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Generally, people who consult learned astro logers and palmists are anxious to know when, how and to what extent they will be able to amass wealth, or attain success or good luck. But real happiness for a person in this world is that he should have a good and sound health, peace of mind, domestic happiness and wealth to the extent that he feels reasonably satisfied with the world. The signs or Lines about wealth as expressed by Saint Germain are : Bases of fingers on a fair alignment. Fortune is sometimes attained by unaided efforts and in this respect Saint Germain says, the lines of the fate and the sun starting from inside a well formed triangle. From the above readings of Saint Germain, we find that the Lines of Fate, the Sun and Liver are to be analysed. So from the above, we conclude that the Fate Line alone cannot give results unless it is connected   with  all Mounts and is considered simultaneously. In combination with other factors, a good Fate Line may be judged from the following facts and, when found good, promise pros  perity, success, vealth, honour, rank and good social position.
1  The Line of Fate should be free from breaks, crosses, stars islands, bars and Influence Lines f from the Mount  of Mars. Such persons having a Line of this shape make their career with  heir own efforts.  But when this Line starts f rom  below the Rascette, it is unfaviourable  and indicates grief.
If the Fate Line runs to the Mount of the Sun, it denotes renown in fine arts or literature. When the Line starts from the Mount of the Moon and the first and third Fingers are of a good length and conically tipped, that indicates the gift of intuition.
Persons having  the Fate Line from the Mount of the Moon have a marked personality, are popular with people and attain striking success in their profession.
From the starting point up to the Mount of Saturn, the shape and strength of the Line should be checked. When this Line leaves the Line of Life, it is an important year of the subject’s life as his independent career will start from this point of time. But if the Line beyond this Line of Head is strong, forked, with good Mounts and hag upward Lines, it denotes a successful career after that. In Hindu palmistry, our old treatises have laid down other signs and marks which are found in the Hand and these are detailed below and have been shown in Fig. When this sign is found on a woman’s Hand, it indicates wealth, a good talented husband, position, son, etc.
The word palmistry means the art or science of reading one’s nature and fate from the Lines and lineaments of the Hand. In addition to the various independent Lines on the Hand, there are sixteen types of signs most of which are frequently found on Mounts and at other places on the Hand. Spots or dots are the temporary arrest of the qualities of any Lines on which they may be found. The star is a sign of great importance and is quite auspicious except when on the Mounts of Saturn and the Moon. 1  Life Line : (i) The presence of a star on the Life Line shows a fatal accident at the age denoted on the Line. The influence will be good, if the dross does not extend to the Line either of Fate or of the Sun. 1 Life Line : (i) When it passes through a square, it denotes protection from death even if this Line be broken at that point.
Quadrangle: (i) A square in a quadrangle normally shaped shows an extremely quick temper but a kind heart.
The Triangle is a curious sign and is often found clear and distinct on the different parts of the Hand.
The trident commonly known as trishul is rarely found on Mounts, while on the Lines it is considered a fortunate sign. The three human emotions of sex, love and romance, when under a vigorous and marked personality denoted by the Line of Fate passing through the point of the fork to the Mount of Saturn, raise a person to great heights of achievement. A grille is a combination of Lines in a crisscross manner, often found on Mounts, Thumbs and Fingers. A grille near the nail (with other confirmatory signs) means a husband or wife in so danger of death by the said wife or husband. First Finger: (I) On the first phalange means prison, convent life, the characteristic of persecuting fanatics.
Our sages have pronounced in a clear way the good and bad qualities of the various parts of the body of a man and those of a woman. Following the law of Nature, we find that temperament and habits of a woman vary from one individual to another and likewise the body parts. The average height of the women makes her beloved of her husband and such women are well versed in household duties and perform them well. It is an accepted dictum that a woman should have long hair of a dark colour because long hair is looked upon as a symbol of beauty. The colours of the face referred to above are natural ones and as they appear when a woman is in normal health. Women with proportionate, round and wellset breasts are regarded as an asset to the family and society.
