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Any stylist, cosmetologist, permanent makeup artist, or honest friend will tell you, your eyebrows are one of the primary features defining the uniqueness of your face.  Studies demonstrate that people can identify you by your eyebrows almost as often as they do by your eyes. Permanent Eyebrows are an easy and immediate cosmetic solution that can be a painless procedure.
Within a week, the years of time and effort you spent with tweezers or a pencil in your hand will be in the rear-view mirror, and the result will be the eyebrows of your dreams looking back at you in the mirror.  A couple of weeks later, you will visit Sally again for a minimal “touch-up” which is even quicker and easier than before. Contact Sally Hayes now to schedule your consultation and be on your way to amazing looking eyebrows. About Sally Hayes For over 25 years, she has utilized specialized techniques while having tremendous dedication to achieving the best, natural-looking results. Scar & Stretch Mark FadingA non-surgical procedure for permanently reducing and resurfacing scar tissue. Hair Transplant * 12 years of experience * Nearly 3000 procedures* Affordable * Unique: Hair transplant combined with tattoo hair simulation for unparalleled hair density appearance.
We now offer a virtually pain-free, quick and highly successful CoolTouch CTEV™ 1320 nm Laser Treatment for varicose veins that gets you back to your life in the same day.
Permanent cosmetics, a procedure also known as permanent makeup or tattoo makeup, has long been popular in Europe and on the East and West Coasts in US. Similar to tattoo, permanent cosmetics is a non-surgical technique in which a tiny quantity of pigment is placed under the top layer of the skin. Just as with any other profession, the time needed for a permanent makeup procedure depends on the ability and the experience of technician. Scalp micropigmentation, also known as cosmetic tattoo hair restoration, is a permanent makeup procedure which has gained popularity among men with hair loss as an alternative to hair transplant treatment.
Paramedical permanent makeup procedures include scar camouflage as well as non-surgical scar and stretch mark removal, where the top layers of the scar are progressively removed until the scar is either gone or significantly diminished.
One of the newest procedures is Skin Needling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), a new medical breakthrough in permanent cosmetics and skin rejuvenation. The three questions I get asked most often are: "Will it hurt?", "Will it look natural?" and "What is the recovery time after the procedure?". Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here are "Before" and "After" pictures of some of my clients, taken immediately before and within minutes after the procedure. Darker skin, containing large amounts of melanin, presents a challenge even for the experienced permanent makeup technicians. Despite the name "permanent", permanent makeup can often be corrected and restored faster, at a lower cost and with better results than with the removal. Permanent cosmetics is not just a technique, it is an art where client's face is painter's canvas.
In addition to skills as a professional make-up artist, your practitioner must be thoroughly trained in the latest micropigmentation techniques, tools and procedures. To better accomodate client's preferences and in order to achieve the most natural looking results, reputable practitioners will maintain a large selection of high quality, expensive pigment colors and tints. I hope you will find the information about permanent makeup on these pages helpful in deciding if this exciting procedure is right for you and look forward to being of service!
Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) has been developed and used by plastic surgeons since 1990s for skin rejuvenation and resurfacing.
The mechanism of CIT action is similar to that of the more widely known IPL and Laser Resurfacing: diffuse trauma induced in deep layers of the skin stimulates skin to regenerate and repair itself. Laws of physics make CIT both, safer and much more effective than the laser or IPL in stimulating the deep skin layers.
However, - unlike expensive lasers and IPL machines, which are promoted by the equipment manufacturers, - CIT remains one of the least known treatments confined to the offices of very few providers.
For more information on skin rejuvenation, visit our Skin page for the information on the latest skin care treatments today! Call the procedure what you will (and many do, dubbing it everything from "permanent makeup" to "micro-pigmentation"), going under the needle means not worrying about smudged eyeliner at a last-minute presentation - among other benefits.
We serve Wilmette, Glencoe, Northbrook, Northfield, Morton Grove, Evanston, Lake Forest, Lincolnshire, Lincolnwood, Niles, Winnetka, Skokie, Glenview, Highland Park , Chicago, Deerfield, Kenilworth, Wheeling, Buffalo Grove and other north Chicago suburb communities. Our staff includes estheticians, cosmetologists and makeup artists, certified and licensed by the State of Illinois. They were thoroughly trained and mentored in the art of permanent makeup by Elena Astor and work under Dr.Syed Naveed's supervision. Click here for the US Commerce Association's press release about our award-winning service.
