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She currently juggles work, parenthood and multiple works in progress while trying to keep the family's rescue pet population under control. It has something that a lot of books similar to this topic does not have, a female protagonist. A lot of my students would be able to relate toCorriander Jones is exactly the type of book I look for when purchasing books for my shelves at school. A lot of my students would be able to relate to Corriander Jones because she is from a poorer neighborhood.
She and her sister, along with a couple of other friends attend the same camp every year because it is set up for disadvantaged kids. This book teaches kids that they can accomplish what they set out to accomplish no matter what their financial circumstances.
They show the beginnings of crushes, dealing with annoying people, and most importantly not judging people until you have walked in their shoes.

Although some well known cities were mentioned, the setting could have been any number of places in Florida.
She did an excellent job of creating a place that anyone in Florida could identify with.If you are looking for an adventure to read or recommend to your middle grader then I would say look no more.
Corriander Jones is just sarcastic and lovable enough to entice your child into this story.
There was a lot of descriptive language that slowed down the pace of the story however the plot was well developed. Once again I am reading a genre I am not naturally drawn toward but found the book enjoyable.
I think that upper elementary and middle schoolers will like this book when I add it to the collection.
Many of that age group will be drawn to the characters and the conflict plus they all like to think the canGood character development.

Many of that age group will be drawn to the characters and the conflict plus they all like to think the can save the world! I appreciated the lack of the authors use of technology but relied on the campers' brain power and wits! When a secret government team recruits her, she goes to a summer camp that's really a cover for her training facility. So, Coriander and her friends have to participate in the silly summer games (something plenty of people can relate to) and then train and fight at night!

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