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Dewalt’s determination, perserverance, and all-out chutzpah is admirable, and the way she framed her mission is quite clever.
The ceramics teacher announced on opening day that he was dividing the class into two groups. All those on the left side of the studio, he said, would be graded solely on the quantity of work they produced, all those on the right solely on its quality. Those being graded on “quality”, however, needed to produce only one pot — albeit a perfect one — to get an “A”. Well, came grading time and a curious fact emerged: the works of highest quality were all produced by the group being graded for quantity. It seems that while the “quantity” group was busily churning out piles of work-and learning from their mistakes — the “quality” group had sat theorizing about perfection, and in the end had little more to show for their efforts than grandiose theories and a pile of dead clay.
These tutorials are best suited to people who’ve had some experience developing in any object-oriented programming language, from JavaScript to any of the standard suite of interpreted scripting languages (Perl, PHP, Python, or Ruby), or to compiled languages that often call for IDEs, such as C#, Java, or Visual Basic.
Unlike many tutorials, I’m not going to rehash what loops, and branches are, or explain what object-oriented programming is. If you grew up in North America, you’re probably familiar with the novelty item known as the Magic 8-Ball.
The Magic 8-Ball has been a staple of programming exercises since computer programming courses have existed. I figured that an iOS version of my Magic 8-Ball tutorial would be a good start, and if you’re new to iOS development, you might find it useful too!
The controller objects, which take user requests and call on the other objects to carry them out. Models: You typically build your own custom model classes that represent that data and business logic for your app.
You can look at the local git repository that was created along with the project by opening the Organizer. If you feel like doing a little double-checking on the command, feel free to open a terminal window, go to your project’s directory, and do a git status.
Even though we haven’t put any code into the project yet, it never hurts to take it for a test run. Make sure that iPhone 6.1 Simulator is selected in the Scheme menu, then hit the Run button.
Now that we’ve got a working new empty project and a local repository, let’s start coding!
Widen the button the little, and stretch the label so that it’s almost as wide as the entire view. Right now, there’s no way for any code you write to refer to the label that you added to the view. We need to get both the storyboard and the view controller’s header onscreen at the same time.
The Assistant editor was designed to help with the sort of bouncing about between related files that often happens when working on Objective-C projects.
Make sure that the storyboard is in the main view (it should, if you’ve been following this tutorial so far). To make the connection, you’ll need to make use of the Connection Inspector, one of the inspectors available in the right sidebar. Saint Germain further says, ‘A star on the mount of Jupiter and another star at the end of a fine line of the Sun. Long first phalange of the thumb, fine, straight line of head and mounts of the Sun and Mercury predominant, with all well marked mounts of Mars. This Line denotes the main events of life changes, successes, and failures, and future life. As the name denotes, the Mount of Saturn in a good Hand is required to be quite good in shape and with markings, In astrology, Saturn is called a planet of power and evil and is associated with Fate. The Mounts should be normally well delevered  These’ should neither be deficient, displaced nor sloping towards each other. The Thumb should be quite strong The will and logic phalanges should be equal in length and show strength of will and good reasoning ability.
The Head Line should be long, deep and even, rising from the Mount of Jupiter touching the Line of Life and should have a moderate or gentle slope towards percussion of the Hand. The Line of Life must have upward branches running up to the bases of the Fingers of Mercury, the Sun and Jupiter. In case some breaks or other bad signs are found, they must be supplemented by squares and other repairing marks. From the Mount of the Moon : This position of the Fate Line indicates that the destiny or fortune of a subject will be subject to the influence of exterior factors other than private efforts. From the Mount of Venus : This is not a good position for the Line of Fate, as the subject wilt be swayed by passions and affected by the love of the opposite sex in a most unfavourable way.
