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If you're applying to college, you'll hear a lot of talk about your GPA, and how much it matters in the college admissions process. As mentioned above, your GPA is the average of your entire high school academic performance. Note that this is just a general table, and that some schools may have slightly different variations; however, this table should give you a good general idea of how letter grades compare to percent grades, and how they both compare to GPAs.

If your school gives out grades as percentages, then just add all your grades up, divide the result by the number of grades you added, and then find the resulting value in the table above.
Essentially, they take all of your grades, add them together, and divide them by the number of grades, and voilA?!
Based on this chart, if the average of your grades was a 81, then you would have a GPA of around 2.7.

Make sure you know what it is and how to find it, so that you can know what you're showing potential schools!

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