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Holistic Cheirology™ is a certification program covering all the basics of palmistry, hand analysis, finger movements, hand positions, palmar massage techniques and even meditation practices. While the information here can be read quickly, it will take at least several days for you to absorb much of it.
There are literally thousands of methods to interpret the hands, and each of these systems has one point in common: They are all Detail-Based. As you can easily see with a Detail-Based analysis, every possible combination of markings and their effects must first be known in order to perform a complete interpretation. For most professional Hand Analysts, a change comes into their methods usually when they have between 12-15 years experience in Detail-Based systems. Fortunately, you do not have to study Detail-Based systems for over a decade just to develop your ability. Best of all, with Reference-Based analysis, you can start interpreting your hands almost immediately, with just a basic overview of Cheirology.
The Dominant hand gives detail about your present circumstances and the choices you have made.
So we know that a large red Mount of Jupiter means that the actions taken to further the ambitions are based on anger and temper. So we know that a depressed black Mount of Saturn means that the thoughts have turned to pride and revenge.
The optimum appearance of the lines is to be clean, deep, light red in color, and with no apparent breaks or other markings. Also called the Mensal, this line shows the strength and condition of the heart, and the basis for emotional relationships.
Sometimes called the "Career Line" or "Destiny Line", the Line of Fate reveals not only the major events and occupation of the individual, but also the strength of their belief in (or denial of) pre-destination and fate. The Line of Marriage does not show the actual ceremony of marriage, but indicates a very strong emotional bond to another person.
The length of the fingers shows the individual's patience and ability to carry out tedious tasks. With the ring finger at least a quarter inch longer than the index, these are the technicians. A straight finger shows straightforward views and actions pertaining to the aspects of that finger. Between the index and middle fingers, a large space tells of a person whose actions will be different from others. The space between the middle and ring fingers shows the logic, common sense, and planning for the future. When the baby finger is widely separated from the hand, the subject thinks in a way uniquely their own (way out in "left field"). The thumbs reveal the sense of self, and the ways in which we control ourselves and our environment. The tip segment of the thumb, or First Phalanx, shows the strength of will and how it is used.
The color of the nails and the size of the small "moons" on each nail identify the quality of the blood circulation and oxygen level of the bloodstream.
Among the 10 nails, most people have conditions from two different categories, showing a transition stage between the conditions indicated. The methods of dealing with stress are so effective that health actually improves with each new change. Insufficient time has been taken to recover from previous stresses, and the Nervous System is showing its first warning signs.
The pattern of denial has become a habit, and life has turned into a constant series of aggravations and traumas. There are only four basic Dermatoglyphic patterns you need to be concerned with: The Whorl (or Swirl), the Arch, the Loop, and the Triradius. Each person will have a Whorl, Arch, or Loop on each fingertip (the fingerprints), a Triradius on the Mount of Luna and beneath each finger, and most will also have two other Whorls or Loops elsewhere on the hand. The Triradius (also called the "Delta")can be used to pinpoint the exact center of each mount. The three types of Whorls are the Spiral, the Bulls-eye, and the Double Whorl (also called the Double Loop). A looped print entering and leaving from the thumb side of the hand is called the Radial Loop (sometimes called the Reverse Loop, or Inventor's Loop). Index Finger - One who has traditional views regarding their own ambitions, career, and leadership. When the arched print is found on both the index and middle fingers, there is great depth of intellect.
Now re-read this section and see how we have used our same transposing technique for fingerprint interpretation. Broken bones indicate severe damage to the psychological aspect represented by the finger - ie. Any horizontal mark is considered a "block", while any vertical mark is considered an "advancement".
If you find your own thumb showing a broken will, review your recent thoughts and actions to see where you have "given up". In cases where the thumb is spread to its maximum angle and held so firm that it quivers, the subject has completely lost control of their temper, and will strike out violently at anything they feel stands in their way. The second knuckle of the thumb reveals how the subject uses or suppresses their anger and temper. When the knuckle runs smooth without any noticeable enlargement, this reveals that the anger does a "slow burn".