From the Plain of Mars : In such a case, the destiny of a subject has been shaped by the subject himself without much help or influence from insiders or outsiders. If such a Line has upward branches and is forked at the end, a prosperous, happy and successful life is indicated. From the Line of Life : This position indicates success due to the efforts of the subject but with a start from his own people. From the Line of Heart : When such a Line starts from the Heart Line and goes upward, it means good fortune in old age generally, due to success in science or agriculture. In case the above star is found on the side of the Mount of Jupiter, it indicates good social contact with people of high position. All Lines joining the star from different Mounts or Lines will give the subject the advantage of that Mount. When the star and cross are found together, the person marries into a rich family and gains high position. A star on the Mount of the Sun denotes a brilliant position, wealth and fame but without happiness. On the Mount of the Moon, a star indicates fame in literary, artistic or dramatic pursuits, provided the Thumb and Head Lines are strong. Similarly, a cross on the Mount of the Sun denotes fame and wealth, if clearly marked and also if found on the Mount of Jupiter.
A circle, which is a rare sign, if found on the Mount of the Sun, indicates fame and fortune; if found elsewhere, it is bad.
A Triangle on the Mounts of Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury and the Sun gives power, determination, diplomacy, fame, wealth, etc. The Tree : These Lines fork into different branches and also ascending branches are termed the Lines of the Tree.

The Pitcher: The  Swastika, Ashtkon, bow and lotus all are rare but are signs of fortune and if found make the man wealthy as a prince. The Serpent : The sword, spear and sword are signs which are not auspicious but troublesome in life. The Sun, the Moon and other Planets : These are very rarely found and are to be classified as per their position.
Lately, it has been made to combine chirognomy and chiromancy into one homogeneous science.
Such signs are known as Spots or Dots, Stars, Crosses, Islands, Squares, Triangles, Tridents, Grilles, Angles, Circles; in addition, the signs of Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, Mercury, Mars, the Moon and Venus are also found, but the last nine signs are rarely found and hence have been excluded from the scope of this discussion. Head Line: (i) White dots when confirmed by ominous signs on the Head Line denote a Head or eye injury. Jupiter: (i) On the apex of the Mount confers power  plus position, great honour, gratified ambitions, ultimate success and triumph (ii) On the Mount but with strong Fate, Head and Sun Lines will lead to highest position. Sun: (i) When the star is found on the apex of the Mount, it denotes brilliancy of position and glory but associated with public life without happiness and wealth. Mercury: (i) When on the apex of the Mount denotes normal success in commerce, business, science, etc. Venus (i) When the star is in the centre of the apex, it shows successful and favourable relations in affections and passion. Liver Line: (i) A star close to the Liver Line but inside the triangle points to blindness.
Line of Heart: A star at the end of a branch of the Line going down into the Mount of the Moon shows hereditary madness of the erotic form. Line of Intuition : Riches after great trouble and enjoyment of exaggerated influence of love of the opposite sex.
Line of Fate: (i) A star or s tars on the Line point to danger or disaster on the dates marked. Line of the Sun: (i) At the termination under the Mount of the Sun can imply success due to  the assistance and goodwill of others. Girdle of Venus: A star on a single, double  ble or treble girdle denotes general venereal disease leading to death.
Triangle: (i) A star in the centre means riches and success in general after a great struggle.
Second Phalange: (i) A star with a straight downward Line from the first phalange  Chastity. Jupiter: (i) When on the apex of the Mount, denotes that great affection will come to life, specially when the Line of Fate rises from the Mount of the Moon.
Mercury: Dishonest nature, inclined to, duplicity in a bad Hand, but in a good Hand denotes diplomacy in business and sociak circles, pleasant to all, talent for mimicry.
Venus: (1) When the Mount is heavily, marked with Lines, the cross denotes some, great trial or fatal influence of affection. Life Line : (i) A cross on the Mount of Venus touching the Line of Life, troubles from some members of the family or some intimate friend.
Quadrangle: The most important position of a cross in a Quadrangle should be studied carefully, taking into account the correct position of the cross with respect to Lines, Mounts, etc. Triangle : (i) The centre of the Triangle implies trouble from others brough, about by the subject due to his quarrelsome nature.
