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These fish always remind me of Christmas as I once got one of these in my Christmas cracker and was amazed and dumbfounded all at the same time. For anyone who is not familiar with the idea (and it is indeed a rather strange idea), Fortune Teller Fish are vaguely fish-shaped pieces of transparent red cellophane. A toy which I loved when I was a kid was the Tobar fortune telling fish, one of the great joys of parenthood is introducing your own kids to old favourites of yours and these funny little fishes make a regular appearance at Christmas time in our family.The fortune telling fish are really cheap to buy, I remember them costing 6p when I was a nipper but unfortunately they have gone up in price since then.
We all have them in our christmas cracker, they provide at least 5 minutes of entertainment and could even tell your fortune. I like to have my fortune read and think these fish are brilliant at foreseeing your fortune, when I need advice I always ask the fish for a reading- joking.
Tobar CEO - Sid TemplerEst - 1973I cannot imagine anything so pointlessly irksome than a piece of flimsy cellophane material in a shape of a fish that supposedly can tell you personal fortuity facts; whilst in the hollow of you're palm. Fortune telling fish are an ancient tool from the mystic east, used by wisemen for thousands of years, (or so we'd like to think!) Now you can have your own fortune telling fish and learn the ways of this ancient art. We offer a comprehensive returns policy in the unlikely event that you are not 100% satisfied with sweets delivered. I saw these again a few years ago in Hawkins Bizarre and just had to buy one, for old times' sake. Made out of a thin plastic film and shaped like a fish, it is purported to tell you fortune based on the way in which it curls itself up when placed on your hand.
You are still able to find these little fishes for less than 30p if you look around and they even come in christmas crackers sometimes. The label has a nice old fashioned label with a fish and the Fortune Teller logo.Basically you open the plastic packet, and this very slim see through fish shaped bit of shiny material comes out. Please note that our returns procedure must be followed, and failure to do so may result in us being unable to exchange goods or provide refunds.
They typically turn up in Christmas Crackers but you can also buy them from places like Hawkins Bazaar for the price of 25 pence. The best place to buy them is in independent toy or joke shops where they often have a packet on the counter.They are cheap for a reason, essentially all you are getting for your money is a flimsy piece of red cellophane which is cut into the shape of a fish. We've had loads of these over the years and I've just double checked the price on the Hawkins web-site and they're 25p- alot cheaper than most Fortune Tellers.
An owl, partly because we all know that all owls' are wise feathered creatures, so a fortune telling owl is believable. Our promise is to dispatch within 48 hours of receipt by either Royal Mail 1st Class Packet Post or courier.

You remove it from the thin, tracing paper type packet, rest it in the palm of your hand and depending on how the fish moves, this will reveal your fortune. The packet has a list of things on it that the fish might do such as curl up at the sides, the tail curling only, head curly only etc. They are only around 3 or 4 cm long and can fit easily into the palm of your hand.You place the fish into the palm of your hand and it reads your character and behaves accordingly and labels you either jealous, indifferent, in love, passionate, fickle or false. To use all you need to do is put your palm flat, drop the fish onto your palm and then wait for it to do something.It may curl at the edges, scrunch up completely, crinkle on one side or just lay flat. These are the Christmas cracker toy we're all hoping for at Christmas as most cracker boxes have them in.The fish comes in a white packet with 'Fortune Teller Miracle Fish' in red writing on it. I never quite worked out why it is a fish (Do fish have fortune telling abilities?) On the back of the packet was a list of results:Moving head = Jealousy Moving tail = indifference Curling sides = fickle Moving head and tail = In love Turning over = false Motionless = Dead fish Curls up entirely = passionate These aren't exactly fortunes, more like traits but still good fun for 10 minutes, while waiting for the cracker jokes to finish round the table at Christmas.
It is really funny when it tells an embarrassed teenager they are in love and provokes a lot of blushing, likewise nobody likes to be labeled false.The problem with the fish is that they are very delicate and easily damaged leading to the dead fish which is useless. It is to do with the heat or moisture on your hand, and this affects what happens to the fish. It's a red fish shape that looks like it's been cut out of a Quality Street strawberry cellophane wrapper (this doesn't work aswell by the way and neither do sweet wrapper 3D glasses). Your postage costs will be clearly visible at the checkout and are calculated by the weight of the items ordered. Once the fish (I know it was meant to be a fish, but it was the weirdest shaped fish I have ever seen) had been passed round a couple of people, the fish stayed at the same temperature and just curled up completely every time. Each fish should give a few readings before it gives up providing you are not too rough with it.The fish are great fun, despite their delicate disposition they provide a few minutes of harmless fun and a couple of laughs, ideal for sleepovers with groups of girls or over Christmas dinner with the family. Yet, there are instructions with the serious matchbox packaging, telling you in meticulous detail of you're future.In a four point text font, tiny script gives out the instructions as if you are just about to go in a flight simulator without an instructor. This is generally the point in which they were replaced back into their packet and forgotten about, that said I love these for nostalgic value. By holding you're palm out and slowly resting the two centimeter fish onto the centre of the palm, for up to two minutes - is just about enough time for the wafer thin fish shape to know all about you.
And after this time period the fish diagnosis will have made movements of some sorts to relay its laborious findings. Indifference, jealousy, love, fickle, false, dead one or if your feeling passionate will all exposed by this fish. This usually comes with many heads closing in glaring at you're palm with great intrigue waiting for the fortune outcome, they all are barely breathing just incase it disturbs the thought process of the translucent red cellophane.

Kids love them and we have got it out when my nieces come over but again, it is only a few minutes of entertainment for them. Sodium polyacrylate grabs water molecules and changes the shape of the molecule thus changing the shape of the fish. Apparently, there is only three areas the fish is expert in, either you are, 'jealous,' 'passionate,' or 'dead.' Of course, the variation of how much of these three main areas you are prone to being, also has been thought of by the bit of cellophane plastic. I suppose the hotter your hand the more you sweat, the more it curls- my daughter is always 'freezing' and her fish plays dead. Vital Information:'Jealous': when the fish rolls up inwards to a near 380 degree rotation or over!
In Use:We take it in turns to place it on our palms, then wait expectantly for the fish to move.
We like these fish, we crowd around to see what mood the person holding it is in- I mean why ask them when the fish can tell us. The fish's verdict however, doesn't take in consideration the temperature of the palm or how much static electricity maybe bouncing around at the time; or what part of the palm the fish has rested on, to come up with such earth shattering results.
I don't think it accurately describes my mood when I'm holding it- it depends on how hot I am at the time. The fact that you may've just popped in from outside and didn't wear mittens or gloves can determine your fate. I'm giving it three stars because everyone likes them, they lose stars because they're rubbish at telling fortunes and that's what they're for (you know what I mean).Okay for 25p but wouldn't pay anymore than that- they're dearer on the internet. The fish is made of Sodium polyacrylate so it will react differently with water due to its chemical construction H2O changing the shape and behaviour of the molecules *evidently* that create the fish.
The introduction of H2O stops any heat reactions from the palm, therefore stopping any movements.
This product can be purchased on Amazon, for ?4.00 - but you do get twenty five of the little blighters. Triple that time span and you'll get reasonable quiet from the children for that length of time on average.

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