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Your Chinese Zodiac Sign and element is calculated accurately by using the Chinese Lunisolar Calendar. Take a look at your 2016 Chinese horoscope forecast to discover what is in store for you this year! DRAGON – Because Monkey is your best friend, this is your year — so say yes to every new experience! MONKEY – With the powerful, fiery, yang energy of Red Monkey, this is your year for action, Monkeys!
ROOSTER – Also known as the Phoenix, you are always open to transforming experiences. DOG – Loyal and good-natured, Dog will find Monkey Year bringing positive yang energy to the table, enabling you to rack up multiple accomplishments. PIG – Fire Monkey Year energy is going to be good for Pigs, inspiring you to be the center of attention and the life of the party.
When determining your Chinese horoscope sign, remember that the Chinese New Year does not start on January 1st, and is based on the Chinese lunar calendar, which changes from year to year. YEAR OF THE RED FIRE MONKEY2016 is not only the year of the Red Fire Monkey, it also marks the 4,713th Year on the Chinese Calendar! Leonardo da Vinci, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mick Jagger, John Milton, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Joe Cocker, George Lucas, Diana Ross, Julio Iglesias, Danny De Vito, F. Chinese New Years Lucky FoodsFood traditions are very important during the Chinese New Year.
Please explore the site and read all about your predictions.Happy Year of the Fire Monkey!!! Be careful with your plans – for example, schedule your vacation and outline your itinerary well in advance. Monkey year brings opportunities for events like festival and fairs as well as fine dining and travel.
The vibrant and exciting Fire Monkey energy will create opportunities for success in business.

Summer months spent relaxing and basking in a sunny locale will help you avoid over-stimulation by balancing your yin with 2016 yang Fire energy.
A year packed full of events and activities is ahead of you, but don’t overindulge and burn out too quickly.
Be careful about giving in to the extravagance and luxuries that Monkey Years inspire by watching your spending and saving up for planned expenses like travel and leisure activities. While all four seasons will be lucky for fortunate Monkey, the autumn months will be your most successful.
This new year also brings opportunities to be reborn and transformed are willing to take risks and look for alternative solutions.
Always eager for new experiences, Dogs will find much to pursue in the areas of travel and personal involvement in activities that inspire hobbies and projects. With a bevy of whirlwind activities awaiting you in this exciting new year, take advantage of travel opportunities and accept all social invitations, but don’t allow anyone to take advantage of your kindness or generosity. If you were born in January or February, take note of what date the Chinese New Year falls on to find your birth sign. Based on Chinese symbolism, there is a meaning that’s extracted for certain dishes including fruits, dumplings and roasting nuts.
In addition to Spring Rolls’ resemblance to Gold Bars, the cabbage filling inside is said to bring Extra Wealth. Red Monkey Year is full of possibility and an excellent time to jump into change by launching a new endeavor, getting engaged or married, or having a child. You may hear bad news during the year, but it may concern someone close to you and not you personally.  Looking for love in Monkey year? 2016 is amenable to starting new endeavors, making big changes, and success in business ventures. Red Fire Monkey Year will bring excitement, adventures, and new experiences, which will prepare you for a resurrection in Fire Phoenix year 2017. Take a look at our list of Chinese New Years Lucky foods or our Pinterest Chinese News Year Board.

Make sure to periodically take a breather and rethink your strategies and goals when needed, particularly during the 2016 Mercury retrograde cycles. Considered having a detailed budget in place.  Looking for companionship in Monkey year? For sensitive Rabbit to remain balanced during Red Monkey Year, consider adjusting the Feng Shui of your home and office.
Equine companionship with another Horse is your best option, however, Dog, Tiger and Sheep can also keep up with you.
They are said to be problem solvers, and while they are capable of working in a group, they exhibit an individuality associated with achievers.
A single woman would write her name and number on the tangerines and throw them in the river.
2016 is a wild year for pairing up with another Monkey, though Rats, Dragons and Snakes are strong love interest contenders as well.
The monkey will not hesitate to test his or her theories, experiment, or think the unthinkable.
On the negative side, those problem-solving propensities can quickly become tricky and opportunistic. What does this all mean for those of us who were and were not born on a Monkey Year?This mischievous animal bursts with excitement, bringing a fast pace and fantastical stimulus. The Monkey increases communication and wit, helping us get through demanding times with grace and ease. The Monkey has a gift and it is the ability to find eccentric results to timeworn problems.

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