A spinal curvature is indicated when one nail, instead of being straight, curves in towards the fingertip. In cases where the grille formation is found on all fingertips, the most common causes are Menopause, or an adverse reaction to pharmaceutical birth control (The Pill). Some hand positions show a constructive mental outlook, while other positions reveal a destructive mental focus. Do You Agree that Most Weight Loss Solutions Offer Tons of Promises but Dish Out Ounces in Results? Cheryl is one of our clients who had tried every type of weight loss program and diet on the planet before we met for the first time. She was one of the many people I meet every day who had been temporarily successful with her weight loss goals and others had been complete failures. As a 37 year old mother of two, there is no reason that you should believe me when I tell you that there is a program that can work for anyone – The Venus Factor. If you asked me when I was in my teens if I was on the chubby side, I’d have told you, “no, not really”.
Looking back, I would have been nudging up against a fib because I was always slightly overweight – bordering downright fat. But, as any teenager will, I denied that I was as heavy as the scale, just to keep some measure of self-esteem. I lost about 45 pounds before my wedding day and I still stop to admire that skinny gal I see in the photo album. Of course, I gained every ounce back and added more to it just in case I might need it for winter sustenance. As fate would have it, shortly after baby number one was born I added another 10 pounds to my hefty frame. After my second child was born, I discovered that not only did the “baby weight” remain but some really fat woman was staring back at me in my bedroom mirror. Has Fate Joined Up with DNA to Keep these extra inches glued to every limb and corpuscle of my body? I pulled myself together and decided to try out some of the hottest weight lost solutions on the market. I tried every diet plan that landed on the top ten list for more than two years, joined gyms, tried the latest dance exercise class and bought balls, weights and machines to use at home.
I eventually reached the point where I just resigned myself to the fact that I was one of those hopeless cases and that there was no diet that would really help me put the pounds in the dump and never have to fight weight again. I decided that shopping in the tent section of my local department store really wasn’t that bad … and when people would ask me when the baby was due, I’d make up an answer rather than tell them I wasn’t pregnant. I even found ways at work to squeeze behind the tables in small court offices without knocking people out of their seats … I used the stand on tip-toes and stretch to the ceiling method. I learned to replace my work shoes at least once a month so my feet wouldn’t hurt as much and wear support stockings under my slacks to help my circulation. But, the big blow came when my husband and I went to a family Thanksgiving at his brother’s house and his 4 year old nephew kept poking my stomach to see if it would bounce back the way the Pillsbury Dough Boy’s tummy does in the ads.
But, inside, I wanted the floor to open and swallow me whole so I could burst into tears privately.
Fortunately for me, that’s about the same time that the chef in the courthouse cafe was bragging how she lost 3 inches around her waist over the holidays and claimed it was all because of the famous Venus Factor. Or maybe because I’d already tested out plenty of diets that promised the moon and delivered moldy cheese, I wasn’t interested.
What pushed me over the edge into finally trying the program is when I admitted that I had more money than time and if I could find a system that I could follow without leaving home, I just might make it.

And, it’s Healthy that the Venus Factor system is based on – helping women reach their healthiest weight and look their absolute best without trying to be something they aren’t. More than that, it’s a gradual method of losing inches and toning muscles as well as increasing your strength and stamina. If you are looking for the get-slim-now plan (such as the 3 week diet plan), this isn’t the one for you. But, if you’ve already done the yo-yo lose-and-regain-diets, you’re probably ready for this system. Even  better than that, this is the only method I ever found that gave me complete control over the food I want to eat, the exercises I want to do and when I want to work them into my schedule.
As a career woman with a husband and two young kids the last thing that I have time for is finding a sitter for my kids and dashing off to another session at the gym or fixing meals mostly comprised of tasteless food and lettuce while I watch them eat a second helping of fried chicken and mashed potatoes. By the time I pick the kids up at the day care, grab something at the grocery store for dinner and take the dog out as soon as I get home, I am in no mood to ignore that snack treat that’s calling my name or jog around the block. When I finally decided to try the techniques and follow my version of the program, the last thing in the world I expected is that a year later I would be getting healthier and loving it! The simple answer is that it is a complete weight loss method designed especially for women created by author and nutritionist, John Barban.  Specifically, it is a 12-Week Course that overrides the hormones in charge of appetite and weight gain. Women’s bodies react differently to diets and exercise than a man’s does because a woman’s body is composed of hormones that men don’t possess.