Mercury: Makes a person too changeable to succeed, particularly in anything in regard ter, business and service.
Line of Fate : (i) On the Line denotes loss,  trapping of subject in scandal and being  cheated. Marriage Line and Other Places: A Line forming an island on the Mount of Venus and crossing the Marriage Line denotes misfortune and disgrace to the marriage. Mercury: Protection from heavy financial loss and from a restless and mercurial temperament. Moon: Protection against bad markings on the Mount such as power of imagination, travel, disappointments, bladder and kidney troubles, water disease and dropsy. Head Line: (i) Running through a square means the intelligence of the subject will save him from the worst consequences of a grave accident or misfortune.
Fate Line: (i) If the presence of a square around breaks into the Line of Fate, it saves him from financial loss or disaster or loss of position and failure.
It should be noted that a Triangle formed by chance by the crossing of the Lines should not be interpreted as a Triangle.
Head Line : (i) A Triangle on the Ling under the Mount of Mercury shows success in scientific researches. In the character of such persons, elements of constructive and creative imagination are found.
Mercury: Prognostic of violent death during, or on account of some  swindling enterprise on.
Moon: (i) Many confused and crossed Lines with a sloping, starred or chained Line of Head denote a tendency to insanity.
Chiromancy means physiognomy of women reading Fate through Lines or Palmistry and Physiognomy Means judging character by face. If equality had been maintained by Nature, then all women either would have been beautiful or ugly, fortunate or unfortunate but that is not so, Beautiful women are rich as well as poor, whereas ugly women are also rich as well as poor.
If she is short, she is happy go lucky, quite sexy, fond of the pleasures of the bed, sweet hearted and is fond of music.
When a women has shoulder length hair, it indicates that she is self praising, envious and jealous. If the colour of hair is red, the woman is of a harsh temperament, quarrelsome and illnatured. When the hair is soft, silky to the touch, thin, dark, very long even upto the knees and smooth,, that is an indication of beauty and good luck. If the head is round like that of an elephant, it indicates that such a woman will be lucky and lead a comfortable life.
When the forehead is long and broad, she is unlucky and may be the cause of death of her father in law. When the forehead is covered with hair, that indicates a selfish, fretful and mean mentality in a woman. When the forehead is depressed in the middle, such a woman is jealous, having illicit relations with some and has ill will against others. A lady having a forehead of a half moon shape, less hair, clear and shining and horizontal line is known as a lucky woman. If the eyebrows are straight, lengthy, ill formed and reddish, with broken joints and thick, it indicates an unlucky woman. Such a damsel is wealthy, of pleasing manners, good nature and is endowed with all virtues.
When the eyes are small, dull, gloomy, restless, grey coloured, round, slightly bent and blank and the shapes are like those of pigeons, elephants or buffaloes, they denote ugliness in a woman.
If the eyes are big, long, black, with a red line therein, they denote a passionate nature. When the sides of eyes have scanty hair, yellow colour and ends are thick, it indicates ill luck.
If the nose of a woman is like that of a parrot, she must be good natured, enjoy fame, be clever and a well wisher of her family.
A straight nose which is symmetrical in proportion and normal makes a woman beauti ul, wise, witty and diligent. If the nose is depressed in the middle, is small, long, the front part very high, crooked or very fat, then such a woman will be devoid of love and sympathy. If the nostrils are fat and wide, the woman will be lazy, strong headed, proud and fond of a pleasurable life.
When a woman has her ears long, a little flabby, soft, proportionate in dimensions, equal in size and appeal to the naked eye, that indicates that she will be lucky and will lead a comfortable life.
In case the ears are crooked, thin, unequal in size, the holes in them either too small or do not appear, it indicates that such a woman is unlucky. If the face is round, soft, flushed red, smooth, fleshy, glamorous, lustful, the lady is considered fortunate even like a princess. If a damsel has a shining face of black colour, she can be classed as shrewd, a cheat and virile.
