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Tampa writer will talk about his new comic novel, which takes on the mortgage crisis and corrupt lawyers, at Books & Books. You dona€™t have to look hard in Tim Dorseya€™s latest novel to find references to prime Florida weirdness. In addition to the book, you’ll also get a free digital membership (free mobile and online coupons).
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The voracious African land snails and the aggressive iguanas and the elusive Burmese pythons and the terrifying barracudas that launch themselves out of the water into your boat are right there in chapter one. This is a hot deal because the new 2016 books retail for $35-$50 each (depending on the city) so that’s a savings of up to 72% off!

There are 126 local Entertainment editions, covering every major city throughout Canada and the US. Amazing savings are waiting for you in the 2016 Entertainment Coupon Book. Even the giant eyeball that washed ashore makes an appearance (if you are reading this and do not live in this state, just Google a€?giant Florida eyeballa€? and youa€™ll see what I mean).This is the way it should be. Dorseya€™s 18th novel, Shark Skin Suite (Morrow, $26.99), carries on the authora€™s tradition of building an outrageous novel on the bedrock of crime, corruption and mayhem, viewed through the murderous but not entirely unjust eyes of madman and Florida history buff Serge A.
Storms.In Shark Skin Suite, Dorsey, a former reporter and editor at The Tampa Tribune, takes on the statea€™s mortgage crisis, unscrupulous lawyers and the battered newspaper industry (where overworked reporters cana€™t do their jobs because management keeps making them go to meetings about how they need to get better at their jobs a€” stop me if this sounds familiar). Coverage will be produced by Detroit Public Television and is made possible through the support of the John S. The action boomerangs all over the state from the mosquito-drenched mangroves of Flamingo to Paynes Prairie near Gainesville (where a predatory and deeply unlucky soul encounters death by buffalo) to Key West, where Fantasy Fest is in full swing. You might think that after 18 books, Dorsey, 54, would be running out of local settings, but hea€™s not even close to the end of where he wants to go.a€?Ia€™ve got a list of places I need to get into books on my computer,a€? says Dorsey, who lives in Tampa. Knight Foundation.The fair has long enjoyed a partnership with C-Span, which focuses on authors of nonfiction.
Dorseya€™s agent saw the story and sent the author a link and told him to check it out.a€?I wrote back, a€?Ita€™s already in the book,a€™a€? Dorsey says, laughing. The first time I went I flew on a seaplane and I took tons of stuff, a cooler with a giant block of ice, a tent, a mesh bag of snorkel gear, all for $180.

Now people take the giant catamarans that go out and overrun it for an hour or so, but back in the day, when I was going out there, that wasna€™t really happening. Why did you inject such a serious subject into a funny book?A: I try to incorporate current events into my books as a way of getting a little journalism in there. If you acted on every thought that came into your head, with your thoughts ping-ponging around a€¦ When I write, I dona€™t filter that. If I just let my brain become an open spigot and free associate, thata€™s where Serge comes from.
All the things he thinks about Florida and loves about it that started striking a chord with people, I kind of let that run wild. I dona€™t know how I could get that level of passion for the state without that character being my mouthpiece.That said, each book has an ensemble cast and multiple plot threads.

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