The result is that staying fit goes all wonky and getting in back in shape seems to be the impossible dream.
The Venus Factor becomes your personal, virtual nutritionist – one that doesn’t nag or talk back, by the way. As such, you get Nutrition and Dietary Advice so that you can make the best choices to reach your own goal. But, it also includes the best Exercise Program of any method available – and, the best part is each exercise is demonstrated on video so you can do it at home instead of having to drag yourself off to a gym.
Finally, the Venus Factor system includes a Membership in the Venus Factor Community comprised only of people who are in the program.
If you’re looking for Venus factor reviews, you can hear it from horse’s mouth, including people that have just signed up with the program. Unlike other weight loss programs, you even have the option of personal coaching calls to John Barban himself and he will take time to answer all your questions and help you reach that elusive goal of success and body transformation. He has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada in Human Biology and Nutrition. In professional life, he worked as a specialist in Varsity Strength and Conditioning for ice hockey at the University.
After a couple years he took up teaching as a Professor and Researcher of Exercise Physiology at the University of Florida. All this education and experience allowed him to expand his interest for the last 8 years in researching and developing sports and weight loss supplements.
Well, actually, it’s the way that Leptin is addressed in the dietary and supplement portion of the system.
Over the years, John realized that women have a tougher time losing weight and staying fit because they have a higher level of the hormone identified as Leptin which is found in the brain: it ultimately controls the way that the brain oversees an increase in appetite and drives the body to gain weight. Below is what the scientists at the University of Oklahoma call the Leptin Feedback Loop to show how important this hormone is. Simply put, Leptin is one of those original hormones that the human body needs to remind it to put on extra pounds before the onset of winter when food becomes scarce. Unfortunately, Leptin hasn’t caught up to our modern lifestyle and when women go on traditional types of diets, signals are sent to the brain that the entity is starving which ignites Leptin to increase the uncoupler protein and stimulate the glands that are responsible for metabolism, directing the body to immediately increase the fat reserves. These discoveries made by scientists at major university research programs around the world have led to what John refers to as the Metabolic Override (MOR). Essentially, his MOR is a strategy that allows a woman to respond to the variation in Leptin better than anything previously used.
The key to the Venus Factor program is this MOR factor that is incorporated into the dietary program by combining dietary changes and its exercise program over a period of 12 Weeks. Best of all, the Venus Factor’s Leptin diet is built around your current lifestyle and as your lifestyle and body changes, the program changes with you. The Essential Fat-Loss Diet Guide This is designed to help you educate yourself about the foods that increase Leptin resistance and which foods increase the effectiveness of Leptin in your body. The 12-Week Workout Program This fat burning workout routine gives you a step-by-step, easy to follow workout program suitable to your body’s needs.
The Virtual Nutritionist Software App This app calculates the calories and proteins in your food and measures them against your ideal numbers for the entire 12 Week segment. The Venus Index Podcast Everyone needs motivation at various times when they are striving to reach a goal – any goal. The Venus Community Finally, when you are ready to interact  with other women in a chat and forum structure to share your experiences and learn from theirs, you have membership in the exclusive Venus Community at your fingertips.
I would be a fool to suggest that you will end up looking like the gals on the cover of the program or in any of the professional ads. However, you can reasonably expect to lose inches in your waist, hips, thighs, legs and other areas where fat reserves have set up a depository base. John recommends that you aim at losing 2 pounds a week but that doesn’t mean that you won’t lose more than that in any given week. Things may seem to level off after that or you may even start gaining a pound or two in the second month. The reason is that at the beginning of the program, you have more fat and the more fat you have stored, the more you will burn quickly. However, after a month or so, when your fat reserves are beginning to deplete, the toning exercises are creating a better muscular framework. And during the second month when you think that you’re gaining weight, it’s time to focus on how many inches you are losing instead because that’s where the real story is told. If you’re not happy with the results of the program or decide that the Venus Factor is not for you, you have a full 60-day no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. The program is delivered by virtual software so there is no plain brown wrapper arriving at your door as if you are sneaking something illegal or embarrassing into your home. That said, I lost 27 pounds in the first 12 weeks, including more than 4 inches in my waist and 2.5 inches in my hips.
