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Stavros Santis together with a select group of select trainers and NLP Practitioners team up to provide you with a cutting-edge NLP Institute in the heart of Larnaca Cyprus.
Thank you for your input and creative ways of approaching life personally and professionally. If others will take advantage of your training personally (and professionally), they will not be able to help but be successful. I want to let you know about the effect that you and the NLP Practitioner Program have had on my life. I learned from you, Stavros, that I don’t need to micromanage my business presentations. Success often leads to other success and that has been exactly the case since my participation in your NLP Practitioner Program.
Whether you regard NLP as a tool for personal change or a toolbox for more effectively dealing with a variety of business situations and personal relationships, the results are clear, positive and also, sometimes pleasantly surprising. I highly recommend the Practitioner training with Stavros to anyone who is simultaneously interested in achieving the next level of focus and effectiveness while discovering that learning and growth can be joyful.
I attended Stavros seminar on hypnosis, July 11 and 12.  I encourage you to attend any of their seminars, and I assure you that learning what they teach will be an invaluable investment in yourself.
In addition to the above experience, he happens to be one of the most gifted NLP* Trainers I’ve met. The skills and attitude known as NLP* make it possible for you to have the things you want, in a fraction of the time!  NLP* is a set of behavioral tools that bridge the gap between language and behavior (like software for your mind!)– allowing you to create the personal, love, and business life that you’ve always known you can have! By countless organizations, leaders, and people like you in order to get more of what’s really important! To improve performance of major sports stars– such as members of the LA Lakers basketball team.
What if you could enhance the aspects of your life, both personal and business by learning how to operate your brain more effectively? If you know about the powerful technology, then you understand how easily you can benefit from participating in a workshop or consulting session with NLP as a foundation for attaining the results you desire. Our business and professional NLP services consist of teaching either you or your organization the skills and attitudes that make sales and profit margins soar! The Language of NLP* Most people don’t truly understand the power and impact of the words they use (in their own heads or while speaking out loud). Introduction to NLP* Come experience the magic and FUN-damentals of NLP* in this fun-filled experiential workshop where beginners can come see what all the books are about, and seasoned NLPers can come hone your skills. Goal Setting with NLP* Just in time for New Year’s Resolutions, come experientially use NLP* to assist you in accomplishing all your hopes and dreams!
SOMEONE ASKED me at a party the other day, What is it that you teach at these seminars anyway?” I get asked that question a lot. WOULDN’T IT BE silly if you tried to argue that you now have in your mind, the possibility that you can begin sleeping an average of 5 hours a night. A lot of books say that it is best to get your Tarot cards as a gift from someone close to you. You may also wish to use the coloured silk to lay out your cards on whilst doing a reading. In addition to choosing a cover for your cards, you need to choose a safe place for your new cards.
I would suggest buying a couple of books on the Tarot and the meanings of all the cards (best that the book describes the style of deck that you have) so that you can gain numerous perspectives on the cards. If you are an Internet user (well, obviously you are if you are here!), I would thoroughly suggest spending a while at Joan Bunning’s Learning The Tarot.
So, assuming you have the resources available and you have read over them, you may now want to learn each card in more detail. As a way of seeing for yourself how this is possible, invite a friend round and practise using whatever comes to hand. The method is very simple, you simply light a candle and hold a sheet of plain white paper over the top of the flame, moving it gently from side to side so that the majority of the paper is charred by the flame.
With just a little imagination you should be able to think of countless other ways to obtain a reading for someone. The Rich & Healthy Witch by StarFields - The essential survival guide for real magical people - see here.