I would like to start this letter by thanking you for all you've done for not only my appearance but my confidence level as well. You gave me a very natural permanent eyeliner and took the time to listen to my specifications. My face and lips look great, I can't hardly wait until we finish, the camouflage seems to be working.
After just one treatment on two of my scars, they were visibly smaller because fresh skin grew in as the new scars healed. Permanent Cosmetics is a paramedical procedure, where a minute amount of pigment is inserted under the top layer of the skin, achieving effect similar to that of the makeup.This allows for a safe and long lasting method of defining facial features.
Permanent makeup procedure does have some risks comparable to those of other minor surgical procedures, skin piercings or a tattoo. While some people feel no discomfort at all, others may find the procedure a little uncomfortable.
During the procedure you will have approval of everything, enabling you to have complete control. Permanent cosmetics may last many years, however, the longevity will vary between individuals depending on a person’s age, condition of the skin and other external factors. Alopecia is a very common hair loss disorder leaving you with very little and in some cases no eye brow hair. Choosing the right shape eyebrows for yourself can be confusing, it is important that you are professionally guided according to the shape of your face and the size of your eyes.
Traciea€™s entire reputation is not just for producing first class results but also for the care and detail which goes into every permanent eyebrow treatment. The picture shows a woman with uneven brows, this represents how important symmetry is when designing your new permanent eyebrows. If you are looking to change the style of your eyebrows remember to keep symmetry in mind and always consider your facial features and face shape.
Some clients like to leave the decision of the shape to us; some bring in photos or pictures of how they a€?useda€™ to look. This picture illustrates how unnatural shape of eyebrows can have a big impact on your face.
The length and style of eyebrows vary depending on a womana€™s features, it is important that your eyebrows sit along your natural eyebrow line. Using permanent make up, Tracie Giles is able to transform your unnatural shape to a beautiful brow. The picture shows how important it is to ensure your eyebrows arch in the correct place, otherwise they will end up looking like clowns eyebrows.
Many celebrities now have an arch in their brows; stars like Cheryl Cole and Catherine Zeta Jones have shown us how eyebrows can change your look.
This process allows you to cheat your way to an anti ageing flattering shape that you have always admired but never been able to achieve with makeup alone.
The monobrow is often referred to as the a€?unibrow.a€™ And is often the butt of many jokes. The eyebrow is the most overlooked facial feature as most women struggle to find their perfect shape. Tracie Giles understands the hassle most women have to go through everyday to recreate eyebrows.
Whether you have sparse brows or almost non-existent brows as a result of alopecia, choosing the right shaped eyebrows for can be confusing and it is very important that you are professionally guided according to the shape of your face and the size of your eyes.
Traciea€™s bespoke eyebrow treatments are tailor made to suit your individual needs and you are involved in deciding the look of your brows every step of the way a€“ including looking at a makeup simulation of your new brows before the permanent makeup treatment starts. To ensure your new brows look as natural as possible a pigment is selected that complements your natural skin and hair colour or wig if you wear one. Using the latest digital technology, your eyebrows are strengthened, defined, and shaped with delicate strokes of pigment infused into the skin.

Dubbed the a€?Queen Of the Browa€™, Tracie Giles has redefined the brows of the numerous celebrities and is a trusted spokesperson within this field.
Tracie Giles uses only medical grade, bespoke mineral based pigments to create her flawless eyebrows. Where there are no lashes and it is especially important to avoid hard lines, Tracie has pioneered a highly specialist technique which recreates tiny hairstrokes on the upper and lower lash line, giving the look of real lashes. As well as being an effective way to disguise the effects of alopecial, permanent makeup can also be used very effectively to camouflage a variety of medical and post-operative conditions, either by tattooing an impression of individual hairs on the face or scalp, or by camouflaging scars by blending them in with the surrounding skin colour.
Normally, during the first four days, it will look as though you used topical pencil.  By day four or five, the area tends to become a bit scaly as the top layer has to shed on its own.
