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Among 78 cards in a Tarot deck, a set of 22 Major Arcana reflects the foundation and prime courses of life. Bear in mind that the whole 22 magic Tarots represent a path to our spiritual subconsciousness and inner self!
When a Tarot reading is uniquely made up of Major Arcana, you have experienced the main courses with demanding decisions! For instance, if you pick up The Fool in the upright side, it is explained that you are on the way to make some new changes. In reference to love, The Lovers in the upright side indicates strong union or compatible relationship with smooth prospect. Arguably, some seekers feel happy when uncovering the Wheel of Fortune in the upright side since it means good luck and positive karma. Posts Related to Major Arcana Tarot Cards And Their Meanings Tarot Card Readings Online And The Magic CardsA  Among the most well-known types of Psychic reading, Tarot card reading outstands as the one producing detached interpretations and realistic advice.
If we pay a visit to any metaphysical bookstore, it is really easy for us to seek for several books about the Tarot.
In addition, once becoming increasingly familiar with a Tarot reading, we can recognize that we shall interpret the cards’ meanings less and less from what we have ever read in books, and more and more from our own interpretations of the cards.
Just as everyone has their unique point of view, a Tarot reading can offer us the excellent insights so that we will have a chance to truly understand and interpret our personal story and matter with the positive light of confidence and hope. The second half of the Major Arcana, including the Wheel of Fortune through the World, often indicates our spiritual and personal view about the world.
Where can i get an ABSOLUTELY FREE psychic reading?Where can i get an ABSOLUTELY FREE psychic reading? Welcome to the Biddy Tarot podcast, where you will learn how to connect more deeply with your intuition and live an empowered and enlightened life with the Tarot cards as your guide.
Listen as Brigit and her guests share their very best tips and strategies to help you read Tarot with confidence.
Do you want to create some magic in your Tarot readings – where you go beyond just regurgitating the book meanings of each Tarot card, and instead you dive deep into the intuitive message of the cards, and uncover the story within the reading?
At a very high level, let me walk you through those seven steps, and then I am going to walk you through each one so that you can feel really confident as you’re doing your Tarot readings. Now, when I say “create the space,” I mean you want to really set up the environment for a really inspiring and insightful Tarot reading.
And when I say “mental space,” this is about setting yourself up with clarity for a Tarot reading. If you’re working with someone, that might be about clarifying some of the expectations around the Tarot reading before you get started; perhaps you might even talk about how you see the way that Tarot works, how the actual Tarot reading might work, and so on. It might even be about setting up some boundaries, just the basics of: This is going to be a 30 minute reading, and I will let you know once we hit around 30 minutes…Things like that. So there is nothing worse than coming into a Tarot reading with all your emotional baggage all sort of stacked on you.
I know that we often consult Tarot when we are feeling quite emotional and need some of that clarity and insight, but I believe that if we are too emotionally invested in something, particularly when we are doing a Tarot reading for ourselves, it can mean that we don’t get the clarity that we’re looking for. Alternatively you might be really into, say, ritual; you might say a prayer or an affirmation before you start a reading. So, lots of different options, but when you are creating the space, be mindful of the physical space, the mental space, emotional space, and spiritual space. Typically when you do consult the Tarot cards you go in with a question in mind, because ultimately you are seeking an answer to something that’s been on your mind for some time.
Now, when you’re working with a client, they will often come into that session with an idea of what their question might be.
One way of working with this is just to simply take whatever question is coming to mind – no matter how it is worded – and start working with that question…which is okay, but I do encourage you to try and get beneath the layers of the original question. Well, we could probably read on that, and we could probably get some indication of when, or what might happen over the next few months or few years; but I find that it’s more helpful to understand when you’re asking, “When will I meet the man of my dreams?” what are you really asking?
I think you’ll find that the more you try to unpack a question, and break it down into smaller parts to really get what’s really behind that question, you’ll find that you have more accurate and insightful Tarot readings in that way. Now, of course, I think it’s good to unpack a question, but I think you need to be very careful when you get into things like rephrasing questions – particularly on behalf of a client. If you are going into that space of rephrasing a question, or even shifting the focus of a question, it’s very important that you confirm that with the person that you are reading for. If you start reading on the actions that you could take, then you might actually end up with a disappointed client.
