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Then see at the list of multiples, we can note that 30 is the smallest number that appears in each list. I am planning to write more post on online algebra tutor with example, Plane Perpendicular to a Line.
The British Travel Awards is the largest UK awards programme created to recognise the best companies in travel and is regarded as the benchmark for excellence. We're recently been nominated as Best Tour Operator in the Australian National Travel Industry Awards with two of our reps in Australia also individually nominated in the Best Sales Executive category, testament to the hard work our team put into their jobs.
We're proud of the holidays we offer and the service we deliver and it's great to know our customers are happy too with nominations and winning votes for a host of awards we've won in recent years. 2014 AwardsSilver for Best Medium Holiday Company to North Africa (Egypt and Morocco)Bronze for Best Medium Holiday Company to East & Central Asia (China and South Korea). Life can be unpredictable and we understand that sometimes it’s necessary to change or delay your travel plans. Overland style camping safaris, small group lodge accommodated safaris, a selection of private safaris and tailor-made safaris to Africa.
See stunning Victoria Falls, witness the great Migration and watch spectacular wildlife roaming free in their natural habitat.
A bit more information on travelling through Africa on safari, trekking to see the mountain gorillas and the TCD trust in South Africa. Introducing the Big FiveWhat are the Big Five?If you are planning a safari to Africa then you will no doubt be keen to find the Big Five. Whether you're looking for an overland camping expedition from one end of Africa to the other or a comfortable small-group lodge safari with less travel, we've got the perfect selection of tours for all tastes and budgets. Kruger National Park (South Africa): Without doubt, South Africa’s premium National Park, Kruger is home to all of the Big Five. Serengeti National Park (Tanzania): Also home to all of the Big Five, the endless plains of the Serengeti are a great place to spot lions. Masai Mara (Kenya): One of Africa’s most famous national reserves, the Masai Mara was home to the BBC’s famous Big Cat Diaries which documented the lives of many of of the big cats but especially the lions. Lake Manyara National Park (Tanzania): Lake Manyara is one of the few places in Africa that are home to the tree-climbing lions. Best places to see LeopardThe African leopard is often one of the hardest to find when on safari.
Serengeti (Tanzania): With a healthy leopard population, the Serengeti is still one of the best places in East Africa to see leopard. Lake Nakuru National Park (Kenya): Nakuru does not have a large number of lions making the leopard a more important resident . Sabi Sands Game Reserve (South Africa): Home to the highest density of leopard in the world, Sabi Sands is considered one of the best places to see leopard.
South Luangwa National Park (Zambia): South Luangwa is one of the only national parks that allow night safari drives. Best places to see ElephantThe giants of the savannah – African elephants are the world’s biggest land mammal.
Chobe National Park (Botswana): Said to be home to between 50 - 70’000 elephants (particularly in the dry season), Chobe National Park is undoubtedly one of the best places in Africa to see elephant.
Addo Elephant National Park (South Africa): A sanctuary to over 600 elephants, Addo has now become South Africa’s third biggest national park. Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe): Being so close to Chobe National Park, Hwange is also home to lots of elephants. David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (Kenya): Located in the capital Nairobi, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust cares for many orphaned baby elephants. Best places to see RhinoDivided into two distinct species, the rhino is the world’s second largest land mammal. Etosha National Park (Namibia): Quite possibly one of the best places to see Namibia’s wildlife at night is at Etosha’s Okaukuejo waterhole. Lake Nakuru National Park (Kenya): Although most famous for its flamingo, Nakuru is home to both the black and white rhino.
Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Park (South Africa): One of the pioneer’s in rhino conservation, Hluhluwe in Zululand is a very popular self-drive destination. Ol Pejeta Conservancy (Kenya): As East Africa’s largest black rhino sanctuary, Ol Pejeta is home to a great number of free roaming black rhino.

