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Categories: Chevrolet, Fender, Front Fender, Impala, Mid-Body, Paint Stencil, Quarter Panel.
1967 Impala SS Eyebrow Stencil Kit  This kit is recreated from an original GM paint stencil that was offered during the production year. This kit includes stencils for the left and right fenders, doors and left and right quarter panel units. We Were Second… to offer a reproduction kit using an original GM stencil kit even the part number is the original one used by GM.

Eyebrow kit with stencil helps you shape, fill and transform your arches like never before.
Included with the stencils is an application squeegee, PPG paint chart for 1967 for correct stripe color, and paint information sheets. We've Got A New Website.We're Still Working Out Details, Feel Free To Contact Us If You Can't Find Something.
Each kit comes with four shades of color, eyebrow comb, eyebrow brush, 3 different eyebrow stencil shapes.

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