Okay, so, let’s get into Step 3, and that is to choose the layout – choose the Tarot spread that you want to use.
Now this question comes up a lot amongst Tarot readers: What’s the best Tarot spread to use? What’s really important though, in my opinion, is that you choose the layout or the Tarot spread, that most fits the question. I know sometimes we can look online or look in a book and go, “Oh wow, that looks like an awesome Tarot spread, I will do a Tarot reading with that spread,” and we go ahead and do it that way. But I also like to work in the place where we really look at the question and think: What spread is going to best answer that question? Now you can use a sort of Done-For-You Tarot Spread –like Past-Present-Future, or you might use Opportunities-Challenges-Outcome, you might use a Horseshoe Spread or a Celtic Cross Spread – or something else that you found along the way. Now, just as a side note, in a future podcast we’ll actually be covering the Celtic Cross in a lot more detail – so make sure you watch out for that one. And we’ll also be covering Three Card Tarot Spreads, which are great for keeping things really simple – so look out for that podcast in the future as well.
But for now, just know that if you do use a Done-For-You Tarot Spread, make sure that that spread is the best fit for the question that you’re asking. There is an alternative to using a Done-For-You Tarot Spread, and that is to create your own Tarot spread. I could probably take up a whole podcast episode on how you can create your own Tarot spreads; but for now I want you to know this: When you were unpacking the question in Step 2, and breaking it down into smaller, mini-questions, you were actually creating your own Tarot spread!
If you are working with clients, it shows your client that you understand them, that you are creating this Tarot reading just for them. So I do encourage you to have a little play with creating your own Tarot spreads, rather than just relying on what might be readily available to you – and also watch out for a future podcast, because I am sure I will be covering this topic in the future.
Another way is Casino Style –where you have the two decks, or two piles of cards, and then you splinter them into each other, and they sort of fan into each other, and then you have a shuffle after that.

Choose one of those piles and turn it 180 degrees – so you are almost turning it top down to bottom, and bottom up to top (Not turning it over so you can see the cards. Now in terms of actually selecting the cards, there are many different ways that you can do it.
You can have the one pile, and take the top card off the pile – now, again, people ask me: Which is the right way? It really doesn’t matter, as long as you set the intention that that’s what you are going to do, and that you trust that the way that you are doing it is just right for that situation. Now another way is to fan the deck on the table, and then draw cards one-by-one, out of that fan.
Can you believe it takes four steps to get to that place before we are actually getting in there and reading the Tarot cards?
So for Step 5 I’m going to do a sample reading so I can walk you through how we actually go about reading the cards and telling the story.
The first thing that you want to do when you’re reading the cards and telling a story is: Scan the reading.
Without diving into individual card meanings and so on, all I want you to do is have a look at the overall picture that you’re seeing across all cards.
Now you might start to pick up a little bit on the energy of the cards: Does this feel like a positive reading, or a negative reading? Are there more Aces, Twos, and Threes, which signify the start of a cycle; or are there more bigger numbers like Eight, Nines, and Tens, which signify more of a completion of a cycle?
Now, you know, if this was a female client asking, and we had two reversed Queens, that would again tell me there’s a lot of inner work that she needs to do first, before she’ll find her King, for example. So, Queen of Wands reversed – remember this was in the Past position – what we can do is, we can think: Well what does the Queen of Wands reversed really stand for?
Well sometimes that’s about being a little bit more introverted than it is about being extroverted. Sometimes this can be about not thinking so much with the head, but starting to think more with the heart; and balancing out that sort of head thinking and the heart thinking. So we are starting to build a picture with these individual cards, and many beginner readers will probably just leave it at that and say, “Okay, reading done,” but what I want you to do now is to encourage you to look for connections. Now as I’m looking at these cards overall, the strong message that I’m getting is this: That there’s been sort of a period of introspection with that Queen of Wands reversed.
