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Alabama offers a variety of types of charter fishing trips year roundWe offer fishing charters from our back bays, bayou, and rivers to 100+ miles offshore, and everywhere in between. Talking Fish reserves the right to remove any comment that contains personal attacks or inappropriate, offensive, or threatening language. We have had many high ranking specialists add to this source and is in constant effort to improve. The perch species of fish are commonly known to be extremely aggressive feeders and that might be their reason for excessive growth. The first thing that comes to mind when seeing this fish is the idea of it being very aggressive with that snout.
Though these creatures are very scary looking, there really aren’t many attacks on humans reported in history.
The only thing that scares me is the fact that I live around all of these creatures and they’re all prevalent in my country.
I’m pretty sure the odds of you dying from any of these are better if you are stricken by lightning.
What most people don’t understand is that these fish are more afraid of us and we are of them. Now as soon as you start talking about marine water or ocean fish is totally different story. You say that with a lot of confidence that there’s nothing to worry about and freshwater rivers but I highly doubt that you thought about the Amazon River when you said that. Just think some of these sturgeons get 30 feet long that’s like longer than a school bus if you think about it.
What a lot of people forget about those when they are swimming in small lakes that a lot of these fish are going to be found in them because there’s not enough oxygen come wintertime. Yeah don’t think the shark should be counted on the list because it’s not technically a fish. The fish that freaks me out the most on the List is the sturgeon just because it looks kind a like a shark and these things get like 30 feet long.
Hey Kristi if you keep figuring this stuff you’re never going to get over your fears and if you just stop caring nothing will ever happen.
It’s funny how people can be afraid of herbivore fish when that’s all I want to do is eat plants.
Tropical fish is a term normally applied to small, brightly colored fish from tropical habitats. Most tropical aquarium fish will eat food made from grains, dried shrimp, fish, insects, and aquatic plants. A tropical fish aquarium should be covered with a flat pane of glass to control the temperature. Other freshwater tropical fish that bear live young are the swordtail, platyfish, and black molly.
It’s paddle like mouth is very deceiving cosmetically because it is literally harmless to humans. The 1,400 pounds should be a scary number for something to be swimming in our freshwater habitats. Mostly found in parts of Asia, this fish gets up to 30 feet long and figures for weight are thrown around in the 6,000 pounds estimate. And I must say that pretty much three times a week on summer vacation we go swimming in our lakes and to think that this kind of stuff is out there really scares me.
Because like five out of 10 of these fish on the list are not even harmful to people because they are herbivores like I said.

We have brought aspects of things or variables into their lives that they would never expected.
You might as well put your tail between your legs and run away to your closet and hide if you’re in a start talking about the ocean. A pack a red species Piranhas the size of frisbees could take you down in no time and take your body absolutely nothing within 20 minutes. The best way to go about this stuff is it just kind of find a good educational resource like National Geographic or the discovery channel and just learn and research from that stuff. How the heck does something get that large in a freshwater atmosphere or a river for that matter.
And if you live in a country where even sees wintertime the odds of you seeing these fish are very slim because if there’s wintertime there is ice on the lakes which creates less oxygen. Some of these fish are getting like 10 times bigger and do you think it has anything to do with how time is gone on or do you just think these fish always gotten this large but we’ve never been able to find them. I live in Minnesota and a couple of weeks ago the lake that I live by that we swim in every single day almost they found a 7 foot sturgeon. It’s the people that worry about everything that everything happens to them because I promise you have a better chance of dying out roller coasters and getting attacked by one of these fish. The only fish have to worry about other ones that give off Certain kinds of poisons and the others are the type of fish that can eat you.
Some tropical fish that bear their young in the egg stage are barbs, danios, rasboras, characins, and cichlids.
If a lake has enough oxygen for this fish, it will most likely breed and infest that lake quickly. Freshwater and brackish (lightly salted water) doesn’t stop this fish from finding its next prey.
You have to wonder what the odds are of getting attacked by something like this or if they’re just greater if you dying on a roller coaster.
So even though these creatures can get pretty big they’re probably not going to come after you because they only eat plants.
On a daily basis we are driving Motorcraft’s all over their living habitat and also tiny little hooks on invisible fishing line to catch them and eat them as a meal. Is more or less just kind of a community network to just kind of talk with other people about this stuff of what is cool topics and such.
I just can’t believe that these fish can get this largest freshwater so I learned a lot about this stuff and it was pretty mind blowing thanks for the cool list. I think that the most ravenous killers would have a much larger impact in people’s minds. I’m just pretty certain that the person would not even be able to get it up with a fishing pole if it ways that much and you can’t really bring up these bottom dwellers in less you have really really sick line. No matter what though it was pretty surprising to read that there’s a shark that can be found in freshwater because I had no idea this. It seems like over time these fish just keep getting bigger and bigger maybe that’s something to do with pollution are some sort of weird radioactive reason that us humans bring to them. And I bet every single day of the week that you were going roller coaster and have no second thoughts whatsoever correct? I would personally fear the shark of the most because they actually have the most kills him that bull shark is on the top five list for human attacks for sharks. Such fish breed rapidly and usually range in size from 1 to 12 inches (2.5 to 30 centimeters) long. Owners should grow water plants in the tank to keep the water in better condition and to produce oxygen for the fish to breathe.

Some saltwater fish, such as clownfish and some damselfishes, can be bred and raised in home aquariums.
Using their own kind to pack up like wolves to hunt other fish make it very easy to feast when desired.
Most people guess these are prehistoric dinosaur like species that are suppose to be extinct. Do you guys think it’s anything worth worrying about or am I just being stupid and worrying too much. And it seems the majority of the largest ones of all of them eat plants and just sit at the bottom so I’m guessing you will only step on them at the most. These fish no we are bigger and more important in the animal chain and foodchain than they are. And yes there are species of animals that we don’t even know exist in these deep waters. Oh wait I actually said that wrong what I meant to say is that the rivers in the United States do not hold anything for you to fear but countries that have piranhas and other forces like the amazon…. Fish like the snakehead or the crazy killer like arowana these are the fish that would really bring some scare into me as far as going swimming in the lakes around my house! I’m a really big fisherman and this is a pretty cool list to just look over and just learn a lot about these fish. I live in the United States in the Midwest and I was just wondering if if sharks are found in any of the rivers around my area?
Because why would a fish gets so large to where could just barely move like that last fish on the list the number one.
Ever since they found that Sturgin me and my friends haven’t been swimming in there is funny as it sounds but the think something that larges in there scares us. And didn’t you read the article because these Sturgeon fish only eat plants meaning they have no reason ever attack you. Many tropical fish are meat-eaters, and some plant-eating fish can be trained to eat such food. Most fisherman actually hate them because they destroy populations of fish by simply sitting on the bottom and eating fish eggs before the fry is actually born. Because of their exotic physical appearance, they have been heavily fished and are now protected to save their species from extinction.
Some “hard-to-keep” saltwater fishes need special food, such as sponges and live coral, but many types eat a variety of foods. It’s name derives from a human used paddle used on boats because its snout looks like a paddle.
To ease your rising fears, sturgeons are in fact herbivores and only feed on small algae and plants. So, it’s usually best to verify information unless of course, you wish to live in a world of fear, terror & lace of knowledge. If your not touched by these numbers, then I guess I’m the only one to be scared to go swimming now. Uneaten food drops to the bottom and rots, fouling the water and threatening the health of the fish.

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