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As you have already got some ideas about your face shapes and the solutions, the next thing you should know is where your brows sit. Eyebrow Pen – An easy and affordable way to replicate Micropigmentation is to use an eyebrow tattoo pen. Eyebrow Stencils – Eyebrow stencils are reusable and pre-shaped coverings that are aligned with the existing brow and filled in with either powder, a pen, or mascara. Brow Enhancing Serum  –  Rich in botanical extracts and vitamins, brow enhancing serum is used to grow fuller, longer, and stronger brow hair.
Theresa Garcia, a permanent makeup artist, medical aesthetician and co-founder of Axiom Medical Spa in Las Vegas, specializes in correction and cosmetic tattoo removal of these “not so good” permanent makeup procedures. One way to combat uneven eyebrows is that the procedure should always be drawn on prior to the actual implantation of pigment. An unnatural appearance of the old solid, one color marker look may not be the desired outcome. If the basic steps the ensure a pleasing eyebrow have not been followed, do not worry as there is help. When a beauty buff is in the market for permanent eyebrows, it is crucial to do research, look at portfolios and make sure that the technicians style suits the personal taste of the consumer.
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You should find the precise positions where you brows begin and end and where the arch or top is.
The formula is designed to be smudge proof and mostly comes with two shades per compact so the desired effect can be perfected.
It is used more for enhancement of already existing brows, but looks great and won’t break your pocketbook. Several stencil designs (including: Curved Arch, Soft Arch, Full arch), help you achieve perfectly shaped brows and accentuate your face. This popular alternative is safe, hypoallergenic, and clinically proven to produce great results.

This procedure involves sedation and surgical removal of hair and follicles  from just above the ear. When done well it can heed excellent results but it is important that the technician is skilled, experienced and is capable of providing you with your expected results.
Theresa gets a substantial amount of patients who’s main issue are eyebrows that are not symmetrical and also that the solid color looks unnatural. The obvious tattoo look of traditional permanent cosmetics is a bit too bold or fake looking for some. Theresa specializes in corrective procedures that do not require costly laser tattoo removal. At the beginning, you may not be so familiar and the lines of your brows may be strange and unnatural. Perhaps people have health concerns regarding permanent makeup, or feel they might regret their choice, believing its an idea that might not be as popular tomorrow as it is today. Garcia exposes the most common mishap and provides hope for those with already botched work with tips to avoid regret. According to Theresa, this is common correction request that she has to perform so frequently can very well be avoided. The eyebrow area may look different when the patient is laying prone rather than sitting up. Theresa has created the amazing Hair Stroke 3D Tri-Color Simulation process for the eyebrows that is much more attractive. Saline removal of cosmetic tattoo is procedure that only very few specialists have been trained to perform. But, you will find a best brow shape for yourself as you try different kinds of brow shapes. Although permanent, this method may limit some  mainly due to cost, which can run in the several thousand dollar range.
The use of different mirrors and hand mirrors to allow the patient to check all angles before giving approval should be implemented.

This distorted canvas and moving target is not ideal for the creation of the perfect eyebrow! This is a highly specialized treatment that many patients in need may not know about and very few technicians provide this service.
For women who don’t have bangs and with all-back hairstyles, it’s quite important to have great brows. Firstly, because permanent makeup is actually only semi-permanent and will fade naturally over time, the choice to tattoo eyebrows is not as detrimental or scary as it might seem. Once the design is satisfactory to the patient, then the eyebrows can be implanted directly on top of the drawn on design. Technicians who work in medical offices have access to the best numbing agents and prescription anesthetic. Appropriate brows make women charming and spirited while wrong or ugly brows make women a frown crown all day. Secondly, there are several alternative products and eyebrow makeup options to help with eyebrow modification and correction if you just can’t bring yourself to take that leap. According to Theresa, these simple design rules help to aviod the most common mishaps with eyebrows. It is also Theresa's experience that pain is not just uncomfortable but it can increase the risk of not getting the perfect outcome. What Las Vegas thinks is beautiful permanent makeup is permanent cosmetics that do not look like a tattoo. Roughly half of the procedures Theresa does are corrective or removal of pre existing botched jobs and there is little she says that she has not seen. In her 16 years doing her craft, Theresa has seldom not been able to help a patient in need of correction or removal.

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