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Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that. Create flawless arches with this eyebrow pencil, a blend of vegetable, coconut and soy bean oil that guarantees a fluid application and sensational color. Spiked MAC Eyebrow PENCIL NEW 100% AUTHENTIC Self-propelling, self-sharpening, brow defining. After a good chuckle, I closed down the video and then took to Twitter to see what people were saying about it, because I’m curious like that. However, I soon realized that I was getting hot under the collar over a store that frankly, I hadn’t visited in months.
Next, I hope Shoppers Drug Mart is paying their employees well, because it seems like the entire store is on sale. For more pictures of my trip to Shoppers Drug Mart, be sure to check out my Google + Album. I really have to look into Optimum points – I have the feeling I’m really missing out!
I buy most of my cosmetics from Shoppers since they carry more and better brands than Walmart. Shoppers is the only retail store in my town that I can find Jerome Russell Punky Gel hair colour. I really love going to Shoppers especially the big ones with the cosmetic section like the one pictured above.
Oooh, you’ll have to let me know what you redeem from the MEGA redemption event, Sarah!

Thanks for such a great read, I work for Shoppers and it was nice to hear that someone like you talking about the store. In it, he pays homage to his days back in TO, including playing indoor soccer and working as a night manager at Shoppers Drug Mart. How could a brand, soA synonymousA with Canadiana that I immediately recognized an employee uniform – have slipped off my radar for so long?
You see, she had complimented me on my brows, but since I was just running to the drugstore, they were hardly groomed. The entire aisle is incredibly well-stocked and it took much bribing to get Ryder out of there without him adding Easter-themed goodies to our shopping basket. Their beauty department is MASSIVE – I need to go back without my little guy so I can hang around for a bit! It’s a bit of a hit and miss thing for me because I get distracted and start drawing them in really heavy and then have to add a mustache to match. You will get the hang of it quickly, and then you’ll wonder how you ever lived without eyebrow pencil!! I spend way too much time in SDM and I’ve been collecting optimum points since hmm 2004?
I always had this fantasy that if I ever made it big I would give a shout out to Toronto every chance I got. Using a combination of pencil and liquid, you can beautiful eyebrows to your heart's content.
With a wall of fragrances (very Sephora-ish) and a veritable cornucopia of beauty brands, a gal could literally spend hours here.

Not pictured: a steady rotation of 4-5 SDM employees who were continually stocking the shelves. Combine that with Shopper Optimum Points, and suddenly it makes a lot of sense to shop there. There were quite a few employees on the floor restocking, remodeling and otherwise hanging around.
It’s also great to shop on a day when they offer extra Optimum points when you buy certain things or spend a certain amount. I recognized SDM the second I saw the uniform – never mind the tell-tale Life Brand product prominently featured by one discerning customer! And while I fill every prescription at SDM, I haven’t poked around there for quite a while.
I’m thinking everyone was at home getting settled for the Oscars red carpet show (we were headed there immediately after our little pit stop!). Bonus points to Shoppers Drug Mart for carrying premium brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Givenchy, Chanel Fragrance, Lise Watier, Smashbox and more. Their very lovely cosmetician Kamilla was knowledgeable about makeup – and great with kids too! Reading this post and looking at all your pictures makes me think that it is time to spend an hour or two tomorrow at Shoppers!

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