For me, the 12-week plan is just long enough to see evidence that my efforts are working and short enough that I don’t feel married to the system. Cheryl found that the program’s shorter term goals has helped her modify her eating and exercising habits gradually. Instead of focusing on inches instead of pounds and controlling your own diet with the variety of knowledgeable choices provided, you could be the next Cheryl Lawson in our group!
All you need to do is get started, without wasting another day dreaming about getting ripped. You can choose to sleep over this idea of losing inches from your body and never get around to do it. If you want to give the Venus Factor a try but really can’t spend the $47 today, you can take advantage of the 7-day trial offer for only $9.95 by clicking here! Hello everyone, I am Kimberly, a Licensed Nutritionist with a BA in Food Science and Nutrition. Together we dive in, dig deep and do comprehensive research for health related programs and products, and thanks to our clients, we actually test most of the products with the help of our clients (naturally with their permission and full knowledge). We believe this really separates us from the rest of the "reviews" you see online and we truly believe our research will be beneficial to all of You. While parts may initially appear over-simplified, these are the fundamentals and basics necessary to understand the more advanced techniques. Permission to reprint (for non-commercial purposes only) can be made available upon written request.
Send all the text files and graphics through your printer or word processor for easy reading.
A Detail-Based analysis is any method of interpretation that searches for pre-determined markings or signs. Further, since the effects of the specific markings have been observed before, no room is given for personal change and growth.
By starting instead with Reference-Based analysis, you will be able to reach this 12-15 year plateau in under 12 months. Any deviation from this optimum tells of difficulties in the area of life represented by that particular line.
When present, it adds strength to the Life Line, allowing the subject to overcome apparently insurmountable odds. It is common to find up to 5 Health Lines on the hand, but it is best if this line is not present. When present, the creative drive of the individual will assist them greatly in furthering their ambitions. Short fingers are found on people with grandiose dreams, but not the patience to complete the tasks required.
Able to understand both people and machines, these subjects will not take the lead unless they must, being content to be the power behind the throne. Any twisting or bending tells that the views and actions of that aspect have been consciously altered.

A wide space indicates little concern for the future and for monetary issues, while a narrow space tells of a preoccupation with finances and logical planning. This segment is considered developed when it has a "waisted" appearance, narrow in the middle.
Neglecting the need for recovery at this stage will result in debility from severe illnesses or accidents. The Common Loop moves towards the thumb, while the Radial Loop (Reverse Loop) moves towards the percussion side of the hand.
The Spiral and Bulls-eye prints are quite similar in their interpretations, the latter giving slightly more focus.
In general, interpret the Double Whorl as you would the other Whorls, but because it is made up of two interconnected loops, there is one major difference: Until the personality is developed there will be a strong tendency towards exaggeration, manipulation, and subversive actions in the area of life indicated. Although usually self-conscious and reserved, these subjects have the gift of eloquence with the written and spoken word. This print reveals the ability to draw on ideas from many sources, and blend them into a unique style. While the Common Loop shows the blending of other styles, the Radial Loop reveals the ability to create an entirely new style or system. This single print on the dominant hand reveals that self-employment is the only route to personal fulfillment.
These are the great inventors, and are highly creative, also having the ability to control their own autonomic systems (heartbeat, digestion, etc.) with their mind. Others can never truly understand these individuals, since one cannot understand emotions or responses that will never be experienced. In almost every case, the moral values are due to some "past" which the subject is ashamed of. They believe they must work hard to make money, save this money, and invest in their future.
These are the only people who will truly follow the dogma of any specific religion, without modifying it to their own standards. Even after the personality has developed, there is still a strong tendency towards domineering attitudes.
While sometimes appearing slow to grasp concepts, this is due to the subject desiring a complete understanding, instead of just a superficial grasp of the knowledge. Blocks are traits or events which in some way inhibit the person from achieving what they desire. We look to see how far away from the rest of the hand the thumb is held, making special note of cases where it has fallen inside the hand, or is held rigid at a 90 degree angle.
