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When it comes to finding the right brow shape that suits your face as well as your personal style, it can be a rather long and tiring journey.
I prefer pencils over eye shadow, because I find the pencil simultaneously acts as a wax to help keep the brows in place. To do this, simply flip the end of a make up brush upside down and place it along the side of your nose to line up with the front of your eyebrow. The middle line is indicative of where your arch should fall, and the third line determines where your brow should end.
Tweeze any stray hairs that fall below your brows to keep them looking polished and defined.
Use a spooly to brush through your brows to tame any wayward hairs and to accentuate the natural shape.
Start with an eye brow pencil and gently draw a line on the underside of your brow, from the front to the tail end. Begin filling in the middle portion your brows with short, feathery strokes for a more natural appearance. Using a flat edge brush, place it on the very bottom edge of the front portion of your brow and sweep up upwards. This will create a gradient effect from the front to the middle part of your brow, creating a softer appearance. The packaging is really cute, as always Dolly Wink style with plastic case and Tsubasa Masukawa's cute picture. The pencil looks like normal dark brown eyebrow pencil but once drawn, it's actually more of yellowish-orange-brown. I hope this tutorial and my explanation didn't confuse you as sometimes I even confused myself with whatever I'm saying lol. My eyebrows have gone through many changes over the years and  only now can I confidently say that I’ve found the right shape and thickness that perfectly compliment my facial features.
If your eyebrows are naturally thick and dark to begin with, you may opt for a shadow to fill in any gaps and that will keep it looking natural.

This equation born out of the European Renaissance, was first cultivated by artists to map out their paintings. If your brow falls a little short, you can always use a similar colored eye shadow or pencil to fill in the gap.
The best way to solve it is with coloring or bleaching your eyebrows, which can be not convenient and can even turn out bad for some. In my case, I shave a lot of my eyebrows and shape it like shown in the picture to make eyebrow drawing more easier. If you have a hard time shaping your eyebrows, now some brands like Etude House etc also sell eyebrow shaper that you can use to draw your eyebrows. But the eyebrow pencil does a good job in extending my eyebrow and filling the gaps and defining the shape. The trick is to brush the applicator from the outer to inner brows, opposite way of where the eyebrows grow. There are still some dark hairs that can't be colored but the eyebrow mascara colored most of the brows which I think match my hair color quite well.
There are some dark spots on my eyebrows that couldn't get colored but I guess if I trimmed my eyebrows, the eyebrow mascara could've colored them more evenly.
Oh, you can get Dolly Wink eyebrow pencil and mascara from Kay Collection, Pinky Paradise, Love Shoppingholics, Sasa, Hime Castle, YesStyle. However, since I have red hair and my eyebrows are far from that color naturally, I find the pencil  helps to give me a very pigmented effect and gives them that extra oomph that make them look defined and polished. In later years, scientists began utilizing this method to measure people’s beauty by the  facial measurements in relation to symmetry.
If you find that your hair goes past this line, pluck any strays and then you will have your starting point. The best way to give the illusion of symmetrical brows is to extend the tail end until you reach the point where your make up brush is positioned. I find that the stray hairs that grow beneath your natural shape often grow very fast, but it depends on how thin you’ve plucked them.

But most gyaru always have light colored eyebrows, even when their hair is brown some would still have lighter eyebrow color. I personally barely use the brush somehow, but it's really useful if you draw the eyebrow thick you can just soften it using the brush to make it look more natural. Swipe it the opposite way until it all gets brushed and colored, and you know you do it the right way when the eyebrows are all standing and colored.
I feel naked when I don’t fill them in because my natural brows look incredibly washed out, especially when I am wearing a full face of make up. My advice is to leave them alone for a while and let them grow back, even if you feel the urge to keep plucking them. And before, I've never liked and tried using eyebrow pencil much as I thought it wasn't necessary since I have thick black eyebrows, but since around last year I always felt weird whenever I saw my black eyebrows beneath my blonde bangs so I got the eyebrow mascara first since my eyebrows needed to be colored more to match my hair.
I know I made similar post before on the Dolly Wink eyebrow mascara post, but I noticed the tutorial and pictures aren't clear (especially the pictures aren't decent) so I hope I can make it up with this post. But after using the eyebrow mascara after a while, I noticed it would be better if I shape my eyebrows using the pencil.
As you can see the combination of eyebrow pencil and mascara do make a big difference in coloring the eyebrows right?
Although some people tell me to just use dark brown eyebrow pencil, I'm not content with that. So for the past 2 years I've been using Dolly Wink Eyebrow Mascara in Milk Tea #1, which I thought was enough but apparently not cause it can get messy with only the mascara. So I finally got the Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil in Honey Brown from Kay Collection, also #1 which matches the eyebrow mascara really well.

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