Enjoy and make as many wishes as you want to - the coin will never run out, it is endlessly renewing!
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Very clear, easy to interprete detailded pictures, a very good deck for beginners and professionals.
Some Fortune Telling sites offer the free automatic fortune prophecy via an animated crystal ball. It is taken for granted that the more specific your questions are, the more obvious the Fortune Tellers’ answers will be.
Stavros over 15 years of studying and training in the field of NLP*, make him a superb trainer with a diverse background from which to learn the art of NLP*. In the short time he was here, we were not only entertained (he uses props and stories to teach).
You showed me that the knowledge and wisdom to Wow people are already within my capabilities.
You and Dom have opened my world to new possabilities, and I’ve started to use the skills I learned to help my self and the people around me make better and more powerfull decisions. Those skills I learned there and the insights I experienced during the course of those few short weeks sometimes felt as if I were coming home from a long journey and often as if I were remembering something from childhood that I had only recently forgotten.
In the weeks and months following our course, many long and deeply held limiting beliefs began, without effort or work or stress on my part, to appear unnecessary.
Throughout our sessions, he subtly points our my absurdities, that I held on to for so long, and helped to uncover the impish grins they had. Learning not only what NLP is, but how to use it with elegance, and ease is the basis for NLP MIRACLE Seminars Group’s existence. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have someone wave a magic wand over you, and be able to shift your ideas and beliefs about what is possible, and what you are capable of, so that you actually take action and get results, then this is the time for you to call! If you enjoy the idea of making larger bank deposits, then our services are for you, and your company.
In my rather messy bedroom I have a special place set up which has all my candles, rose leaves, incense, bells, etc. You will find that some people’s interpretations differ enormously on certain cards while agree whole-heartedly on others.
Here you can get comprehensive meanings of each and every card, plus about 16 lessons in learning the Tarot. I suggest selecting a card at the start of each day (or the night before), reading up on all the different interpretations, then summarising these into your own version of its meaning and writing it into a Tarot Journal. This same member, together with some friends from another club, also managed to give a very accurate reading using a plateful of left-over salad!
Obviously you need to be careful whilst doing this (one of our club members did set fire to her piece of paper!), but it only takes a couple of minutes. Look at the pictures formed by the flame of the candle and try to determine what these pictures mean to your subject. Here is a real magic wishing well, specially created for Magic, Spells and Potions, and charged with that indeed, it should work.
Usually fortune telling is done using variety of traits such as crystal balls, traces in the palm, cards, stars, movement of celestial bodies etc. The Fortune Teller Game is told based on the shapes and numbers we select from the given data. After training with many different trainers and teachers around the world, his real world experience, both on stage, conducting seminars, as well as with personal clients, will lead you to the results you want! I recommend that anyone who has the opportunity to listen and learn from your training or workshops should take advantage and be ready for a positive life changing event! Now, when I bound onto the stage to make a presentation, I have a simple list of the points I’m going to cover.
So we have designed this course for you to come learn how to have maximum impact in your everyday communication, as well as how to pay attention and use other people’s language cues.

What if he started with the belief that he has 3 very important things that he really wants to do (that are REALLY important), and do those things, moving on to other things, instead of being overwhelmed by an ultra-long list, and doing nothing about it?” But I didn’t say that to him. As soon as you start getting grumpy with your cards, it’s definitely time to walk away and return later when your energy has rejuvinated itself. Somehow it just seems all the more natural receiving them as a gift, knowing that someone has entrusted you with the cards, rather than going out a buying them yourself. Ultimately, it is your choice as to how you believe the card should be interpretted and is often related to its position in whatever spread you are using. Then, as you go through the day, try to see in what ways the card you selected relates to the events of the day, your thoughts, what is influencing you, and the other people around you. Doing so will make you associated negative feelings with the cards which is something you don’t want to do! Objectivity is the keyword when giving any kind of reading, which is why most people find it easier to conduct readings for strangers rather than people who are known to them. What you see doesn’t matter too much, it is how you interpret it that matters and once you start speaking, the results will come naturally. We all have the ability to access the information stored in the subconscious mind of any other person on the planet, it is simply a matter of believing that it is possible, although those who do not believe will find it practically impossible to see anything on the sheet of paper other than burn marks, whereas someone with a more open mind will see a lot more.
Remember, what you use is not important, it is simply a matter of how you interpret the results.
Anyone who is on a fortune quest no longer needs to manipulate a paper fortune teller to gain their fortune prophecy. Just submit the questions in the available box, and then click on Ask your question now button, for example, the seekers’ questions will be answered immediately. The game amazes everyone and makes us think on its functioning.  There are crystal ball games available where we need to post one or group of queries. We had the opportunity to present him with questions and have him cater solutions and ideas for our collective sales and marketing issues. It feels a lot more like they have been handed to you, not only as a gift from that person but also a gift from Fate or wherever you believe that life force to be. You may want to set up a little place like this or even dedicate an entire room to where you do your Tarot readings.
At the end of the day, review this, and write down all your thoughts about how the day went and the ways in which you related the card to the day. You will be amazed at how much you can find out just from a few charred marks on a piece of white paper. Just follow the site’s available instructions, and your questions will be answered within seconds. There are a series of steps to make a paper fortune teller the result of which will be a four cup shaped structure.
I chose white in particular because it represents purity and the clean positive aura that surrounds us. Will the Muslim brotherhood be a major player in ruling?What do you think will happen in Egypt now?
The result of the fortune telling games may vary among business improvements, personal affairs, marriage, and education. The payoff for me is greater trust and confidence with almost everyone I meet and with my current friends and clients. You can compare the notes you have taken for these days and also their interpretations, and form a good idea of what the card actually means in real life.
Will …Know any good books for a teenage girl?Know any good books for a teenage girl? Instead of coloring, the cups may be decorated using a specific theme or designed attractively.
Two days later, she told me that she’d used the process again and had gone right off to sleep.

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