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Below is a list of names and the links found on the Cleveland Police Department Website of the Missing Persons in Cleveland, Ohio. Turns out Cuyahoga County "piggybacks" their database off of the City of Cleveland's website -today CLE lists 87 missing persons and Cuyahoga County lists 192 -so which is it - and why--when I call to inquire about the welfare of a missing person - am I treated with suspicion for even caring??
Here is the case file for Alyssa Johnson in the CLE Regional database - she is still listed but shadowed - the case is closed - verified by a CPD officer who closes the case when he sees the missing person in person. The question I have today would be: Why are we maintaining a separate and inaccurate database??
Renate Jakupca: You have to understand Laura that the Syndicate employs IT people to 'clean up their reputation on the internet'.
Laura McShane: PD reporters have blood on their hands and complicity with corruption in NEO that looks the other way as human trafficking goes on and telling me to work with my CDC - sick.
Ohio Communities United will hold a press conference in front of the Jane Edna Hunter Building on Tuesday May 14, 2013. We believe that to begin to help heal this young woman and her child that the Department of Children and Family Services should bring this mother and child together to dispell the belief that she abandoned him.
We will be holding a Press Conference at 10:00 am in front of the Jane Edna Hunter Building.
There are so many countless agencies working to use the people as quotas and driving federal tax dollars to pay administrative staff which would make normal folks heads spin. CLEVELAND -- The Cleveland Police Department is turning to the public for help in finding a missing 21-year-old woman.
Here is a faded photo of Raina Bennett whose image still appears on telephone pole on Clark and West 48th St.
On the FB page - it indicates that she was last seen at a motel in Middleburg Heights with a man ( have there been no updates? Ohio Missing Adult Alerts- An alert system to quickly notify the public and media outlets about endangered missing adults, age 65 or older, or those with mental impairments.
NAMUS- the National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUs) is a national centralized repository and resource center for missing persons and unidentified decedent records.
Locator Posters- LOCATER is a web-based poster-creation program that provides law enforcement agencies with access to create and distribute their own posters to include Missing Children, Missing Adults, AMBER Alert, Wanted, Crime Alert, and other additional titles.
CLEVELAND — FOX 8 has launched a project in hopes of finding missing people here in Northeast Ohio. Today we feature 15-year-old Raina Bennett who went missing from Cleveland on June 1, 2015. If you have any information please call Detective Grabski at Cleveland Police Second District 216-623-2704.
When we see a very beautiful natural photo of a girl that speaks fluently 5 different languages, is 21 years old and single then we may have some doubts about the authenticity of that person.
In case of celebrities, Google will figure out the name of the person in that picture and that’s pretty easy. North Ayrshire Young Carers Service has been running for 11 years and provides support to young people not only in their caring role but in all aspects of their daily life eg problems at school. North Ayrshire Young Carers is aimed at a specific group: We work with young people in the North Ayrshire area who are caring for a family member who is ill or has a disability. Get started by choosing a type of service from the Missing Person Search Options grid at the bottom of this page. A couple of factors determine the level of difficulty in a missing person search where there is little more than a name to start with.
The real-time missing person-the friend or relative or child that has disappeared recently requires-different strategies than those described to this point. If you need to do a skip trace on a witness who has moved the first thing to do is request a forwarding address from the local post office under the Freedom of Information act (FOIA.) The response you get will vary from one post office to another but do not expect a fast response from any of them.
If the post office route is not productive, finding a witness that has moved can also be accomplished by a private investigator that has access to proprietary consumer databases that are not available to the general public. If database research does not yield the current location of the witness, then old fashioned gum-shoe investigation may be required. Many times a civil law suit such as a personal injury case can take several years to wind its way through the courts.

