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I have very fair eyebrows for my skin tone and hair colour and in between my monthly HD eyebrow appointments, I need a little help to get the best from my brows. I’m an avid user of Eylure 101 eyelashes and I have a massive stock of them in my bedroom so obviously I was going to try this when I saw it in my local Boots.
Now this product is completely different from Colorsport and Eylure and I was eager to try it based on reviews.
From Audrey Hepburn to Cara Delevigne, eyebrows have always been an essential part of every girl's beauty regime. It has the same kind of set up; tube of dye, a bottle of activating solution, an applicator and similar plastic packaging with a groove for mixing the product. This particular dye kit requires applying a clear liquid to your eyebrows followed by a clear gel. From threading to plucking, dying to drawing-in, Bryony demonstrates the ways to make your brows supermodel standard in her special eyebrow clinic. You get a 5ml tube of dye, developing solution, an applicator and the plastic packaging has a small groove for mixing. I also purchased this in brown and black for mixing the colours together to get a match for my hair colour. When the liquid and the gel react is when the colour starts to show and your eyebrows soon change colour. All of these products can be doubled up as eyelash tints but I tend to avoid that as my eyelashes are naturally pretty dark.

I originally went to Boots to purchase Eylure but it was sold out so I purchased this instead and I was extremely impressed with its results.
The application process was exactly the same as Eylure and I can’t fault either product.
I didn’t leave this one on for long for fear that my eyebrows may go too dark and aren’t I glad? This dye kit states a more modest 30 days after one application but again, I do find myself re-applying every Sunday. You’re only supposed to leave it on for around 10 minutes but I tend to leave it on for longer to get my eyebrows as dark as I can to match my hair colour.
It comes with a cute little brush to brush through your eyebrows but I preferred to use a new mascara wand. The results were good and the product will last a long time as you only need very little but it was quite messy. The packaging states 12 applications but with me having both black and brown dyes, I get double that.
It also states that one application lasts 45 days but I do find myself having to tint my eyebrows every week.

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