From 18 to 80, they see the benefits of the perfect size, shape, and color to match your goals and your facial features.   These women have reached a point where the time and effort spent every day on eyebrows are no longer worth the battle. It improves a wide variety of skin conditions, such as: skin texture, large pores, sun damage, wrinkles, and scarring (acne, chick pox, surgical). However, unlike tattoo, the objective is a very subtle enhancement of facial features that looks as natural as possible. Changing the shape, fullness and definition of the eyebrows emphasizes and lifts the eyes, frames the face, and adds balance and symmetry.
Solid line eyebrows simulate eyebrow pencil and are relatively simple to create, even for a relatively inexperienced technician.
Typical time for a permanent makeup procedure done by a skilled, experienced technician using high-speed modern digital equipment is between one and three hours, depending on the procedure.
It improves a wide variety of skin conditions, such as: skin texture, large pores, sun damage, wrinkles, and scarring (acne, chicken pox, surgical).
Since we use surgical strength topical anesthetic, most people are quite comfortable during the procedure. Most pigments implanted into darker lips will either not be visible or result in unexpected and unflattering coloration.
A very typical case may involve permanent makeup done with cheap, low-quality pigments, which changed color with time. Armed with a cheap machine, a set of "one-size-fits-all" stencils and a limited choice of pigment shades, such hacks often crank out work that does not compliment client's face and may look totally out of place. The most important consideration is permanent makeup technician's total commitment to maintain medical grade sterility of the operating environment. Artist's ability to draw free hand, keen eye for color and facial symmetry as well as thorough knowledge of conventional make-up techniques and its uses in altering the overall appearance is what distinguishes the professional from a hack. Less reputable practitioners are often reluctant to make such investment and try to cut costs by using a few popular pigment shades for all skin and hair colors. In the process, the blemishes present on the skin surface get replaced by healthy skin cells. Your professionalism and beautiful , artistic attention to detail is immeasurable and incomparable to all others who try to compete with you in this field. You did a great job subtly modifying the shape of my upper lip to make it more symmetrical.
The difference permanent cosmetics can make is amazing, helping to emphasise the eyes and lips and rebalance the face, creating a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance. Protected by the skin, the makeup is care free, waterproof, will not smudge or run and can last for years. Next, applying these shapes and colors with temporary makeup, we will show you what the permanent makeup may look like on you.
However, as skin heals over the pigment, the colors will begin to soften and blend with your own skin color, creating a more natural look.
During this visit we will add more color, if desired, and add artistic touches for even more natural appearance.
Topical anaesthetics are used prior to and throughout the treatment in order to alleviate any discomfort. Once the pigment color has been selected to match your individual skin tone, hair and eye color, a small amount of the pigment will be placed on the treatment area in order for you to see the color on your skin. It is recommended that clients return for a color touch-up procedure every 6 to 12 months to keep the treatment area looking crisp and fresh. This hand method technique is the gentlest and most efficient way to create hair-like strokes in the brow to stimulate hair for a natural look, to define the eyes with a liner along the lash line and to create full lips with lipliner and full lipcolor filled in.
Whether you are at a party or grocery shopping, your SofTap permanent makeup keeps your makeup looking fresh. Uneven eyebrows give your face too much expression, the woman in the image looks worried, her uneven eyebrows do not define her features or compliment her eyes as much as they should. Tracie Giles will give you the opportunity to become fully involved in the planning a shape for your eyebrows. Some bring in magazine pictures and some even bring in photographs of celebrity eyebrows which they like as inspiration for their own new shape. A natural shape with the arch in the right place gives your whole face a more feminine naturalistic appearance. She can extend, augment and improve the appearance of your eyebrows with fine mists of colour, or by implanting pigment in simulated hair strokes using eyebrow tattooing among your natural ones. Sometimes keeping your eyebrows natural with a slight arch can be very flattering, but this can cause over tweezing which will give you permanently a€?surpriseda€™ look.
Traciea€™s semi permanent eyebrow treatments uses her hand perfected technique to ensure your brows give you a perfect appearance. By looking at the picture, it is the abundant hair between the brows and a€?unkempta€™ bushiness that will make a set of eyebrows appear like a messy strip of hair across the face. To create a flattering shape when brows naturally grow this way can be a€?high maintenancea€™. Most women use brow pencil as a vital part of their daily routine to fill, reshape and create eyebrows. Tracie will provide you with an extensive consultation at the time of treatment, to involve you in all the planning stages, to help you create the eyebrows you have always wanted. By clicking on the small right hand arrow below the picture, you can see how the wrong type of brows can destroy the character and dignity of a face. With perfectly balanced, elegantly arched brows in a colour that tones in with the modela€™s natural colouring, the brows not only give the eyes a more wide awake and expressive look, but give the whole face a fresher, younger appearance. As well as being one of the most experienced eyebrow permanent makeup artists in the world, Tracie Giles has built an unsurpassed reputation for producing first class results and for the care and detail which goes into every permanent eyebrow treatment.
