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Horoscope matching - janam kundali software online free, The points of horoscope matching (kundli matching) are given from the total of 36; minimum scored points should be 18. Shani dev, shani, shanidev, lord shani dev, shani puja, By the grace of lord shani dev, guru rajneesh rishi ji solves all their problems and never send them empty handed.
Free online janam kundali making in hindi marathi english, kundali making by name and date of birth. Free instant detailed kundali, janam kundali predictions, free kundali matching, online kundali matching, online check your full kundali detail. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
This portal is dedicated to Vedic Astrology - Vedanga Jyotish, a science that is deep-rooted in Indian culture, tradition, and philosophy of life.
For any charts prepared for births during this period, simply move the clock back for an hour -OR- fill 6 30 E in the timezone column. Based on my email exchanges with Basab over the last few days, I realized that there is still a lot of confusion over how to enter values in the birth chart application to generate janma kundli and it is especially true for folks living outside India and those who live in places with daylight savings during a certain part of the year.
The most important side effect of getting DST wrong is incorrect lagna both for rashi and other amsha (divisional) charts.
To generate a janma kundli, we then need to ascertain if DST is indeed in affect during the time of birth of the individual. In United States, from 1987 to 2006, DST began on first Sunday in April and ended on last Sunday in October.
3 pada is mithun and i heard no gurubala for 2009 and 4 pada is karkataka and 4 pada has gurubala. The problem is with time input because he is born during Daylight savings time july and what should i put in time zone? Vishakha nakshatram vishakha birth star astrology, Vishakha nakshatram vishakha birth star astrology predictions.
We have an collection of Kundali Free Janma Kundali 40 Page Detailed Horoscope Vedic in various styles.
Janam Kundali contains the predictions for life of an individual based on the planetary position and a few other attributes at time of birth. Click on ‘Kundali (Birth Chart)’ link and soon you will be redirected to a new page with an easy form.
There, you will need to fill the details like name, sex, DOB, time of birth, and the birth place. Next, click on ‘Continue’ button, after which you will be taken to your janam kundali page. Not being an astrologer I know that Janam kundali is not very long, but as a normal being you won’t be able to interpret things from it. AstroSage is simple, easy, online, 100% free, and also lets you know about the upcoming situations in life. You can try other free online predictions applications like Silhouette, Lotus Tarot, and Trusted Tarot. Complete the form below, and we'll send you an e-mail every now and again with all latest news. I think KSY sounds scarier than it is I won’t deny that it does cause some delays, but other planetary combos have known to cause that as well.
Saturn is in the 1st house and Rahu in the 11th with ketu and Venus in the 5th.(Venus falls within the degree of Rahu and Ketu).
If the KALASARPA YOGA moves from the head to tail position, then we need to consider the movement of the nodes to understand the position of the snake in the chart. I would believe that if KETU and RAHU had exchanged thier position, that would be more of a snake yoga, since all the planets are in the belly of the snake.
I agree with Amin Haji(Friday March 31 , 2006 ), one of the commentators on Kalsarpa Yoga in your Blog. I have observed that if girl has mangalik dosh and then is likely to have kalsarp dosha also why its like this i have observed in lot horoscope please share with us why? The above comment about kalsarpa dosha and manglik dosha with girls is not a correct observation. Dear Sir, I presume the 12 yogas you have mentioned are only when the Kalasarpa dosha exists.
Sir, Just wish to share with you some information on KSY ( Kala Sarpa Yoga) that I read according to which it is a subset of either one of the two Yogas explained below. There is a yoga called Vyartha Jeevan Yoga in which all planets are hemmed between two planets that are malefics for that ascendant. Therefore, for a given ascendant, if both Saturn and Mars are Malefics and KSY is present, then, in this case, KSY is a subset of Vyartha Jeevan Yoga. On the other hand, if either Saturn or Mars is a benefic for that ascendant and KSY is present, there is no Vyartha Jeevan Yoga and therefore KSY does not affect the chart because either Rahu who gives the result of Saturn or Ketu who gives the result of Mars is a benefic. Finally, if both Mars and Saturn are benefics for that ascendant and KSY is present, then it is an example of Sarthaka Jeevan Yoga because both Rahu and Ketu who give the results of Saturn and Mars respectively are benefics for that ascendant! Now, when I learnt about the Vyartha Jeevan Yoga, I was puzzled if all the people who have Kala sarpa yoga fall in the bracket?
There was one astrologer who said that I had no kala sarpa yoga because Lagna was outside the hem. Now, I have also heard that if there is Jupiter in Chandra Kendra, all the bad aspects of horoscope gets nullified.

Personally, I find it hard to accept that any single combination (yoga) can make or break a person because there are 9 Grahas and 12 Rasis which make possible an extremely large number of horoscopes. If a person with Kala Sarpa Dosha is observed to be depressed or moody or pessimistic most of the time, it could be because of afflictions to the Moon but it is not necessary that the affliction is caused by Rahu-Ketu.
Consider a different Kala Sarpa Yoga situation wherein Rahu or Ketu or both are aspected by strong benefics and moreover Rahu-Ketu are strengthened by being vargottama.
Also, the effects of any yoga are said to be felt during the dasha-antardasha of the planets causing the yoga. As per the author, we need to worry about Kala Sarpa only when both Saturn and Mars (who give results of Rahu and Ketu) are lord of malefic houses for any given ascendant. I see a query on the KSY being ineffective if it does not have the Lagna enclosed in its side. KSY exists, when all the planets lie between Rahu and Ketu, such that you start from Rahu in clock-wise direction towards Ketu. Is it compulsory that special ring must be in gold..will Five metal is god or not to make ring?
I am feeling very depressed and confused for career.I generally feel myself very uncomfortable in public relationships. My age is 48 years still i phase problems , i dont get success in career as well as in my profession.Also my wife is suffering series health problems.
