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In-car charger for 12V power pack used with EXOGLO Jacket, EXOGLO Body-warmer and EXOGLO Body-warmer Pro. The EXO2 StormRider battery and charger pack ensures you can always keep your heated garments powered up, keeping you warm and comfortable wherever you are. EXO2 Stormrider ChargerThe EXO2 Stormrider charger connects to the Stormrider battery so that it can be charged at the mains. The rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery pack allows users to power the EXO Handheld without the need to swap out batteries.
The EXO DCP Signal Output Adapter 2.0, designed with and engineered for compatibility with the EXO sonde platform. The EXO Modbus Signal Output Adapter, designed with and engineered for compatibility with the EXO sonde platform. Protective Anti-fouling Sleeves: Slip-on plastic sleeves for EXO sensors, central wiper and sonde body for easy clean up of accumulated biofilm. Copper tape for water quality sondes and sensors provides biofouling protection and extends deployments.
Anti-fouling nanopolymer coating that inhibits biofouling attachment on conductivity-temperature probes and other sensors and water quality instruments.

Part numbers and specifications indicate typical performance, are accurate at time of posting and subject to change. Smart Micro-Climate Management System: The EXO2 StormWalker heated vest has an innovative and unique heat control system, which has been developed to satisfy the needs of professional motorcyclists. Power Pack Option: A lightweight power pack option is available, which will give the StormWalker wearer up to 3 hours of warmth away from their bike.
Wireless Hi-Performance Materials: The only wires in this product are the cable connectors to your bike or to the portable power pack. We always recommend consulting a qualified healthcare professional for diagnosis and treatment. The 14.8V Lithium-Ion battery provides up to 3 hours of warmth with any of the EXO heated garments, ideal for when you have no connection to your motorcycle's power supply. The gloves feature?panels throughout which allow a current to flow when voltage is applied, creating a rise in heat. Motolegends is the trading name of Lylebarn Ltd +44 (0)844 887 7788 (calls charged at national rate)Registered office: Unit 8 Quadrum Park, Old Portsmouth Road, Guildford, Surrey, GU3 1LU. Simply configure a sonde with this adapter and the instrument is then compatible with data loggers and telemetry systems, or PCs and tablets with USB connectivity. Simply configure a sonde with this adapter and the instrument is then compatible with industrial SCADA systems, or PCs and tablets with USB connectivity.

The optional controller, that fits onto the handlebars of your bike, gives you the ability to precisely control the temperature of your own micro environment, improving comfort and response levels, and giving you a heightened sense of freedom and personal safety on the road.
The lightweight power pack is rechargeable and powers both the kidney panel area and the pockets, which provides torso warmth. There are no wires in the heat panels, which are made of specially treated Fabroc® polymer, with a conductive braid element. The battery pack can be charged from the mains as well via a charging cable (sold separately).
Converts the proprietary signal from an EXO Sonde into a Modbus protocol over RS-232 or RS-485.
The outer garment layer is made of a stretchable wind and waterproof fabric called AirXtream, which stretches to provide a comfortable fit. AirXtream material is made from a breathable membrane that provides built in condensation control for the wearer.

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