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Divination, Cartomancy, Oracle Cards, Tarot Cards, Ouija Boards, Tea Cups: Lucky Mojo Curio Co. Her skills included her own unique system using a deck of 36 playing cards, astrology and other predictive methods.
Note: The Piatnik edition of the Lenormand cards shows the Clouds with the dark side of the clouds on the left rather than the right and the Urania Verlags edition has them on the right hand side. So, if the dark side of the card is next to the Personal Card, then an unpleasant situation cannot be avoided in the near future. Most readers pay close attention to combinations of cards, as negative cards can alter the meanings of otherwise positive cards. GYPSY ORACLE TAROTThe Gypsy Oracle Cards 52 cards with beautiful images and description 66x96 mm.
MINIATURE CARDS FROM HUNGARYThe Hungarian Mirabella Fortune Telling Card is a miniature tarot. DESTIN ANTIQUE CARD Le Jeu Destin Antique Fortune Telling Card, Cartomancy Tarot, by Piatnik. RIDER WAITE TAROT CARDRider Waite Tarot  - by Arthur Waite and Pamela Colman Smith, 78-card tarot deck. TAROT OF CLEOPATRACleopatra Tarot - by Etta Stoico, 78 Egyptian divinities divided into groups according to their power.

DARK GRIMOIRE TAROTDark, grimly enchanting, this tarot will help users connect with their inner shadow.
The Lenormand Tarot Card looks different to the traditional Gypsy Cards, such as the Zigeuner or the Gypsy Oracle Fortune Telling Cards. Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Athena Sanskrit origin does not imply to a warrior Goddess, but her name suggesting the opposite. Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand in 1845.We assume that this deck contains the original symbols from Mlle.
However, if the brighter side of the Clouds is next to the Personal Card, then there is still the possibility things will turn out all right, and bad times may already be departing. They seem to include less images from Greek mythology and rather using middle European country folks tales, such as the clover, which will bring good harvest, as it enriches the soil, therefore good pastures and good luck. When reading Lenormand cards, it is important which side the dark clouds are on, as the Clouds indicates unpleasant events.
For example, the Tree close to the personal card would show that the querent must pay attention to their health. The Child can be the personal card for a very young querent, and the Lily can be the personal card for an elderly querent.

However, the card of Star is representing hope and desire, but also guidance which is relating to Athena who was the inspiration for the creation of muse.
The boxed deck includes 36 full color cards and a small instruction booklet in English, German and French. Athena in Sanskrit is also amata, meaning not perceptible by the mind, and amrta, eternity, imperishable, immortal, which is concerned with the here and now. Clover would indicate good luck for the querent if close to the personal card, but if it lying far from the personal card, then bad luck would dog the querent. Clouds close by to the personal card would indicate problems, but far away would show that any problems would be easily overcome. Collectors of Tarot cards will find this deck a charming addition to their collection, with historical significance, as Mlle Lenormand was the psychic consult of Napoleon & Josephine.

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