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Eyebrow hair goes very quickly, which gives women the chance to experiment a bit with a different looks and shapes to see what works best with their faces.
It is important to be careful, however, because messed up eyebrows can give you a very bad or ridiculous look. For a more sensitive look, thin eyebrows may work, and if you want to look younger, consider thicker eyebrows. Did you know that your eyebrow shape can make you more or less visually appealing based on the shape of your face? This draws the on-looker’s eyes side-to-side rather than up-and-down to give the illusion of a more oval face. This shape will draw attention away from your square jawline and balance your face and features.
Your  forehead is wider than your chin, your cheekbones are the same width as your forehead and your face tapers to a POINTED CHIN.
A round-shaped eyebrow will soften the point of the chin which is the distinguishing feature of this face-shape.
Your face is widest at the cheekbones or temple, your forehead is short and narrow, your face tapers to a POINTED CHIN, and your features are ANGULAR. These shapes will narrow your wide cheekbones and temple, and give your face another focal point for the eye.
This eyebrow shape is unflattering because it makes the face appear short by draw the viewer’s eyes side-to-side. Your forehead is slightly wider than your chin, your cheekbones are PROMINENT, and your face tapers to a NARROW OVAL. Also eyebrows that are too highly arched will give the appearance of perpetual surprise or anger for the onlooker.
Follow Newin Institute Hair Transplant’s board eyebrow transplant photos on Pinterest. Dr Bosnich and his Surgical Team at Newin Institute have extensive years of experience and excellence in Hair Transplants, Cosmetic Hair Surgery and Regenerative Medicine. We provide Australia's best range of medically proven Hair Restoration and PRP-Stem Cell procedures with exceptional service and outstanding natural results. Dr Bosnich is a leader in Hair Transplant Surgery and Hair Restoration within Australia and Asia. These shapes can further have variations depending on eyebrow thickness and eyebrow height from the eyes. Keeping these basic guidelines in mind will be really helpful even if you are unable to determine your face shape. See how Flat eyebrows are making Preity Zinta's round face look shorter and more fuller in the left pic.

For small eyes, keeping your eyebrow arch low (near the eyes) will make your eyes look bigger.
I get asked about my brows a lot and it’s probably one of my favourite parts about doing my makeup.
They can even convey emotion, perhaps one you did not intend, to people you come in contact with. In the right pic, angled eyebrows and slightly puffed hair style are making her round face appear slimmer and longer.
So these suit Oblong or Rectangular face shaped people (basically anyone with a longer than normal face).
She has an oblong face but has never kept flat eyebrows, even though her angled brows make her face look even more long. But understand this will draw attention to your eyes, however, will make your face appear shorter. Mostly, you will see celebrities sporting different eyebrow shapes depending upon their stylist, which is not possible for common people.
Zero Brow Fill – Unfortunately some of us aren’t blessed with gorgeous brows, and while leaving them as mother nature intended is totally fine, you should consider filling them in if you want to give them a little shape!
The Quick Fill – For the beginner who just wants to add a bit of darkness to define the natural brow shape. The Short Arch – Where the Straight Brow makes your face appear wider, this can make it appear a bit thinner. The Defined Arch – Not as thick as the High Arch, this one follows your natural brow width with no extra fillers. When I'm not running the Wonder Forest blog ship, you can find me creating artwork for phone cases and home decor, whilst managing the daily tasks of Dana Fox Creative. Different eyebrow shapes can affect the appearance of your nose and make it look wide or narrow, large or small.
Take a look at the pictures below to get a clear idea about how different shaped eyebrows can change your look.
That said, I have hardly seen people in real life keeping round eyebrows these days, except for some celebrities. Still she is an exception and carries them well because she keeps them so high arched, which helps in making her face look longer. Here, and in most of her pictures, you will see her in flat eyebrows, though she can also go with sharp or soft angled eyebrows to even out her square jaw. But if you define and outline your eyes very bold with eyeliner, you need not keep low eyebrows. Depending on your natural brow shape and face shape, one person’s everyday brow could look completely different on somebody else.

Not everyone can pull this one off (including me) and it tends to look best on those with a naturally thick brow.
Bringing the inner brow in towards your nose a bit more helps to make your eyes appear closer set.
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Bold makeup will make your eyes look bigger and you can still keep high arch eyebrows for a glamorous look. I’ve put together a little demonstration of different brow shapes and styles you can try. With a little shaping and arching it’s not tough to get that Delevingne inspired brow!
September 15, 2015 Have you ever stood in front of your mirror and wondered what is that one thing which can make you look instantly glamorous? The hottest trend these days is thick soft angled eyebrows, which compliment almost every face shape. Celebrities are most of the times in heavy makeup with everything in place, else the super arched brows can look weird, when you take off the makeup and the brow powders. I suggest testing some out for yourself and finding one that suits you the best, and by the way if you need a brow product, check out my Anastasia Dipbrow review here!
You can use the same science to enhance your small eyes or to make your BIG eyes look smaller. I have started doing my own brows from last two months and just get the extra hair cleaned up. Just hold a straight ruler or a slim pen from the side of your nose, positioned through the center of your eye when looking straight.
Since you cant do anything about your face shape, the only way to go is to adjust your eyebrow shape!Stand before the mirror and verify with these illustrations. Flat eye brows with a slight downward curve or no curve at all, tens to reduce the length of the face making it seem rounder.
Go for a soft angled look.You can pick a slight arch to add more dimension to your face but no matter what do not pick dramatic eyebrow shapes. You need to adopt a look that will soften your look and even elongate the look of your features a little if your looking for a more feminine look. Try Herbs Essentials -Brow Envy-Eyebrow Oil to regrow thick eyebrows naturally in 90 Days.Now in India.

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