already put it online in their own digital file, so isn’t that a violation of their copyright rights? I am am an avid craft book fan like yourself, and came across an old advertisement for the Girlie Bunting book when I was browsing the Internet Archive.
The book sounds alot like the ‘Mary Frances’ book series, have you heard of them? Anyway, I was wondering, if it were possible, for you to put a copy of the book on the Internet Archive, if you have access to a scanner? In olden days, printing and graphic design was not quite as easy and accessible as today, so certain shortcuts can be made with the alphabet. I thoroughly enjoy receiving your emails and this latest one re Samplers and Stitches by Mrs. The sites are a bit difficult to navigate at first, but there are gems to be found amongst the tangle. These are indeed lovely sources for old books and pamphlets, I think I’ve lost a few months of my life looking at and downloading from them. All I can say, Mary, if I ever find out where you live, I’m popping in to see your collections.
I have slowly come to the realization that I am a collector of embroidery books, most especially those with stitch directions. I’m disabled with bad arthritis and I find reading about any form of needlework or looking at my magazines helps take my mind off of my pain. I learned to embroider when I was a kid, when everyone was really into cross stitch (remember the ’80’s?). This title is unavailable for purchase as none of our regular suppliers have stock available.

Free Machine Embroidery Designs, Download, JEF Janome, HUS HUSQVARNA Free Machine Embroidery Patterns to Download. Download free embroidery designs, big collection of free embroidery Stop spending money download free machine embroidery designs ! For all that the title is a mouthful, people interested in floral motifs will find the section on “lessons in embroidering flowers” interesting. Also some motifs which are designed to be used on hankies but I can see them on the corner of a crazy quilt block. It is well worth downloading the PDF file as the first section covers embroidery stitches and the second has many free patterns for doilies. Interesting resources and I’m just in the process of downloading 2 others from the same site! I thought you may like to know about my new needlepoint kit range- available from my website (linked above). The elegantly designed wreath prints found in the feature fabric include symbols of the message printed in the background.
To join us in our Harvest Home BOM, you can sign up at the store or on the web store by clicking here.. For example, the Arts & Crafts Movement intrigues me, so I tend to seek out information or read a lot about that era.
There, you’ll find many (if not all) of the old Sajou alphabet pamphlets, as well as many Russian and German pamphlets. You can look up either of these online (Inkscape if free shareware) and there are many, many tutorials online for how they work. I am now retired and am so thankful I have the time and resources for learning and creating. I was stationed there, during Franco’s time, and came to love the picture of family life I saw in those magazines.
I also started a sewing related business on line of selling sewing patterns, and still have much to list although we have over 8000 patterns up for sell at this point.
It does cover embroidering flowers but the chapter commences with analysing the parts of a plant so you get a little lesson in botany along the way! Although people don’t stitch these anymore there is no reason why the same design can not be worked on bag or other item. My interests also tend to cross other fields of study, and because I have an interest, for example, in the Oxford Movement, in World War I poetry, in Renaissance music, in medieval illumination, and whatnot, I tend to find the art and needlework of the same eras more intriguing, too. Just click control+F on a PC or command+F on a Mac, and a little search box will show up at the top of your browser. But I’m now hooked and will continue, so all your tidbits of information are terrific for me. I think they all came out of hiding and what fun to reacquaint myself with some old friends.

Here you will find tutorials, free patterns, stitch instructions, and tips and stitchers eye candy!
When I come across one in a used book shop, estate sale, antique shop, or what-have-you, and it is a book that I would really be interested in, and the price is right, then I buy it. I generally search for those by the name of the publication, like La Brodeuse or La Broderie Blanche or Journal des Demoiselles or Sajou. Last names beginning with certain letters are also not common in some languages, so the infrequent use of the letters in names was a sufficient excuse to exclude the letters from monogram alphabets.
In those days without birth control, with women paid less than men, couples had long engagements and had to fit out their new home beforehand because once married, the babies would come! I’d really love to have a go at Sashiko and was wondering if you have any hints for a novice.
I have a collection of Girls Own Annuals the bound collections for the colonies- 1904 to 1934 not all of them but some of the embroideries and other needlearts are fascinating. I have stacks of back issues of magazines, full bookcases, and can’t stop, well when I am broke like now I tend to stop. I’m more likely to answer your question right away if you leave it below, and other people can benefit from your questions, too, when they are left on the website. My collecting goes through every era up to the present, but I have found as I come across books, I’m much more discerning now than I used to be.
Christie’s acquaintance, it was easy to look for her hither and yon, and I generally keep an eye out for her at the various book haunts. Also, back then, as men had to do military service, women had to learn things in their own class, including fine embroidery. In the absence of that I will continue reading your post every day and learning and when I grow up I might just be nearly as good as you. So many aspects of needlwork overlap such as embroidery that can become a form of lace making. One on my list is Mary Brooks Picken, not so much for embroidery but anything she wrote is marvelous.
Also in Lisbon in 1986 I picked up some folded sheets full of embroidery patterns, crocheted lace, etc. She helped teach thousands of women how to sew via correspondence classes back in the first half of the 1900’s.

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