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Copyright © 2014 Special Gift, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The quest for greater openness now involves sharing Facebook users' home addresses and mobile phone numbers with the third-party developers that create Facebook apps.
In other words, a Facebook app can now access your address and phone number, though that application or website can only obtain this information if you explicitly grant it permission to do so (see screenshot below). Facebook quietly announced this controversial new policy in a blog post published Friday at 9:00PM. The world's largest social network has struggled with privacy issues, and the change is likely to rankle users who fear their personal information is being shared more widely than they would like, potentially putting them at risk for spamming, identity theft, and more. Sophos explains, "Now, shady app developers will find it easier than ever before to gather even more personal information from users.

On Facebook you have absolute control over what information you share, who you share it with and when you want to remove it. Those wary of having their address and phone number shared with Facebook app developers may find the best course of action to remove this information from their Facebook profiles. Find Phone Numbers and Search Businesses - Switchboard Find businesses and people in Switchboard white and yellow pages directory.
You can imagine, for instance, that bad guys could set up a rogue app that collects mobile phone numbers and then uses that information for the purposes of SMS spamming or sells on the data to cold-calling companies. Developers can now request permission to access a person's address and mobile phone number to make applications built on Facebook more useful and efficient. You need to explicitly choose to share your data before any app or website can access it and no private information is shared without your permission.

It's a confidential way to find people so you can reconnect or just get more info on a person.
As an additional step for this new feature, you're not able to share your friends' address or mobile information.

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