This level of skill and attention to detail means you can be sure of results that totally delight you. Particular attention is given to the position of the brows in relation to your natural browbone. The results guarantee you perfect brows all year round and an easy way to look great from the moment you wake up.
Famous for her in-depth knowledge of pigment colour and tones, she and her team guarantee you stunning, colour-rich, designer brows. It enhances skin penetration of vitamins (A & C) and effectively increases new collagen production without damaging the skin. Applied by a gifted practitioner, permanent cosmetics can give you the polished glamour of professionally applied makeup that will never flake, smudge or run, stay with you day and night and last for years.
I have started in cosmetics in 1991 as a makeup artist for Chanel and Guerlain in exclusive New York City boutiques. If done properly, the end result of permanent cosmetics should be similar to the professionally applied makeup, except it will stay on permanently, day and night. Less able or inexperienced technicians may spend four or more hours trying to find by trial and error the best colors and shapes for their clients.
This creates a much more youthful appearance of full head of hair with fashionable "shaved" haircut. Skin needling enhances skin penetration of vitamins (A & C) and effectively increases new collagen production without damaging the skin.
Special techniques, such as "hairstroke" eyebrow immitation, have been develped to make permanent makeup appear as natural as possible.
However, as these "before and after" pictures illustrate, excellent results can be achieved with careful consideration of color interactions. As the picture to the right illustrates, even blue eyebrows can be corrected into a flattering, natural color.

Although the hack's prices are frequently cheap, the correction of their embarassing results is neither cheap nor easy.
Because unethical technician can and will lie about her credentials, experience and sterility of her procedure room.
Unless you are the type of person who goes to a dentist for an eye exam, you probably should consider whether a nail salon is the best choice for a permanent makeup.
Cosmetic tattooing-inked-on brows, eye - and lipliner heretofore associated with sun-dried retirees and Michael Jackson - is becoming a time-saver as indispensable to young female power brokers as international roaming on their mobile phones.
I researched and consulted with several other permanent cosmetic artists before I decided that you were the absolute best top of the line expert in permanent cosmetic application.
Now I can actually leave the house without spending the time to apply eyeliner and lipstick! The permanent lip color is just bright enough to go shopping with just a little lip gloss, but subtle enough that I can embellish it for a more formal evening look. When we find the design and colors that you love and approve, we will put it on your body with permanent makeup. The shade and intensity of the final color will depend on the color of the chosen pigment as well as color and translucency of your skin.
Permanent makeup artists work to create subtle, natural designs, which do not attract attention but make the wearer look good.
Throw away your eyebrow pencil or powder because your SofTap permanent makeup eyebrows are here to stay. They not only frame your eyes but give your face its unique expression and character and allow you to express even subtle emotions without words. Alternatively, you may have naturally very light or gingery brows which are virtually a€?invisiblea€™. Remember, eyebrows give expression to a face; these eyebrows look a€?intimidatinga€™ and can therefore have a negative effect on relaying any difference in emotions.
Create a realistic, natural looking brow line that places the a€?archa€™ in the right place and changes a€?surpriseda€™ into correctly lifted elegance, which will last for several years with using permanent makeup.
With permanent make up, a beautifully designed shape within the hair line gives you the perfect template underneath so that you know exactly where to pluck from. This is a classic example of were woman go wrong when they are trying to find the right eyebrow shape.
There are no general ideal eyebrows, although there are principles which we can adhere to in order to beautify eyebrows. It is easy to over load your eyebrows with pencil, this will make them uneven, slanted and unrealistic.
