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Unless you are intimately aware of the company, do not provide your contact information along with the amount of your debt to anyone online.
The BBB has just put out this top ten list of scams to look out for (a pdf version is available here). If this site is referencing a Canadian government-approved program (bankruptcy or consumer proposals), there is no expiry date. As far as debt settlement advertisements go, I can actually say a few good things about it.
Their information on debt settlement is accurate (ie, it’s a legal contractual option). In the graph, they suggest that in bankruptcy, you can actually end up paying $41,000 on a $30,000 debt. Before you hand over any of your financial and contact information, you should know to whom. I did a search engine dig for additional pages on that URL, which is how I sometimes find hidden information (about, contact, privacy policies, etc).
Suggesting that banks generously participate in forgiving your credit card debt to prevent an economic melt down in Canada is a curious interpretation.
Beyond their name and a link, I have no idea who this organization is, and whether or not they are good.
Being in the business of debt and credit, I know for a fact that in order to get a free credit report, you must apply in writing to the two credit bureaus in Canada (Equifax and TransUnion) and you must include proof of identification.
On page two, expanded date collection: Same as above, and you must include your mailing address. Turns out, though, that it’s a 7-day free trial, and after that, you are charged a monthly fee.

Which is fine if you want to monitor your credit rating monthly, but if this is the case, I strongly recommend that you directly through Equifax, not an information farmer. Your personal information will remain confidential and will be accessed only by our personnel and agents (including our marketers and telemarketers), the participating vendors that provide the Benefits and the organization that markets the Membership Program, including its marketing personnel.
So who is the proud owner this information farming website? Coverdell Canada Corporation, also operating as FYI Direct Canada Corporation. While this one is not specific to debt-relief, it is part of the information-farming and selling stuff I see out there. They also reserve the right to share your information with third parties, and they acknowledge that they have no control over how these third parties use your information. While the actual application has the standard information request, information that can pretty well be found in any phone book, what it does do is identify the applicant as female, over 18, interested in education, and probably a mom.
Many of our services involve the collection of personal information which is in turn provided or sold to third parties to contact you directly regarding their products and services. You just need someone who calls a spade a spade, and is upfront with you about the solutions they are offering. Their additional pages (see previous point) seems to indicate that they are an American-based company, so I’d be suspicious of what Canadian services they can offer. Not that privacy policies ensure your privacy; the merely tell you how they use or sell your information. So I get a little bit weary when I see an online site telling you that you can get instant access, free of charge. They are using several really compelling marketing tactics, especially the call on authority: by using the image of Christy Clark (whoops! If you own a home, you are subjected to the provincial guidelines of what you are allowed to keep if you declare bankruptcy.

If this site is referencing consolidation or debt negotiations (you guessed it…), there is no expiry date. There really are only two ways to ensure that calls are stopped: repay them, or go through a trustee (ie, bankruptcy or consumer proposal). I should not have had to look them up on the whois.cira site to find out where I was sending my information.
If you want me to believe that you were seen by the news outlets listed in the other icons that follow, I want proof: link to the article or news feature. That doesn’t link anywhere, nor does it affiliate TransUnion with this information farmer. Interestingly, the only real pre-qualifier that exists on the application form is that the person is 18 or older. Personally, it’s important for me to go through a Canadian firm, which is why I look for this information. The About page on their actual sllaw.ca website has some convincing information on it, but to get there from their Facebook landing page, you first have to do that invisible leap to find out who they are.
I tend not to trust those who stay hidden in a shroud of anonymity, and yet ask for some incredibly personal data. Instead of filling out their FB form, I suggest you sit in the driver’s seat and phone them (866-599-3405) with your list of questions.

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