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Astrologer Sunil Mridul Vashisth is a well known National & International Astrologer, Numerologist, Vastu expert. Francis: Any interesting career options that you would have liked to pursue if you were a 10th standard student in today's world and looking ahead? He has been helping people from all walks of life, which includes many individuals, Professionals, Housewives, industrialist, students and people with little or no success. You can request a reading of your birth chart by supplying information about your date, time and place of birth, and questions about your life to which you need answers. We do so much research to find out a good dress, which movie to watch, what to order in a restaurant, spend much much more time in choosing your career - entirely based on your interest, lifestyle and expertise, not on 'scope'. Ans: There are innumerable options (all excluding engineering, medicine and science related fields) To list out just a few, it could be Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary, Civil Services, various branches of military service, banking, investment banking, communications, visual arts, computer applications, travel and tourism, teaching, economics, etc etc Manish: Hallo Sir, Sir, which are the best medical colleges in India?
I got into IIT without any coaching (thanks to my parents from whom I inherited high intellectual genes).
If you are aiming for a career in technical, creative, science fields, even if you English is not perfect, you can still do very well professionally. However, you can overcome what you lost out in early years having been brought up in a small town by just practicing speaking and writing in English, maybe even attend a short-term course in spoken English, and constantly being in the company of English speaking people, reading newspapers and books of your interest, etc.

Your dreams will materialize more based on your choice of a right career which suits your interest, aptitude and personality.
Ensure that you select the right specialization and a reputed university, for that will determine your employment potential. Ideally you should have begun the process of preparation when you were competing 3rd year engineering, as you will have to go through GRE, TOEFL etc, whose marks will determine which University will accept you.
I you are starting the process now, try and gain some work experience in the meanwhile Rakesh: I love economics.
If I want to pursue a career in counselling, how should I go about it from the 11th standard? If you have the flair for understanding a relating to people, you can make a very satisfying career in it. You will need to preferably (though not necessarily) take Arts in 11th standard, do your degree with Psychology as one of the subjects, and then take up an M.Sc. At this point you may take up science (PCM + any fourth subject of your choice) for your PUC, and then spend the next two years exploring various alternatives. Once selected you are assured of a Class I service in government where you have plenty of opportunity to work with wildlife and its conservation.

The other option is to take up a four year degree course in Forestry offered by University of Agricultural Sciences in Karnataka and other states, after which you can independently pursue a career in wildlife -- employment being primarily in NGOs, forest based industries, plantations, zoos, and research institutions Shiva: Is there any point in pursuing an engineering degree now? Similarly if you are good in languages, are creative, or are fascinated with social sciences, then Arts may be the right option.
Try and fix up your long term goals in terms of career you would like to take up, then decide whether commerce or arts suits your goals better Guest: I want to take up PCM after my SSLC and prepare for the IIT. Once you start your 11th, keep sharpening your writing skills, do some freelance writing and send it to publications. You can review at the end of 12th whether your interest remains as strong, and then take up a degree course in Mass Communication which includes written and electronic media.

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