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Ever felt completely drained, depleted, exhausted, sapped and completely empty with nothing left to give? As I look and listen to what’s going on around the world, I find myself wringing my hands in despair.
The strangest most dysfunctional thing that is happening in the world, at the moment, has without doubt, to be the American elections. I have been listening to Abraham for 10 years!  I never realised it had been that long until I thought about how I was first introduced to them, which was when I first moved up to the Northern Rivers. Since a little girl I had often dreamt of travelling on a ship and in 2007 I took my first cruise to Alaska with Abraham. The following year in 2008,  I travelled to the Mediterranean, met up with a woman I had met on the first cruise and did it all again. What technology exists that most people probably don't know about & would totally blow their minds? Further, since the Universe is truly benevolent and unconditionally loving, Abraham teaches that if we seek joy and do our best to feel as good as we can in every moment, then we will align with Infinite Divine Intelligence.

In this workshop excerpt, Abraham elaborates on this concept by focusing on the misconception of many that in order to achieve gain we must suffer pain, and that only through struggle can we be free.
In doing so Abraham helps us to remember that our enlightenment and success in life comes not from ignoring our emotional guidance, but through ease and allowing. Although I’m new to Abraham I find myself perceiving life on such a profound truth of love and realization.
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Has it occurred to you, that what you are seeing right now is a change of world consciousness? She would prefer you leave the word channelling out of it because the word implies something she is not.  She says she receives blocks of thought, and translates that thought into words that we can understand. I just loved Abraham’s message and confess I’ve been addicted to travel since the age of 18, so felt I was in heaven. I understand there are no limits to the joyous journeys I have to experience and have experienced.

Allowing others their experiences allows me mine.  As I grow and expand my consciousness, I am greedy for more, more understanding, more spiritual teachers, more ways to help me ‘get it’, (whatever ‘it’ is) and to those that can step aside and allow non-physical consciousness speak to us through their physical bodies…. Rather, she has trained herself to verbally interpret the same unerring Inner Guidance that is available to all of us. Challenge upon challenge that is deeply personal, wiping you out, leaving a fatigued, bruised, angry and empty self? I offer you immense appreciation for all your hard work, across the galaxies wherever you may be.

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