The very last picture shows how the right shape and colour of permanent makeup brows for this shape of face, and for the modela€™s personality and age, can have a huge effect on her whole look. The special 3D Hair technique pioneered by Tracie precisely replicates natural hair at microscopic level leaving the most flattering, natural-looking eyebrows. And with results lasting between 9 to 18 months, you can wave goodbye to eyebrow pencils and temporary dyes. At a fraction of the cost of plastic surgery, permanent tattoo makeup can instantly take years off your appearance, bring out and enhance your best features and correct minor and not so minor flaws and skin imperfections. Since then, I have done thousands of permanent makeup procedures on every type of skin: White, Black, Oriental, Indian, Mediterranean and Latino. Permanent makeup procedures are done under topical anesthesia, the recovery time is typically minimal and the results are visible nearly instantly. Hair stroke eyebrows simulate the appearance of real hair and require considerable artistic skill from the technician. It focuses on your natural cell regeneration, not fibrosis (scar tissue), which is common in laser treatments and microdermabrasion. During the procedures, the bleeding and swelling is controlled by epinephrine, so there is no down time - in most cases you can go out right away!
Here, lips with natural dark bluish tint and hypo-pigmentation blotches have been transformed by permanent makeup to a warm, even-colored tint.
How can you tell if your permanent cosmetics technician is a qualified professional or a hack? Unethical technician may present as her own pictures of work done by other technicians or use Photoshop to make pictures of her own shoddy work look spectacular. Infection, caused by unsanitary or non-sterile equipment, can cause disfiguring scars or worse. A skilled manicurist, electrologist or a tattoo artist is not necessarily a skilled make-up artist. My eyebrows, eyeliner and full lip color look so amazingly natural, people compliment me frequently, when I tell them its permanent cosmetics they are "blown away" by the precision of your work.
We use epinephrine enhanced state-of-the-art topical anesthetic, so most people find the procedure quite comfortable and experience minimal or no swelling.
This important difference leads to a different choice of techniques and colors and requires different skill set. They use all of their combined expertise with the very finest pigments and devices sourced mainly from Germany and the USA. Tracie Giles understands the impact eye brow shapes can have, she has pioneered a hair by hair permanent make up technique that ensure your flat shapeless brows are given, shape, depth and definition. Many entertainers, actresses and models, - such as Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Dolly Parton, Raquel Welch, Cher and others, - have used it to maintain their polished, seemingly flawless appearance.
I have trained and mentored many new permanent makeup technicians, some of whom are now running their own successful permanent makeup practices in Chicago area. However, when done properly, hair stroke eyebrows are almost indistinguishable from the natural eyebrows.
That creates the appearance of hair density far greater than that possible with the hair transplant alone.
Unethical technician may write herself or have an acquaintance write false testimonials and post them on the web or she may write disparaging reviews about competitors or make other misrepresentations. If you would not trust her to do your conventional, temporary make-up, you definitely should not trust her to do your permanent one, which will be a part of your face for a much, much longer time. And yet, there still is a considerable amount of confusion and misconception about this exciting new cosmetic enhancement technique. All of these experiences gave me a unique perspective on the art of permanent makeup that I would like to share with you on this page and other pages of this site.
Hair stroke eyebrows are preferable when the natural eyebrows are sparse or missing as a result of injury, overplucking or alopecia. That is particularly important in cases when the number of hair follicles available for transplantation is very limited.
Unfortunately, most of the time a client is not in a position to evaluate technician's ethics. Unfortunately, strict compliance with the health code regulations is often missing among shadier operators, for whom permanent cosmetics is frequently just a sideline business. I will describe the benefits of the most popular permanent makeup procedures, provide many permanent makeup pictures of people just like you, before and after they had permanent makeup done.I will also explain how to select a competent practitioner.
Lack of required license from the Illinois Department of Public Health is a good indication that the establishment does not follow the sanitary codes.In my practice, located within the surgeon's office and licensed by the Illinois Departement of Public Health, I use only single-use disposable needles.
I hope these pages will help you decide if permanent cosmetics can help you achieve the appearance that you want. Here, in Chicago area, I could not help but notice how a relatively new technician, Chicago Permanent Makeup by Lana Schluter, has imitated the content of my site.
All other equipment used during the procedures is sterile and disinfected between each client. While such imitation is the highest form of flattery, posting photos of my work on her site without giving me credit for my work is unethical and misleading. One day after I contacted her about copyright infringement, a slew of anonymous reviews appeared on the web disparaging my work.

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