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If your location qualifies to house a Zoltar on a revenue share, the only cost to you would be shipping the machine to you. If you are interested in placing a Zoltar or any other fortune teller machine at your location, please contact us so we can discuss a possible location and terms.
Our Zoltar Fourtune Teller Machines are made in our Characters Unlimited Inc workshop in Boulder City Nevada. Zoltar fortune teller machine cards may be custom printed with your logo or discount coupons, prizes, etc. Special Features: This is a talking machine that required you to listen to your fortune by way of a telephone receiver it does not give out fortune cards.
Captain Bob Cottle passed away on Sunday April 25, 1999 in the San Mateo County General Hospital in California following a stroke.

If you have a fortune teller machine for sale in any condition or if you have information of pictures to add to the archive please contact me.
We have placed Zoltar machines at well-know locations such as Circus Circus Hotels and Casinos, Caesar's Palace Forum Shops, Houdinia€™s magic shops and many other locations in and around the country. We supply the fortune cards, technical phone service and replacement parts free of charge for our revenue share machines.
If you think your business would be a great location for one of our themed fortune teller machines. If you think your business would be a great location for Zoltar or any other fortune teller machine.
You might have seen our fortune teller machines at Circus Circus Hotel and Casisno, Caesar's Palace Forum Shops and many other locations in and around Las Vegas and other parts of the country.

During play Zoltar moves his eyes, head goes up and down, his hand side to side and mouth just like speaking to you. The state of the art audio speech system can be programmed with custom messages, fortunes, company names or any other audio messages.
The game is equipped with a cordless microphone to further enhance the fortune teller experience.

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