These patterns in ourselves can be difficult to spot at first, because we are acting in exactly the "correct" way in which we have been programmed. As long as the thumb holds this position, no amount of reason or negotiation will have any effect on them.
This knuckle can have a very pronounced enlargement, or can be completely smooth without any noticeable "bump". Slow to build, this type of temper pattern will grow gradually over a period of years before finally exploding. The temper is physical, direct, quick to build, quick to blow, and just as quickly the anger is released. Strong diagonal lines or the "Grille" formation found on any fingertip reveals a glandular problem.
By extending only the one finger and waving it about, the subject is using only self-centered, egotistical thought patterns and behavior. It goes without saying that most people on my client list had been either complete failures or hung up their boots quite early in frustration. This is the first time that I’ve been asked to speak about any product that I’ve used and am a bit unsure where to start. And, by the time my second baby arrived, I had a new scapegoat to blame my excess weight on – the baby weight was lingering around my loins. You can also wait until you hit your first marker or until you are almost home but need that extra push. By eating foods that create less resistance and following a specific exercise program to tone and strengthen your body, you burn more fat. The strategy is to work toward developing an esthetic personal figure that suits your body type and height. In this way, you have the ability to control just how close or far off you are from eating your perfect meal portion every single time. The Index is both motivational and instructional designed to connect you with other women just like you who are in the process of achieving their own goal without forcing you to interact with others before you are ready. I haven’t always followed the diet or exercise routines exactly as they were supposed to be done. With the help of my husband Alex, who is a Certified Personal Trainer we created this website to help You to learn all about available programs and resources for diet, weight loss, nutrition and everything else to live healthy & long life. If the index finger is noticeably longer than the ring finger, this indicates that the subject has a "Me First" attitude, and is a natural leader. When one finger leans into another, the aspects of the bent finger have not followed a "normal" course. Compare the left and right hands to see if this is an accustomed feeling or a new experience. Knotted knuckled individuals cannot easily stop thinking about any unfinished project or idea, and love adding detail to their work. Anywhere on the hand the Whorls highlight and emphasize that particular region, making it an area of focus in the subject's life. For example, a person with the Double Loop on both thumbs is likely in early life to use deceit to help assert their will over others. Natural orators, they have the ability to move and inspire others with the power of their voice. These people have keen visual memories, able to recall not only images, but also the actions and emotions which accompanied these images. As a result of this, these people never feel that they "fit in" with society, but their lives are governed by the constant attempt.
This would not be a blend of other philosophies, which is most common, but would be a religion based on entirely new concepts. People with this print find it difficult to view their own negative traits, and to understand that the "past" which they look upon with distain or shame was merely an experience needed for the personality to develop fully. These people's "pasts" are in areas such as promiscuity and low self-esteem (suicidal tendencies, eating disorders, and other forms of self-abuse). Their "past" is their promiscuity or lack of spirituality, but only because of the perceived "staining" of the soul.
The "past" for these people is when they fell prey to their passions and desires, with little thought to the future repercussions. Advancements are traits or events which propel the individual to further develop their personality.
At these times the subject must be handled gently, for they are likely to react to outside stimuli with anger or open hostility. Due to the potential for extreme violence, these subjects have learned how to suppress their strong anger, and turn it inwards upon themselves. Be certain to use the transposing you have learned in order to fully understand each new fact. Each exercise is demonstrated in videos that can be downloaded and accessed anywhere, anytime you choose.
Owners of this print gravitate towards dramatic careers, and with daily effort can easily attain great renoun.
They see only too clearly the deceptions and facades put on by others, including their own parents. As with all other markings, the Radial Loop applies to whatever area or finger on which it is found. The Flat Arch follows tradition with little independent thought, while the Tented Arch reveals a depth of intellect. The subject will resort to whatever they feel is necessary to "even the score", using non-direct methods such as poison or vehicular assault to obtain their revenge. Continue on now with these "secrets" of Hand Analysis, or check out the new Holistic Cheirology™ certification course. What has happened is that they began to use a Reference-Based technique instead of Detail-Based.
They will NEVER follow the dogma of any religion, but have their own unique philosophy in which they are extremely confident.

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