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The Kabbalah teachs us that every christian name and family name contains a number which is the cause and meaning of existence.
And so, at a metaphysical level, pronouncing a name, christian name or surname corresponds to the ritualizing of energies and the perpetuation of creation. It is true that a Christian name has to be pleasant, musical and harmonious but it has to contain above all other auspicious and favorable things that can be reveal by the science of the Kabbalah.
On one hand, the number of birth contains the potentiality of each fellow, on the other hand, the number of the name expresses the concret and the feasible, the magic key which can open the kingdom of realizations and desires.
It is obviously that each alphabet has its characteristics: the sounds and the groups of consonants determine the various written forms and their association with the numbers. Today, evolutions and grahic simplification have weakened this deep-rooted link and replaced the association lettre-number by a veiled conformity. If the number of birh (Christian name) is bigger than the number of the family name : the human being is going to follow his main tendencies and will meet difficulties to develop and follow the main characteristics of his family. If the number of the family name is bigger than the number of birth : the objectives and tendencies induced by the family name are going to dominate and modify the characterics of the birth. If the number of birth is equal to the number of the family name : the nature of the person is harmonious and cool-headed. Adding the family name number to the birth number, you obtain a synthesis number which represents the human being in his global view or intentions.
Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background". We chose to use a black-and-white film noir style, which helped us, too, because we could use shadows and didn't have to include a massive amount of detail in the backgrounds or spend time getting the colors just right. We borrowed an HD consumer camera and lights from school, added construction site lamps and three television monitors, and we had our own studio. We ended up shooting for about two and a half weeks, but we still needed 30 days in total because the schedules of the actors never matched.

Although we had no previous experience as a film crew and were grossly understaffed, it was great to work at the studio. The actors often agreed to do the work because they wanted the experience and needed film clips for their own show reels, which we were more than happy to give them instead of a salary.
I wrote a script that included all the types of game elements we wanted to have in the final game, such as inventory items, conversations, and cut scenes.
During a frustrating week of crunch time, we found out that we were never going to be able to get the demo done in time for that trimester. Now, we need money to pay the bills, and it probably would have cost half a million dollars to make a similar commercially viable product (not counting marketing).
The Glories Of Our Blood And State, Are Shadows, Not Substantial Things, There Is No Armour Against Fate.. Mediante ellas personalizamos anuncios, proporcionamos funciones de las redes sociales y analizamos nuestro trafico. Knowing this number can contribute greatly to modify the original print of his fate during the long way of his life.
The seven vowels were associated to the seven planets with alpha and omega representing the begining and the end. This meant that actors being filmed in conversation often talked to nothing, or directed their comments at something off camera, such as me or a bucket.
We ended up working with an operetta singer, ballet dancer, photo model, several stage actors, and all the friends and relatives we could put in there. Renée Kool, our teacher, brought us in contact with actor Paul van der Laan, and we worked together during a weeklong holiday. Tambien compartimos informacion sobre la manera en que usa nuestro sitio con nuestros socios de redes sociales, publicidad y analisis.
In the final months, we got help from Yi Zhao, an art student who showed an interest in helping out. Thanks to Michel Gutlich, a teacher at school, we got an old chapel we could use as a private film studio for a month, but we ran into some audio issues. For over-the-shoulder shots, we used Winne's shoulder as a stand-in for our main character.

There's a scene with a taxi that we shot using two old car seats standing on two tables. Although there's a difference in the quality of the acting, overall it worked out great. The 3D storyboard in particular was essential in getting the shots quickly when our only real life reference was a sky of green. We transformed the school auditorium into our studio with a stage made out of pallets and in front of an audience of several hundred empty chairs. During the next trimester, Rudi fixed the bugs, and by the beginning of the production of the big game, we were in great shape. It is the same thing for tragic Christian one which are linked to violent and harmful events. Also, if a letter is repeated several times in a name, it has an important role on the human life and acts. It made our game stand out among all the other 3D-oriented games, and it gave us a hook that we could use to spark interest at school during development and after.
Nevertheless Winne managed to find a lot of people by contacting them online and meeting them. But if the game was going to cost the player any money, we would probably loose 99.9 percent of the audience.
Instead of working solo for months on a 3D character, we got a dozen of people who were actually alive. Rudi, Roy, and I followed a film trimester, where we could look into the film noir genre -- but even more importantly it gave us the opportunity to make a demo of our game.
She was available for six days, and although she must have had second thoughts during the hectic no-budget production, she remained a true professional.

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