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All these worksheets and activities for teaching Fortune Teller (future tenses) have been designed by English language teachers.
I did it several times in different classes of different ages, and every time, all the class participates. It?s the second fortune teller I made with the help of the template of Elowe about the body. Tip: the cootie will fold better if it?s a perfect square, so cut out the extra edges of paper around the main picture.
Lately, I?ve become addicted to fortune tellers and so I had the idea of creating one about the story I?m teaching at the moment: Brown Bear from Bill Martin Jr.
This is a fortune teller I decided to make about Mother?s day since that?s the date which will be celebrated in a few days.
Here is a blank editable version of the fortune teller I uploaded yesterday as requested by a member. It?s a fortune Teller about Toys and Christmas.(template courtesy of Elowe) It introduces the structure: what do you want for Christmas? This is an activity that I really enjoy doing with my kids and that always helps to elicit answers from them.
In THIS file you have two different fortune tellers: one with the verb have got and classroom objects which you can use to train possession and another one with the verb to be.
It?s another fortune teller about Christmas, this time about Christmas vocabulary for my little ones.
This is a set of 24 cards to role-play "the fortune teller", a funny activity to practice the "going to form" with kids.
This is a fortune teller about countries that I decided to make with Elowe?s template (thanks). This is my second term exam for 3am level .I Dealt with the idea of prediction to describe future time . I?ve been teaching english speaking countries to my grade 3 and so as a revision activity I decided to make this fortune teller (template courtesy of Elowe).

It?s a second version of the mother?s day fortune teller, a bit more simple for the little ones.
These are among the best phonics worksheets, games, videos and flash cards you will find online. I?ve been celebrating Carnival with my kids and I?ve been teaching them some costumes people wear during this time. The kids will certainly memorize the story better and it will be a fun activity for them to do. I found the video extracts on youtube and I used Windows Movie Maker to create a short video with a selection of the most useful extracts.
Students can read and indentify the characters and then they can colour the cookies according instructions. This worksheet is a straight forwards exercise where the students check the language that is closest to their future predictions. This particular fortune teller is about the topic sports, which I?ve been teaching, and the modal verb "can". Like all other fortune tellers I made, I have to thank dear Elowe for being so kind to lend me her template.
As it has only 8 triangules I had to chose few countries, but whoever is interested let me know and I will make another one with the requested countries.
A short text with comprehension and vocabulary questions,grammar(fu ture tense,making suggestions)and pronunciation of prepositions. It is based on role play between "customer" and fortune teller who predicts what is going to happen. A multi-level English curriculum featuring cartoon animated videos, engaging games, interactive tests and a progress tracker. The has everything you need to help a child learn to read through phonics: decodable stories, listening exercises, you name it.
Just enter your list of words and this website will create bingo, dominoes, crossword, memory games, etc.

At the end the other students will predict the outcome using the crystal ball along with the rolled numbers. You can use this in many ways: picasso dictation, as a revision tool about colours, days of the week and weather.
Like other fortune tellers, you can use it in many ways: revising structures, introducing new ones and even listening activities. Everyone has to write down everything said by the partners, getting all the predictions described by every line. You can use it as a fortune teller activity and predict the future to practise the future tense.
With this fortune teller they can practice the new vocabulary (dancer, police officer, pirate, cook, clown, painter, cowboy, magician) and elicit questions and answers with verb to be.
You can use it in many ways: ask and answering questions activity, picasso dictation or even as a listening activity.
As always this fortune teller can be used in many different ways such as a picasso dictation activity, questions and answers and listening activities. One student asks about a specific part of their life, then the other give them their fortune. You can use it to revise colours and to introduce the structure: what?s your favourite colour? I usually need to help my students fold theirs.To play with it, a student says a number to another one.

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