When the cheeks are depressed, fleshless, skinny and have hair on them, it indicates illhealth and such a woman is considered an unfortunate creature. Tempting cheeks which develop dimples while a subject laughs or talks are not at al I a lucky sign. But if dimples develop on tempting cheeks only while smiling, they are indications of a woman being beloved of her husband.
If the lips are red, thin, smooth, hairless, well shaped and of equal proportions, they are regarded as good.
A woman with thin lips has longing desires and tenderness, is good in household work and, in addition, loves talking. If the lips are black and thick, the damsel is given to luxury, is restless and likely to fall prey to temptations. If the lower lip is of red colour and round and has a line thereon, such a damsel leads the life of a queen and is very lucky and wealthy.
If the lower lip is thick and of black colour, she is of a quarrelsome nature and may lose her husband.
If the upper lip is soft and convex in the centre and is devoid of hair, such a damsel is considered lucky and is full of passion. If the upper lip is thick, has hair on it, is long and dry, it is a sure sign of loose character and shows that the woman is fond of the pleasures of the bed. When the teeth of a damsel are white, lustrous, shining, pearl like, of equal size and sixteen in number in each set, they indicate a fortunate damsel. If the teeth are big, long, crooked, unequal, high and low, dirty or blackish in colour, they destroy facial beauty. If the number of teeth in the lower jaw is nore than those in the upper jaw, it is an unlucky sign. If there is distance between the teeth and they are not evenly placed, that denotes a damsel of loose morals and nefarious habits. When the chin is heavy, fat, protruding, conic, out of proportion and not round, it denotes a woman of short temper, of hasty action, haughty, not clear at heart, secretive, harmful, self centred, of a scheming nature, with the habit of fault finding.
If there is a pit in the chin, the woman should be cheerful, lovable, kind hearted but would be unlucky as far as wealth and happiness in life are concerned.
If the neck is small, fat and wide, the nature of such woman will be bad and she will engage in malevolent and mischievous actions. If three wrinkles appear on the neck, a woman is blessed with sufficient ornaments, and will have wealth and good luck. If the breasts are round, hard, veiny, well proportioned, of moderate size and equal, such a damsel will be the soul of the family and society; she will be respected, loved by her husband, and be passionate and sexy.
If the breasts are fat, disproportionate, narrower at the end from their root, or one breast is heavy and another light, such a girl is not lucky. But when the breasts are longer than normal and full of flesh, it indicates too many children. If the upper part of the breasts is depressed, large, narrow, rough, flabby and loose, it indicates a woman of vengeance, retribution and she will do evil deeds. If the breasts are of red colour, that denotes a very sexy nature and the woman is never sexually satisfied. If red veins are found on the breasts, such a woman is lucky and will have good a children. If the tips are different in shape and size, fat at the top and thin at the bottom with hair, high and low, they are important but such a woman is not lucky. A harsh and rough voice which is repugnant to the ear indicates a quarrelsome, wicked, cunning and shrewd woman. A woman who while talking moves her eyes and breasts to and fro, remains happy in the company of men.

This is a place above the tongue and behind the top set of teeth generally found red in colour. Straight, hairless, soft and fleshy, well shaped and chiselled, and proportionately built arms generally belong to a lucky damsel. When there is thick or bushy hair and the quality of hain is rough and thick, it indicates widowhood.
When the shoulders are crooked, fat and hairy, they are an indication of widow hood and ill luck. When the hands are beautiful, soft and delicate, they are a sure sign of a wealthy and lucky woman. Not too wide and high, proportionate and symmetrical, soft, smooth, hairless, not very large these are the main specifications of a belly which make a damsel attractive and popular. When the belly is long or high, hairy, bulging or protruding, such a woman is very unlucky and doomed. If the belly is very short and soft, and the veins are visible over the same, it denotes that the woman is fond of sweets and is very sexy and passionate. If the belly is like the belly of a deer and blue veins are visible thereon, it is a sign of a lucky disposition.
