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Choosing a blonde eyebrow pencil can be tricky, and it can be difficult to find a shade that enhances the brows of someone with fair hair and skin without looking fake. When shopping for a blonde eyebrow pencil, it is important to not make your choice of pencil simply by looking at its color while in the package. If you dislike the task of sharpening eyebrow pencils, you may wish to select an automatic pencil that does not require sharpening. For those shopping for a blonde eyebrow pencil, buy one that has a brow brush on one end or be prepared to buy the brow brush separately.
Self-sharpening and retractable this one step tool tames, shapes and colors brows to frame the face. The only thing I find with this is if it’s not used for a while it can become a little hard but this is easily fixed by giving it a little sharpen. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. As a result, you may need to try several different pencils before you can achieve the look that you want. This is because the color of the pencil may look very different on your brows than the package coloring suggests.

Many people with blonde hair often choose a blonde eyebrow pencil that darkens their brows in order to make them stand out. Another alternative is a blond eyebrow marker that uses a thin, inky substance to fill in and color brows. Easy to hold and control it gives you perfect hair like strokes, with multiple shades anyone can define their look. MAKEUP TIPSGet the latest makeup looks with Maybelline’s exclusive tips and tutorials for your eyes, face, lips & nails. Things that you will want to take into consideration include the color of the pencil, the consistency of its pigment, as well as its cost. It is up to you to decide how dark you want to go, though too-dark brows can give you a harsh look. Some brow pencils have a built-in sharpener on their caps, making for convenient maintenance, and still others have a brow brush attached at the end.
Learn how to apply makeup like an expert.MAKEUP EXPLORERShop all makeup products from Maybelline. Other things to consider include whether the pencil is automatic or requires sharpening as well as whether the pencil includes any additional features, such as a brow brush or built-in sharpener.
Some pencils have a waxy consistency while others are more powdery, and which consistency is better suited to your needs is largely a matter of personal preference.

It is up to you whether any of these features add enough value to a blonde eyebrow pencil to make it worth buying. Simply brushing the brows toward the direction of natural growth can make a huge difference.
You should also check the price of the pencil and take your budget into consideration when making a purchase. Although blonde eyebrow pencil is not dark like some other types, it can still make the brows look fake if it is not applied properly.
You should be cautious about using testers, however, as they may be contaminated with bacteria from other shoppers, and you don't want to infect your eye area. It's too dark for my brows so it looks strange. I completely agree with the article that an eyebrow pencil should not be purchased without testing the color first. I think it's easier for people with brown hair to shop for an eyebrow pencil because a light brown pencil matches many different shades of brown well.

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