Of course you will initially go through the process of trying to get a new address by the usual methods, doing forwarding address request or a skip trace however in many cases this will not produce the desired results. What the skilled private eye brings to the table is years of experience in finding where these missing people wander off to. If you are a lawyer involved in a civil suit such as a personal injury or wrongful death case one key part of your responsibility is to serve the defendant with papers to notify them that they are being sued. This is when you need the services of an experienced private investigator to take what meager information you have on the culprit and turn it into the actionable data required to locate and serve the defendant. Skip tracing a debtor is especially challenging because in most cases they are intentionally trying to cover their tracks and stay hidden. One way dead-beats game the system is to use aliases (false names) also referred to as “AKA’s” an anachronism for “also known as.” They also associate these AKA’s with multiple bogus Social Security numbers.
Many times a lawyer will need to locate a well known person or celebrity who may be involved in a civil law suit or other litigation.
In other cases the attorney needs to locate the address of an expert witness or opposing doctor to serve them with legal papers such a summons or subpoena for deposition. Private investigators know how to thread the needle of public and private records to follow the trails to these well protected individuals. If you need to find heirs to an estate, whether it involves the execution of a will or state probate, a private investigator is the key to tracking these people down. Finding heirs to an estate may also require the assistance of a genealogy expert, especially when the list of next of kin or heirs may be incomplete. Tag and keyword 'Alerts' on search engines signal them when there is a transgression anywhere on the internet . The organization's concerns are that Michelle Knight was an abused child and that her child was removed from her care prior to her abduction at the hands of Ariel Castro. NamUs is a free online system that can be searched by medical examiners, coroners, law enforcement officials and the general public from all over the country in hopes of resolving these cases.
The program allows agencies to distribute posters electronically and transmit the information to other agencies, media outlets, and the general public via Email distribution. Because social activities involve, in most cases, finding a partner (lover) you can find it stupid and strange.
In some cases, such as finding long lost friends, lovers, and relatives who have just drifted away, you may have a fair amount of information about them already, such as last known address and date of birth.
It is often more efficient to hire a private investigator to do this since they have knowledge of the system and techniques that can expedite the process. Some law firms also have access to these databases, however interpreting them and knowing how to best follow the leads in these search results is a special skill that allows a seasoned investigator to maximize the result.
If you are an attorney who represents such clients invariably you will run into the situation where you go to contact your client about an upcoming deposition or other matter and low and behold you client has gone missing. Often you may not have sufficient contact information on the defendant to locate and serve them. Private eyes can take seemingly scant data on a subject and follow the breadcrumbs provided to the eventual locating of a defendant.
One useful technique employed by a private investigator is to identify and track down relatives of the subject.
However they are often unimaginative in their use of these and private investigators have proprietary databases that can be used to figure out the patterns and methods of these unscrupulous individuals and trace them to their new location.
Finding these individuals is especially challenging since they have the motive and means to hide their personal data, especially where they live.
These individuals also sometimes go out of their way to hide their whereabouts for similar reasons. Sometimes skilled use of databases aid in this quest and other times good old fashioned undercover foot work are what’s needed.
In some cases the identity of these parties are known but last known addresses are years old. Private eyes have the know-how and experience to take whatever clues are left to these long lost relatives and follow the leads to discover their current location.
In these cases the investigator can coordinate with the genealogy expert to go back in time and trace the linage forward.

For a free consultation or to get started right away on your missing person search, call us for service throughout California and the US at (800) 487-0947 or e-mail us. These include driver records, consumer profiles, social security data, post office forwarding data, mailing lists, magazine subscriptions, voter records, utility records, reverse telephone directories, real property records, and a host of other public and proprietary databases. Baeppler quoted the aunt his rates: $150 an hour for database searching, $100 an hour plus expenses for field work.
Very rarely you will find authentic photos and most of the time the photos are downloaded from internet using Google image search. Someone who is extremely beautiful, extremely smart is also unlikely to be open to small and stupid talks on Facebook messenger. Locate searches are also used in cases of adoption, as you may need to find your birth parents to learn of your medical history, or you may be a biological parent (birth mother, birth father) looking for children given up at birth for adoption. For other types of locate searches, you may not have any such vital data or the information you have may be decades old.
If the last name is Smith or Jones and the first is fairly common, the task is more difficult.
We also employ high tech measures and discreet sources to obtain information leading to the missing person. The can often tell if the subject has doubled back to a previous address or has moved in with relatives. The term skip trace goes back to the 1950’s when people would “skip town” to avoid paying their bills. They have the tools and experience to be the modern day posse on the trail of these dead-beats.
Many times this is for good reason since celebrities face the challenges of being stalked by both the paparazzi and sometimes deranged fans. In either case private eyes are the key to finding the whereabouts of the rich and famous who don’t want to be found. In other cases there are only vague references to survivors who may be getting on in years or may even be deceased. You can also order your missing person search investigation online by going to our online order page or downloading our fax form. We have been waiting patiently to hear from the county as to whether they have the intent to at minimum reunite this young woman with her child.
Something about getting out to a coffee with a completely stranger after just 10 minutes of chat.
And they know how to approach third parties such as neighbors and relatives to get the information on the new whereabouts without raising red flags that may dampen cooperation.
Many times even if the subject has taken great pains to hide, their relatives have not and the private investigator can exploit this weak link in the chain.
Debt collection companies or private eyes would be called in to “trace” down their current whereabouts, hence the term skip trace. Often properties are held in names of partnerships or shielded through business managers or accountants. Baeppler, 40, who's a sergeant with the Cleveland police department, comes from a police family.
We understand that these are extinuating circumstances but we also believe that an unprecendented move on behalf of the county is warranted. His father, Gregory Michael Baeppler, is a former Cleveland police commander and now the safety director in Parma.
How do we make kids understand their sexuality and find healthy outlets for their new selves.
This presents some of the more difficult locate projects, especially when the date of birth is unknown.

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