If the navel point is broad, fleshy but not very deep, it denotes that such a woman is beautiful and quite lucky. If the navel point is raised a bit from the right side, it indicates the woman to be like queen and will lead a comfortable life. Women whose Thumb is weak and thin with knotty Fingers, the Fingers thin in the middle and fat at the tips marry only for the sake of wealth and not for love or family concord. If the Fingers are small, broad and spatu late and on the back of the Fingers there is hair, it indicates an unlucky disposition. When the Thumb is supple or bends backward and the Fingers are smooth and pointed, the woman is very particular about her dress, self centred and of a conceited nature.
When the Fingers of a damsel are thin and pointed, it will make a woman very passionate, sexy and she will be like a social butterfly. If the Fingers are short and curved and there is space between them which allows light to pass through when closed together, that denotes a life of struggle.
When the first and second Fingers of a woman are long and conical and the third and Fourth Fingers are specially long and curved, it indicates gambling instincts. When the third and fourth Fingers in a woman’s Hand are a little curved and the Thumb is weak and thin, her will power will also be very weak. When the Thumb is small and the Fingers are conical, the woman will be very faithful to her husband, clever and fond of animals.
If the Thumb is small and the Fingers are square, such a woman will be of an analytical nature. If the Thumb is broad and the Fingers are square, then a woman is mischievous and of a quarrelsome nature. When the waist of a lady is fat but small, it indicates her loose character; she is fond ,of good dresses. If the waist is bent, big, flabby, hairy, rough and crooked, then the lady will be wicked, peevish, shrewd, unfortunate and may marry more than once. The thighs should be straight, round, taparing like an elephant’s trunk, hairless, fleshy, not bony. If the thighs are fat, very hairy, disproportioned, thin, skinny, such a woman will be unlucky, even sickly.
If the junction of thighs and the trunk of the body are broad and hairy, the husband of such a woman will be in trouble. She put aside enough money to work on this project full-time in some space in San Francisco in a developer-rich workspace. Many of the principles that you’ve picked up in these languages will have some kind of analogue in Objective-C. It’s also been a quick little programming exercise for learning how to program in new languages or on new platforms. Most of the time, these will be subclasses of NSObject, the class from which all Objective-C classes ultimately are derived.
Unlike most iOS tutorials, this one will also talk about using version control with Git from within Xcode. Like the navigators, the set of inspectors has a tabbed interface that lets you select an inspector.
Autolayout is a feature that allows a user interface to adjust itself to various screen orientations (portrait and landscape) as well as screen sizes (which vary among iPhone and iPad models). They’ll help you position controls relative to the position of other controls, and help you center the label and button relative to each other. You need to create an outlet, which gives you an object that you can use to refer to an control on the storyboard.
Depending on your Xcode setup, the header file will appear in a pane that will appear either beside or underneath the storyboard. In Java, following this practice means that you have to do everything yourself: create an instance variable, then define public getter and setter methods that allow outside code to read and write the value in that instance variable.
The ivar’s name is simply the name of the property preceded by an underscore (_) character. In the case of our  answerLabel property, the getter’s name is  answerLabel, and its type is UILabel. In the case of our answerLabel property, the setter’s name is  answerLabel, and its type is UILabel.
These modifiers specify how properties behave in an environment with threading; by specifying that a property is atomic, you can ensure that the underlying object is locked when its getter or setter is called, thereby preventing threaded code from messing it up. Make sure that the button is selected in the storyboard and that the Connection Inspector is active. We can now write some code to respond to button presses by changing the text inside the label. NSString is the string class for work in Objective-C, and it has a whole lot of useful features including Unicode support. Right now, when you run the app, the label and button still contain their default text at the beginning. Every view has a method named viewDidLoad, which gets called immediately after the view is loaded into memory, but before it’s displayed. A clear line of Fate from Rascette to the mount of Saturn, or, better still terminating either on the mount of Jupiter or on the mount of Sun. Many people lead an average, miserable or unsuccessful life, in spite of the fact that they have a good, strong and long Line of Fate. Only a long fate line without the Sun Line does not promise success and prosper ity but indicates failures, sorrows,  sufferings, and trials and tribulations in life. In case it runs straight to the Mount of Saturn and then curves to the Mount of Jupiter, that is a sure sign of very extraordinary success in life. When another Line starting from the Mount of the Moon joins the Fate Line, it indicates that  the husband or wife will greatly influence the destiny and career of his or her partner or persons of the opposite sex will greatly help the subject in his destiny or career. Such a Line indicates a hard life full of struggle, starting from the Plain of Mars indicates generally a period of 20 years (exact years to be measured) and the time wasted up to this period as a negative existence and without any career. The subjects career suffered for a considerable number of years and he may have missed many chances of success.
