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Firstly we have a mixture of cards with one Major Arcana card (Justice), a court card (Knight of Pentacles) and a minor Arcana Card (10 of Cups).
The layout I picked was the past, present, future spread but I havena€™t read it only in that context. Dani has been clearly weighing up a decision in regards to changing careers (Justice) it is not a rushed spur of the moment thing. Dani asked a few specific questions: when will I find a job and in what area (will I change my career area?).
I would spend time looking for different job opportunities and then asking yourself if this would be a good fit. So, yesterday I told you all about the day I jumped ship and ended up unemployed drinking champagne on my own at 11.00am in the Mandarin Oriental.
But I very quickly got bored, well no, it would have been nice to have been bored, lets try whipped in to a state of wild panic about how to pay the mortgage and the nursery places next month. Nice focussed list of viable business ideas based on my hard earned corporate experience and likely to earn me a meaningful income hey! I think the low point was taking delivery of my party pack of homewares to sell at coffee mornings! With the benefit of hindsight the biggest break of my life was being politely laughed out of  those recruitment offices. Then, once I knew really clearly for the first time ever, what I really wanted to do I went out and found people I could work with and live the life I wanted to whilst doing that.
Tomorrow I tell you all about how I turned my back of a fag packet lifestyle design in to reality, and how you can too.
Sarah Buchanan-Smith is an investment banking escapee who now coaches women with professional backgrounds to set up their own consultancy businesses based at home, so they can do the work they love, on their own terms whilst still earning the income they deserve. This 3 card tarot spread is a quick and simple way to get insight into the past, present and future.
Hi, I was just wondering if there was an app or a program that helps interpret a card spread.

I’ve looked up the generic meanings, but just something about having 2 knights and 2 swords in a 3 card spread worries me. A while ago my mother bought a mind body and soul kit for herself in upgrading she has passed the set onto me.
However, when I was learning, I did readings with the Majors only, or the Court Cards only, in order to get comfortable reading those cards. I prefer using all the cards for a reading, but for learning purposes, its helpful to read with certain cards. It is great to see real life examples to learn from and if you want you can sign up for a free reading to. You can see a downwards pointing arrow which indicates that the card was originally reversed (as I dona€™t like reading upside down I turned it around ;-) Being reversed would suggest in this case that it is a hard call to make based ona€¦.
Being not psychic I would go for the following summary and say; it dependsa€¦A job will be found, when a decision has been made (the Justice Card) on what Dani likes to do and there is a job that matches this ideal.
Go for several job interviews, talk to friends and family and do some research on the companies that you would like to work with. Now, let me tell you how I accidentally stumbled across my very own version of lifestyle design when I sobered up, metaphorically, of course!
How could I go from being this high falluting, lap top toting, gold card waving business women to someone who has to cancel the nanny, run the gauntlet at the supermarket in case the card was declined and beg people in the street to buy maths tuition for little Johnny….hiding when I saw anyone I knew? First of all I fell back on my default solution, consultancy for a bank, but thankfully there was a little matter of a banking crisis on their hands and they weren’t hiring mums of three with a 4 year gap in their CV looking for flexible working options! There are many variations on the 3 card tarot spread, including the past life tarot spread, but this is one of the most common and useful (in my opinion!) spreads. Hearing other’s ideas about cards can be helpful, but it shouldn’t supercede your own ideas! I would like to learn to read the cards properly to understand what they potentionally mean in using your step guide I have landed with a few really strange cards and numbers I am uncertain what they mean do you have anything on these that I may read up on to understand? You didn’t mention if you would use this spread using ALL the cards, or just the minor arcana, etc.

Money (Knight of Cups) and what we really enjoy doing (10 of Cups).At this stage I would ask Dani what type of change she is looking for.
This as the postures of the people in the 10 of cups are very different from the constricted Knight of Pentacles. After all, the kids were all at nursery and I’d got all my systems in place as a full time working Mum, the cleaner, the supermarket deliveries and nothing in my diary all day. I’m a sucker for any alternative therapy, give me a crystal and laying on of hands and I’m yours!
I did a 3 card spread today for myself and for some reason the cards I got kinda scared or worried me and I don’t know why. We want this to be an all-round decision based on logic, financial grounding but it should also be an opportunity to enjoy the work at hand more. I know there are some people out there making a great living from these kind of businesses but more often than not there’s not a lot of money to be made for an awful lot of effort. It appears that at the moment she is safe and gets the money in, it might be a bit stagnant as the Knight is not really moving.
We are at present in a situation that is both uncomfortable (we dona€™t do what we like) and comfortable because we are still getting value from our current employment in terms of a steady wage.In future we want to do something we a€?lovea€™ to do seeing that the 10 of Cups is one of the biggest happiness cards.
This card however was originally reversed so this would lead me to the question: does Dani know what would make her happy in a job? If not it explains why the Knight of Pentacles is not moving, he doesna€™t know where to go.

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