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Festival of vivid colors Holi in 2016 will be celebrated on March 23th and 24th, Wednesday and Thursday , the second day of holi is famous with a festival name a€?Dhuletia€?. Festival Holi in 2016, unlike every year, will be celebrated on March 24 with immense pleasure. We have an collection of Birth Charts Janma Kundali Free Online Vedic Astrology Software in various styles. Once again the joyous season of Holi in 2016 will convey the message of love, affection and brotherhood. It is speculated by some scholars that the ancient festival of Madanotsav changed as Holi celebration with the time. Traditionally, Holi celebration begins three days before Holika Dahan on the day of Rang Pashi.
The next day of Holika Dehan is celebrated as Dhulandi or Dhulendi, when people play with colors and wish each other. Rakhi is basically a thread made out of moli or kalawa and sometimes silk or cotton thread. Take the bunch of multicoloured silk threads; you can also use single coloured threads if you wish to make simple Rakhi. Once they are independent of loops, use a toothbrush to rub hard on these threads and brush them with strong strokes by holding tight on the knot. Raksha Bandhan in India is a grand festival that is solely dedicated to all the brothers and sisters of the country.
At the same time this festival has immense intellectual, religious and historical significance. King Yudhishtir once asked Lord Krishna for a way to way off all evil spirits and bad luck so as to protect onself.
Meaning that if an individual is born in the month ofa€™ Shravana€™, then he is surrounded by friends family and sons. Therefore, the mutual aspects between Sun and Moon from 4th and 10th house respectively are of weighty significance. Start any auspicious work but consult your astrologer before that for analyzing your horoscope and electing a most auspicious time for you which would suit best for that particular intent.
Here is some inspiring pictures about Birth Charts Janma Kundali Free Online Vedic Astrology Software.
The festival of Holi is marked every year in the month of Falguna€™s Purnima to the middle of Pratipda.
The thread is then weaved with other colourful threads, pearls, zaris to beautify the Rakhi in your own way. India is a land of various festivals celebrated from time to time to glorify the spirit and beauty of different relationships. Thata€™s when Lord Krishna made reference to Rakhsha Bandhan, a festival that protects you from any mishap. Besides this there are significant Astrological reasons that prove beyond doubt that celebrating this festival according to the stated rituals can actually protect you from enemies.
Being a day ofa€™ Shukla pukhshaa€™ individual born on this day is: a€?a¤?a??a¤°a¤¤a¤?a¤?a?€a¤·a?€a¤? a¤µa¤?a¤?a??a¤?a??a¤za?‡a¤?a?‹a€™ meaning blessed with patience and popularity.
Interestingly, not only does this apply to people born at this time but also to those who perform the rituals and puja in an auspicious manner. As we are all aware that Full Moon Day, which is popularly, known as PURNAMASI occurs only when Moon is in opposition with Sun in the zodiac.