Best places to see BuffaloNot to be confused with the water buffalo from Asia; the Cape or African buffalo is a far more fearsome and dangerous bovine.
Kruger National Park (South Africa): Made viral on Youtube a while back, the famous Battle at Kruger saw a baby buffalo taken by lions (and crocodiles) and successfully rescued by its herd.
Serengeti (Tanzania): Although buffalo are not the number one reason to visit the Serengeti, it is a great place to find them as they attract impressive herd numbers during the migration season (July to November).
Ngorongoro Crater (Tanzania): As with most of the big parks in East Africa, the Ngorongoro Crater also attracts good numbers of buffalo. Excel provides a very simple way to pull out data from databases to perform desired functions over it. Launch Excel 2010 spreadsheet on which you need to apply database functions, for instance we have included a spreadsheet containing fields; Names, Course, and Marks on which we will be applying DCOUNT function. For applying database functions, we need to create a new table having the criteria on which we will be evaluating functions. Now if you want to check that in how many courses, specific student secured marks greater than 60 then you just need to enter the name of the student in the Criteria table,  It will pull-out all the corresponding data for the specified name and yield result 2, As you can see in the screenshot below there are only two courses in which specified student has secured marks greater than 60. You can also check out previously reviewed Excel function; Logical Functions, INFO, SUMSQ, DOLLAR, SUMPRODUCT, SUMIF, COUNTIF, VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP ,PMT, and LEN. I tried this second part by putting the name in the name field of the criteria and the number reveals = 0.
AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. Gun was originally built for a giant Russian dude so Phil modified it so regular people could use it. Over the years we've been honoured to receive a number of British Travel Awards thanks to your votes. With our LIFETIME DEPOSIT guarantee, you can book our tours safe in the knowledge that if you’re unable to travel, your deposit is fully transferable and will be held for an unlimited time. Discover Africa's beautiful countries on safari to Kenya,Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Mozambique and more. Made up of the lion, the leopard, the elephant, the rhino and the buffalo, the Big Five originally gained their selection in the early 20th century when the African continent was awash with hunters from Europe and North America. From Kenya and Tanzania in east Africa to Namibia and Botswana in the south, our tours take in the very best safari destinations with plenty of opportunities to spot the Big 5. Of all the big (and little) cats, the lion is the only species to exist in groups, known as prides. Estimates suggest there are about 1600 lions in the park and the best spot to see them is around the Satara Rest Camp towards the east of the park.
Estimates show there are about 3000 lions in the park and the best thing about the Serengeti is that it’s one of the only places in Africa where lions are not in decline. Although no one quite knows why, the resident big cats here like to spend their days relaxing in the acacia trees and it really is a sight to behold. These elite hunters are generally solitary creatures (with the exception of times of mating and when rearing their young).
Particularly along the river valleys including the Seronera Valley in the centre of the Serengeti. Interestingly they are commonly seen in the day here and with the great number of fever trees with their thick branches make it ideal for daytime leopard lounging.
So naturally your chances of seeing these nocturnal hunters are greatly increased and sightings are extremely common. Weighing up to 6 tonnes and reaching heights of over 3 meters high and 7 metres long – it’s not hard to see why. Not only does it have the highest population but also some of the biggest elephants physically.
Starting up in 1931 when only 11 elephants remained in the area – it’s one of the most memorable and interesting places to see elephant.
Happily travelling freely from Botswana to Zimbabwe using the Chobe and Zambezi Rivers as a foraging ground.
There is an elephant nursery open for an hour a day when the baby elephants come in from the bush for milk and water play!
The white rhino are more easy to spot but if you stay at a lodge or camp in the park and go out first thing you’re increasing your chances of seeing black rhino.

It has had fantastic success in rhino conservation and also looks after young rhinos who have been orphaned.
It is also home to four of the last seven northern white rhinos in the world as well as Barake, a blind black rhino rescued by the conservancy.
It is not uncommon to see them in their 100’s drinking along the Chobe River during the winter’s dry season (May – October). Being quite bold creatures they have been known to get quite close to people camping on the rim of the crater – so be careful!
It also provides list of functions which can be used exclusively for databases, you just need to create a database or simple table and let Excel know to consider it as one complete database, define some criteria to pull out specified entries. In the same spreadsheet create a table by the name of Criteria, as shown in the screenshot below.
On evaluating this function, it will yield 6, as there are 6 students in total who have secured marks greater than 60. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
He filled the small gap where the original handle was and it is purely cosmetic and does not affect the performance of the gun at all. These prides consist of anything from 15 to 40 members of mainly related females and their young plus one dominant male who has won their place in the pride through fierce battles with rival males.
Spending most of their day sleeping in trees, these nocturnal cats hunt for their prey at night often using ambush as their successful means of attack. One of Africa’s most iconic animals, the elephant is often one of the most seen of the Big Five. Considered the most dangerous of the Big Five, due to their complete unpredictability – the buffalo is a surprisingly social creature. Excel DCOUNT function lets you to count the occurrence of specified data if the criteria is met. Given that these five had fewer natural predators, they were hard to track and they could also be very dangerous if ever wounded or cornered.
They are territorial animals and the females do the (excuse the pun) lion’s share of the hunting. Athletic and strong, it is not uncommon for a leopard to drag its prey that can be 3 times the weight of their own body weight up a tree for safe dining – away from other leopards and the scavenging hyena. Living in massive herds, sometimes in numbers of up to 500 the buffalo is probably the easiest of all the Big Five to find and certainly the one you will see the most of.
Thankfully hunting these beautiful creatures is largely a thing of past, although sadly it does still happen.
Generally how lion society works is for the females to provide and the male to protect – hence once the kill has been brought to the pride, the male will get to eat first, followed by the cubs and then the females get what is sometimes just the scraps! Being fiercely territorial, leopards protect their hunting territory ruthlessly from other leopards using the spray of urine and claw marking on trees to make their presence known.
Sporting an impressive set of horns, especially the males whose horns meet at the middle to form a characteristic ‘boss’ shape, they are used mainly for fighting and protecting the herd – sometimes from lions.
It is sometimes possible to see all five in one day at various national parks and game reserves in Africa and there are some places where the individual animas are better to spot.
Territory size for the leopard is markedly bigger for the males (up to 30 sq miles) than the females (around 6 sq miles) and overlap of territory is common place between males and females but never between just the males. They lead the herd often for decades at a time and make all the choices of where to go, when to eat, how long to stay anywhere, how to deal with any potential danger and are hugely respected by their herds and sorely missed when they die.
There have been a number of occasions when younger members of the herd have been taken by lions only for the herd to respond en masse and rescue their young literally from the lion’s jaws! The herds generally get smaller during the dry season when the males tend to join their own bachelor herds, the younger ones returning in the wet season to breed and protect their young.

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