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Find My Phone uygulamas? Android isletim sistemine sahip table ve telefonlar?n?z yard?m? ile kaybolan telefonunuzu bulma, arkadas?n?z?n yerini tespit etme ve ailenizden birini takip etme gibi islemleri yapabilmenize olanak saglayan kullan?m? kolay bir mobil uygulamad?r. Find My Phone uygulamas?n? kullanabilmeniz icin oncelikle uygulamay? Android cihaz?n?za indirmeli ve bir kullan?c? hesab? olusturmal?s?n?z. Anyone with a cell phone-addicted spouse—who sits on the couch texting while you wash dishes—isn’t surprised by this news.
In the study, college students, both men and women, were asked how likely they were to volunteer for a community service activity. In a second experiment students were invited to solve a word problem and were told that if they came up with an answer, money would be donated to a charity.
Marketing professors Anastasiya Pocheptsova and Rosellina Ferraro concluded in their paper The Effect of Mobile Phone Use on Prosocial Behavior: “The cellphone directly evokes feelings of connectivity to others, thereby fulfilling the basic human need to belong.
This is a small study that hasn’t even been peer-reviewed but I think it begins to get at a major problem with cell phones: People become self-absorbed when they use them.

The other weekend my husband and I found ourselves in an unusual situation without the kids for a couple hours.
Daha sonra bulmak veya takip etmek istediginiz kisinin telefon numaras?n? girerek yine ayn? numaraya yaz?l? bir mesaj gondermeli ve o kisinin onay?n? almal?s?n?z. Students who had just been on their phones were less likely to volunteer compared to those who hadn’t used their cells recently.
Those who were asked right after they’d been on their phones were significantly less motivated to solve the problem compared to those who hadn’t been on their cells. This results in reducing one’s desire to connect with others or to engage in empathic and prosocial behavior.” No wonder nobody is giving money to those poor people standing on the street with clipboards, asking for money to save the rain forests. I’d love to see a study looking at how people act selfishly while on their phones—stealing parking spaces, cutting in line at Starbucks, running other drivers out of their lanes—in everyday life. He pulled out his phone and responded to the text…and then he sent another text and another and another.

Once I realized that someone can trace a mobile phone location with Google Latitude was possible, I had to run .
Smith School of Business wanted to find out how cell phone use affected “pro-social behavior”—action intended to benefit another person or society as a whole. I’ve too often seen people fail to pick up their dogs’ droppings and parents neglect their kids because they’re gabbing on their phones. Fifteen minutes later he was still fully absorbed in his phone—and acting as if I didn’t even exist.

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