The day being one of the most auspicious in the Hindu calendar as well as Vedic Astrological parlance, we can take pledge and commence the following work having bearing in our individual as well as social life. It is the most auspicious day to start small savings, as Moon is the natural significator of wealth and she is transiting the 10th house of natural zodiac on the day of Raksha Bandhan. Hindu Festival Holi reminds the devotion of Bhakt Prahalad, a young child, towards Lord Vishnu. Greeting cards, packets of sweets, and especially SMS of Holi, will make this festival full of hilarity. May Almighty bless you all the colors of life, colors of joy, colors of happiness, colors of friendship, colors of love and all other colors to make your life colorful! Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Birth Charts Janma Kundali Free Online Vedic Astrology Software interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. As is true for every other relationship Raksha Bandhan celebrates the bond between a brother and sister.
Rakhi is at times also decorated with soft silky threads of various colours, ornaments, religious symbols or even studded with jewels like gold and silver threads etc. Money ofcourse can buy the best rakhi in the market, yet nothing compares to the pleasure and pride of making Rakhi with our own hands for our loving brother or sister.
A sponge or a coloured paper of the same colour can also be used which can be cut into different shapes and then put some beads or sitaras randomly.
For instance, some people uses some traditional materials like rudrakhsha, tulsi or a deity symbol. Sikh, Christians, primarily, Raksha bandhan is considered to be a Hindu Festival, that to specially sacred for the Hindu Brahmins. Celebrated in the a€?Shukla pukhsaa€™ of a€?Shravan a€?observing this festival in an auspicious way keeps your enemies. In a nutshells celebrating the festival as is auspicious will bring make one patient, popular, efficient, fun loving, heavenly , sweet spoken , destroyer of enemies, wealthy, worthy, happy and protected.
One should start the day by getting up early in the morning and taking holy bath at the time of sunrise. This time around the Sun would be in Cancer the sign of Moon and Moon in Capricorn ruled by Saturn. Mathura, Vrindavan, Gokul, Barsana and place near them, people celebrate the festival of Holi with special enthusiasm, zeal and heartiness.
His aunt Holika tried to kill him with consent of his father Demon king Hiranyakashipu by taking him along with her into the fire. Holy is not about keeping grudges and continuing the arguements but it is about forgiving everyone for their faults and accepting them the way they are. The literal meaning of 'Raksha Bandhan' is 'a bond of protection', so on this auspicious day, sisters tie Rakhi on their brothers wrists and pray to God to protect their brother from all evil while brother promise to protect them from all harms and trouble.
Besides being less expensive they involve a personal touch and depict your love and affection for you brother.
Some go for funky stuff likely teddy bears or cartoon characters which is very popular among kids. Indian months as we already know are assigned in terms of the a€?nukshatraa€? , and so this festival is celebrated on a€?Maasant Diwasa€™.
This is to be followed by a€?Tarpana€™, where one offers pure water to his forefathers and family Gods.
On the occasion of Holi, cheerfully people spread gulal and abhir on each other and loudly say a€?Holi Hai Bhai Holi Hai Bura na Mano Holi Haia€?.

In the holi festive season of 2016 get involved in playing with colors and eating tasty delacacies.
It is celebrated all across the country; nonetheless it is one of the biggest festivals in north India. A more cherished experience can be added to this by putting in personal effort and making a homemade Rakhi for your beloved brothers. In ordinary language Raksha Bandhan would mean, bonding someone into a lifelong relationship as your protector. In the end one should offer flowers, lighted incense, coconut, rice , mustard , moli and roli . On the auspicious day of Holi in 2016, people full of zest will share their joyful feelings with their near dear relatives, friends, neighbors and close people by giving hugs and sending text messages filled of wishes Happy Holi. Asur swami (king of demons) Hiranyakashipu never wanted his son to worship or remember Lord Vishnu, but he failed many times and couldna€™t rupture the devotion of Bhakt Prahalad.
Holi 2016 will also be convivial occasion for children, as they will get great freedom of throwing water balloons on person walking on streets.
Demon Hiranyakashyap wanted to kill him because his ego could not tolerate that his own son had worshiped Lord Vishnu.
Although this festival signifies a sacred bond with your protector, it is primarily celebrated as a festival that glorifies the bonding between a brother and sister.
Finally demoness sister Holika made Hiranyakashipu believe that she could finish up Bhakt Prahalad with the help of her gifted cloth which would prevent her from the burn on fire.
But by divine blessings of Sri Hari Vishnu, fire didna€™t touch Prahlad and Holika got burnt instead. Some of them prefer bracelets for Rakhi they are expensive as compared to homemade Rakhi but are admired among elderly.
On Holi in 2016, you would even enjoy watching collections of Holi related Hindi songs and movies on your television. While tying a rakhi on her brothers wrist the sister hopes that her brother will protect her from all kinds of difficult situations and protect whenever the need be. One such popular song is a€?Holi Ke Dina€? from Movie Sholay, or a€?Holi Khele Raghubira Avadh meina€? from the film Baghban. But, destiny had decided something else, devotee Prahalad was unharmed with the provided protection of lord Vishnu, and Holika was died on fire, which symbolized the triumph of good over evil. Make your Holi 2016 complete by wishing your relatives, friends or close people with sweet SMS. The significance of the festival Raksha bandhan is known to all and this is the reason that people take Raksha bandhan very seriously.
Not only in India, but also the festival Holi in 2016 will be enjoyed among people who have been residing in foreign countries.
And the next day people relish in a€?Dhuletia€?-rubbing and spreading colors on each other. Gujiya is very famous sweet dedicated for festival Holi, which is prepared using Maida, Mava, dry fruits, Ghee and suji. They believe that festival Holi remarks the eternal and essence love of Radha Krishna, and adoration of Gopis towards lord Krishna.

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