Think – how do the themes flow and evolve from one card to the other when you’re reading all card? I think often times, as Tarot readers, we can get so carried away with symbolism in the cards – you know, the deeper meanings, the messages, and so on, that sometimes we can actually forget to answer the question that was asked! Well, specifically, the answer within these cards would be: You’ll find your dream man once you’ve done the inner work, because right now, if you were to attract your partner right now, I don’t think you’d be in the right space in order to create a healthy and fulfilling relationship.
So if you’re working with someone, then you might wrap up the reading and say, “How does that resonate with you? And that’s okay – when someone says, “That doesn’t make sense,” then it isn’t necessarily that the reading is wrong; it just is that it doesn’t make sense right now.
I always suggest people come back to their readings after a few weeks or a few months, because things change and evolve and become clearer over time. What new things can I learn here – both about the Tarot cards and the actual situation that you read on?
Because, again, new things come up in those readings that may not have been visible to you at the time of the reading. So really make sure that you spend time on reflecting and asking for feedback, whether that’s from the person that you’ve read for, or even from yourself. Now I really recommend that you get that PDF download that I’ve created just for you with all seven steps on there. I bet that once you start using those seven steps quite consciously and mindfully, your Tarot readings will be amazing. My online Tarot course, TF2: Read the Tarot with Confidence, is specifically designed for aspiring Tarot readers who want to reach their fullest potential as a Tarot reader, and be the Tarot reader that everybody raves about. So using simple yet powerful techniques, I will show you how to read Tarot in a way that creates change and transformation in your life and others’. I’ll walk you through, step-by-step, how to do a Tarot reading, including asking the right questions, choosing the perfect spread, weaving the story into the cards, and connecting deeply with your clients (or yourself) through Tarot.
And I’ll teach you not only how to read Tarot for yourself with clarity, but how to read for others in a way that is has a lasting impact and inspires deep transformation.
And, of course, I’m going to let you in on my “insider secrets” from my 15+ years’ experience as a professional Tarot reader. After you enroll in the program, you’ll get instant access so that you can start learning straight away.
So I hope I’ll see you in the program, and I look so forward to speaking with you again in our next Biddy Tarot podcast. Thank you so much for your time and energy today – I am absolutely honoured to be a part of your Tarot journey, and I look forward to next time.
I’m a professional Tarot reader & teacher, intuitive business coach and spiritual entrepreneur. I'm here to help you read Tarot with confidence and transform your life and others' through Tarot.
By depicting various stages and occurrences, the symbolism on trump cards are interpreted due to the specific Spreads. The trump cards represent some notable events with long-term influence on your personal life.
As each card has its own meanings in the specific Spreads, the authentic Tarot readers are not likely to insert their bias or prejudgment into their divination. Needless to say, they may be a precious and powerful tool for any newbie who have no experience in reading Tarot cards. At the end of the session, we will understand that the greatest and most seasoned Tarot readers are always the ones who know the ways to make use of their personal associations to the cards. Thus, the more we become conscious of our story, the more we are able to get a better understanding of ourselves.
Where you go beyond just regurgitating the book meanings of each card and instead you dive deep into the intuitive messages and uncover the story within the reading? So when I say “emotional space,” make an effort to just empty all of that emotional stuff – as much as you can – leave it at the door – and then consult the Tarot cards.

Make sure that that new question or rephrased question will help to get the answers that they are looking for. It is better to have a conversation up front, to set those expectations around what you can and can’t do with the Tarot cards, than to do the whole reading and have them disappointed.
Sometimes a Celtic Cross is great when you want insight into a bigger topic, and you want to understand what the energies are in the current situation; but a Celtic Cross might not be so great for things like: Should I go to the party on the weekend?
I find that these Do-It-Yourself Tarot spreads, or customized Tarot spreads, are often a really effective way of connecting in with the question, and answering it in a very specific way. It’s very hard for me to show you that on a podcast, but it’s just the regular way that you might shuffle any kind of deck of cards. Now I only recommend that if you know what you’re doing, because otherwise you can end up wrecking your cards. You can simply spread all the cards over a table, and swoosh them all around, and then bring them back up into the one pile again.   Not my favourite technique, but I just wanted to put out there as a possibility.
