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Fortune Telling DisplayFortune telling has persisted since ancient times, with divination being effected by numerous means, including astrology, tea-leaf reading, scrying (see under Crystal Ball), palmistry, and many other techniques. Fortune telling that interprets patterns in tea leaves or coffee grounds is called Tasseography! As you can see in the pictures, this one represents the Playing Cards with tiny images of a deck of cards scattered all over. This entry was posted in Mugs and tagged 1930's, Art Deco, CUP, Ebay Score, Fortune Telling, Romany Cup of Fortune, Tea Leaves, Vintage by grayfeather.

So much fun, so mysterious, so tantalizing, so alluring, it makes your heart pound wondering, what are you going to hear? I just know there is someone out there just like me, and that the item will find a good home.
To begin the fortune telling ritual, the drinker must first drink all the liquid, leaving a small amount to mix in with the grinds. Did you know there are 3 common types of cups to seek;  the Zodiac cup, the Playing Card cup, and Symbol Cups.

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards, divided into the major arcana (22 cards that represent stages in a person's progress through life) and the minor arcana (56 cards divided into four suits: cups, swords, wands, and pentacles).

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