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For example, when a 41-year-old man came to my office with pain and swelling in his foot, he thought he had injured himself playing baseball; instead, we discovered a tumor in his neck.
Most instances of feet revealing medical conditions are not this dramatic, but many systemic problems often show up in our feet first. A small change in our toenails’ color, shape and pliability may be the only indication of a more serious medical problem. Brittle nails could signal poor circulation, an iron deficiency or a kidney or thyroid problem. A rash or redness on the feet could be a sign of infection, a circulation problem or a sexually transmitted disease. Bone deformities, such as heel spurs or bunions, may be a clue that the person has certain types of arthritis. So, feet can reveal quite a lot of information about a person’s overall health, even when the condition has nothing to do with feet. The most interesting tattoo I’ve seen was a trail of black ants on a young man that began at his big toe and went up his leg, apparently to his groin—I didn’t check. Here we celebrate the remarkable human foot, the benefits of walking, barefoot walking and barefoot running, with an emphasis on naturally improving our health, fitness, and alleviating pain.

Nowadays, with MRIs, CT scans, and hundreds of blood tests to choose from, few doctors look at toenails. Toenails that become rounded or “clubbed” may mean the person has lung cancer, emphysema, liver disease or a heart problem. Short, small nail beds may be a sign of heart disease, and grey nails may mean the person has glaucoma. That’s right, STDs—in my practice, I’ve seen signs of AIDS, herpes, syphilis and gonorrhea show up in the foot. But when feet, oftentimes the big toe, get involved in sexual activity they are just as susceptible as any other body part to infectious diseases.
When only one foot swells, it often signals a problem within the foot itself, such as infection or a fracture. Dry skin may be a sign of an under-active thyroid, diabetes, poor circulation or malnutrition. If you liked this article, click below on “Tell a Friend” and tell your friends!
They do often mirror overall health, at times being the first place to show signs of serious medical problems.

One of these, uric acid, was so severely elevated that it couldn’t be contained in his bloodstream and entered several joints in his foot, causing his pain. Some diseases, like AIDS, cause growths and other skin changes on the feet, and others, like herpes, spread to the feet when the person removes their underwear.
Sweaty skin could mean an overactive thyroid, menopause, anxiety or a psychiatric disorder.
But in ancient times, examining the toenails was as important as having patients stick out their tongue. This case was especially rewarding because had this tumor not been caught, it could have affected his heart, possibly becoming fatal.

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