On one level we could interpret that asobstacles coming up when it comes to finding love, but I also see reverse cards as an indication of needing to reflect inwardly.
You might notice my mind just naturally goes into creating connections, but I want to bring it back down to simplifying these steps. So upright the Queen of Wands – very extroverted; but in this case she’s quite introverted. The Wheel in the middle is kind of like this wheel of change – this wheel of internal change, starting to shift and adapt one’s personality a little bit; because we’re dealing with two Court cards on either side, and two Queens which is an indication of the client’s own personality. So I have actually placed it in here as a stand-alone step to remind you to always come back to the original question, and answer that question specifically. We’ve taken the story out of the cards, and we’ve gone back and we’ve answered the question. And if you like, print it out and stick it up where you do your Tarot readings, so that you never lose sight of those seven steps.
It’s kind of like riding a bike – you might start to consciously work through those seven steps when you do your next Tarot reading, but after several times of using the seven steps, they’ll become so natural and in-flow that you won’t need to refer to that anymore.
And I’ll guide you as you set your intention for what type of Tarot reader you really want to become – and I’ll be right by your side as you turn your intention into reality. Thus, it is the matter of time and practice to understand the cards’ meanings profoundly.
From wealth to health, numerous important lessons and messages will be disclosed once the cards’ meanings are interpreted.
However, if The Fool is in the reversed side, it may warn you about the risk-taking decisions on life changes. In fact, the practice of using cards for divination and fortune telling is known as Cartomancy.
Plus, in order to gain the accurate Tarot card readings, we are required to grasp what the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards are.
At this point, the first half of the Major Arcana, including the Fool through the Hermit, will identify the transition from kid to adult as well as all of the challenges we have to face once progressing into a deeper level of spirituality and maturity. They will represent how we interact with others, our work, our finances, our emotions, and our personal relationships. Best Tarot Card Regarding Future LoveWhen coming to the Psychic world, you can discover lots of methods for predicting events-to-be such as love, career, relationship, etc.
You don’t have to have all that fancy paraphernalia in order to do a really good Tarot reading. You don’t have to do that; just a few simple breaths will help bring you into that spiritual space.
When I’m doing more complex readings – say 10 cards or more – then I will typically take it from the top of the deck. The easiest way to do it now is to start reading each card, and then we shall start creating some connections.
Or, alternatively it might also be this turn of events that leads you to feel some internal changes happening.
So it might just be a shift and a change in one’s personality in order to attract the right mate. With the wheel in the middle, I am imagining this cycle turning, and the Queens are on either side, rotating. I want you to know that if you’re ready to take your Tarot readings to the next level, and you want to tap into the Divine Guidance that’s available to you, then I invite you to check out my signature program which is TF2: Read Tarot with Confidence.
Including 21 numbered cards and 1 unnumbered card (The Fool), the major set is competent enough to be taken into account for most cases. Otherwise, the reversed one indicates the resistance to make any change; thus, it is impossible to move on. Free Tarot Psychic Readings – Detached Yet VitalIt is very easy to witness Free Tarot Reading in numerous paranormal programs and films.
Not going on so many dates for now, and thinking about what changes you can make to your own personality in a way that makes you feel really great about yourself.
It is the big awkwardness if you come to the Tarot zone with an empty head about the cards’ images and interpretations.
Even though you have never watched the card analyses in the local booths, it is possible to get the basic picture of the Tarot through screen. And also that starts to connect your head with your heart, so that you’re not always leading by your heart, or not always leading by your head, but there’s a nice balance in between. If most of our provided interpretations come true, then we will put trust in the cards’ powers, and vice versa. Once you have those factors right, then you’ll be much better set up to find your ideal partner. How To Read Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling CardsWhat am I supposed to state about these so-called Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Cards is that how entertaining it is, but to some certain people only, not for others who may not see these cards as just a normal card playing game.
Could someone please explain reverse tarot card meanings to me?Could someone please explain reverse tarot card meanings to me?
I am trying to …do you know a little game caled paper fortune teller?do you know a little game caled paper fortune teller?

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