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These shapes can further have variations depending on eyebrow thickness and eyebrow height from the eyes. Keeping these basic guidelines in mind will be really helpful even if you are unable to determine your face shape. See how Flat eyebrows are making Preity Zinta's round face look shorter and more fuller in the left pic. For small eyes, keeping your eyebrow arch low (near the eyes) will make your eyes look bigger. In the right pic, angled eyebrows and slightly puffed hair style are making her round face appear slimmer and longer. So these suit Oblong or Rectangular face shaped people (basically anyone with a longer than normal face). She has an oblong face but has never kept flat eyebrows, even though her angled brows make her face look even more long. But understand this will draw attention to your eyes, however, will make your face appear shorter.

Mostly, you will see celebrities sporting different eyebrow shapes depending upon their stylist, which is not possible for common people.
That said, I have hardly seen people in real life keeping round eyebrows these days, except for some celebrities. Still she is an exception and carries them well because she keeps them so high arched, which helps in making her face look longer.
Here, and in most of her pictures, you will see her in flat eyebrows, though she can also go with sharp or soft angled eyebrows to even out her square jaw. But if you define and outline your eyes very bold with eyeliner, you need not keep low eyebrows.
Bold makeup will make your eyes look bigger and you can still keep high arch eyebrows for a glamorous look.
The hottest trend these days is thick soft angled eyebrows, which compliment almost every face shape. Celebrities are most of the times in heavy makeup with everything in place, else the super arched brows can look weird, when you take off the makeup and the brow powders.

Good Golly Lolly, would you ever be caught in public with a set of these horrible, awful brows? You can use the same science to enhance your small eyes or to make your BIG eyes look smaller.
I have started doing my own brows from last two months and just get the extra hair cleaned up. Just hold a straight ruler or a slim pen from the side of your nose, positioned through the center of your eye when looking straight.

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