In this case, the influence of the Mount of Saturn is apparent, as it rules his whole life. And when on the Mount of Mercury with a straight and good Finger, blesses the person with success in his career. These are rare marks and are named Fish, Conch, Canopy, Flag, Tree, Temple, Pitcher, Serpent, Lotus, Swastika, Moon, Ashtkon or eight sided figure, Bow, Spear, Sword, and Spearhead. These are found on the Hands of persons of fame and wealth andthey bestow honour and happiness on them. It is generally a small, deep indentation in the skin, whose colour is generally found to be red, bluish black or white.
The addition of a single branch or ray to a cross transforms it into a star, although stars of six rays in shape are not in frequent. It indicates  troubles, disappointments, danger and sometimes a  change in position or life but one %brought about by trouble, as detailed below. When the square is found on the Mounts, it denotes protection from any excess arising through the qualities of the Mount.
There is balance and poise in their nature, and the result is that such persons are geniuses in the field of activity denoted by the Hands. Grilles destroy the efficiency of the Mounts and are the equivalents of exaggerate Mounts or, in other words, the grille’s qualities are turned into defects and even vices. If a damsel has round, full and red cheeks, it indicates good health and beauty and is a sign of prosperity. You can see the master list of her projects on her project page, find out more as she chronicles her work on her blog, and get the source for all her projects from her GitHub account.
A multi-sided die suspended in blue liquid rises to a clear window, revealing a random answer. It has a number of tabs, the leftmost one being the Project Navigator (it has a file folder icon), which lets you navigate the files that make up your project. Once you have an outlet for a control, you can access that control, call its methods and get and set its properties. The Assistant Editor, when you call it up, considers the last thing you were editing, and opens the related file.
If you’re new to C or Objective-C, the * tells you that this property is a pointer to an object of type UILabel.
This is as simple as double-clicking on the label or button, which puts them in a mode that lets you edit their text.
It’s an excellent time to run all sorts of initialization code, including doing all sorts of user interface configuration. With both the storyboard and the header file for the view controller visible, right-click on the button. Like wise the Sun and Mercury have been described as planets of power, authority, fame and business success and intelligence.
In case this Line joins the Line of Heart, it indicates a happy and prosperous marriage, consequent upon some romantic love affair. Signs of the Moon, the Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Mars are seldom found on Hands.
Thus, the Lines are connected with the thoughts, ideas, vibrations of the brain and external influences transmitted through the nerves to the cerebral fibres.
Desbarrolles says that grilles chain down the virtues of the Mounts and allow the evil instincts to take and maintain the upper hand.
If the face is well shaped and a woman is beautiful, she is respected and regarded well everywhere.
When I talked to Pebble about becoming their developer evangelist over a two-day visit to Palo Alto last summer (yes, the smartwatch company that raise $10 million on Kickstarter), they tested me by making me write a tutorial for programming their previous smartwatch, the InPulse, and I chose the Magic 8-Ball as my example, which I posted on GitHub.
In the case of our answerLabel property, the hidden ivar that will be created is _answerLabel, and its type is UILabel. The Mounts, Fingers and Thumb are not normally developed, and such people suffer from intellectual, emotional and physical defects. The Mount of Venus is not  less important as regards the emotional instincts of the subject. Andrew’s Cross within a square on a Line means great danger will be visited, but its consequences will not be harmful.

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