Sir could you Please tell me, am i having kalasarpa yoga,in my horoscope rahu is in third house and ketu is in 9th house.
Like im facing problems in my career, im unable to succeed in getting job even after many trails. In regards my Sister, as guided my many Jyotishi’s to do KS Yoga puja, I myself my sister and a younger brother did the Puja along with others 50 persons in a Shiv Mandir in Mumbai.
But Still even after trying desperately we are not successful in getting a suitable match for her.
We are 3 yrs married, still no children, and when we got married just after 6 months my hub lost his job and till today has no job at all, i am supporting him and his family, I am terribly upset, bcoz no sucess, and husband has no job, if he tries also he is not getting, and getting angry if I ask him to go to work, and helping his family, when will my husband go to work and take the responsiblity, recently did the pooja and said that kala sarpa dosha has gone, how will we know that sir and please advice what to do i am always worried will lots of fear and full of money problem, money is not staying in my hand i earn and in 2 days all given and I am penny less, whats the point of earning etc and dont have a child as yet ,please advice, thanks so much for reading the mail, in ur busy time.
One year back i perform some pooja name SARPA SAMSKARAM, even though am troubling in all aspects. Horoscope match marriage - astrosage, Vedic astrology based marriage match, also called melapak, is one of the most important criteria for hindu marriages.
Telugu horoscope or astrology predictions, get your online, Get horoscope, birth chart, janma kundali in telugu. Get free vedic astrology rashi, sade sati, manglik, janma, Here is your online jyotish astrologer!
Prediction about any event in an astrology chart is done by looking at either transits of planets (gochara) or by referring to a dasha period.. I could not find any credible source of information regarding specific places and countries, though. Horoscope applications throughout the world (for either Western or Vedic Astrology) can programmatically determine if daylight savings is in effect for a place of birth at the time of birth. Timezone never changesAll through the year, whether or not DST is in affect, the timezone of a place remains the same. DSTOne more parameter DST is taken into account during period of daylight savings or summer time, as it is known in countries within European Union.
How do we find out what the time zone is?Assuming that you want to find out the local time zone, the easiest way is to look at the system clock in your Windows machine. Starting in 2007, daylight time begins on the second Sunday in March and ends on the first Sunday in November. Here is some inspiring pictures about Kundali Free Janma Kundali 40 Page Detailed Horoscope Vedic . The main highlights of the page have been listed under the heading “Free Horoscope and Astrology Services”.
Many astrologers consider kundali as the most accurate means for predicting future of any person. For this reason you are provided with a 40 page online janam kundali with interpretations and explanations ion it.
This yoga, and please notice the choice of words – it is a yoga and _not_ a dosha, is caused when all the planets are hemmed between Rahu and Ketu. I am sure readers are going to come back to me and ask me about Kal Amrita Yoga as well, but I do not think that Kal Amrita Yoga is a seperate yoga and would not like to comment on it. The first and foremost method to reduce the affect of Kalsarpa yoga is to pray to Lord Shiva in His Maharudra avatar on Mondays.
Wear a special ring, shaped like a serpent with a small Gomed at the head and a Vaidurya (lahsuniya) at the tail.
A pooja at Trayambkeshwara Temple about 40 kms from the city of Nasik in Maharashtra is suggested.
In my horoscope ragu is in the third house and ketu is in the ninth but i only have serious trouble in my matrimonial life and not as mentioned in your analysis.kindly explain.
In my kundali Ketu is in 2nd house and Rahu is in eight house and all other graha are in between them on right side, left side is fully empty . Likewise, Sarthaka Jeevan Yoga is where all planets are hemmed between two planets that are benefics for that ascendant.
One astrologer suggested me to perform pooja.My marriage was getting delayed and the reason for this was pointed to this aspect.

For example Jawaharlal Nehru (Cancer Lagna and Rahu in 12th), South Indian film actor Rajinikant (Leo Ascendant, Rahu in 8th – here the ascendant is outside the Rahu-Ketu axis), South Indian actor Chiranjeevi (Libra Lagna and Rahu in the 3rd) to mention a few.
In addition, if you consider Navamsa and other vargas also, the number of possibilities are unimaginably large!
In such a case, maybe the problems described in the article above for 12 positions of Rahu-Ketu may not occur or maybe occur with very less intensity! So, effects of kala sarpa yoga also may be felt not through-out life but only during dasha-antardasha of Rahu-Ketu.
In Nehru’s case for example, it is Cancer Lagna and Mars is a yogakarka, therefore even though Kala Sarpa exists, it is anulled because Mars (and therefore Ketu) is a benefic lord of 5th and 10th. I think negatively.when will all this end?i did narayan nagbali and wear gomed Is ksy related to the wrong doings of my ancestors or my previous birth? My horoscope with Kumbh lagna shows Jupitor and Ketu in the fifth house and Mars and Rahu in the eleventh.
Like even qualifying all the rounds in every interview i face, but the result is kept on hold. If some margin of error is acceptable, one could potentially still look at all planetary positions from Moon rashi for general predictions. Double click on the clock on your computer’s system tray and click on the timezone tab on the popup.
If this option is not available and if the DST status has to be figured out from the date, here is a wikipedia article that could be referred to. Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Kundali Free Janma Kundali 40 Page Detailed Horoscope Vedic interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest.
The following steps include the procedure for obtaining  your free online janam kundali at Astrosage. Research shows that this yoga was not a part of classical texts written by great sages like Parashara, Bhrigu etc.
Expenses would be more then the income and the financial situation would remain fairly mediocre. Rudrashatakam written by Goswami Tulasidas in Ramacharit Manas should be chanted regularly.
I was wondering if the Shankapal Kalasarpa yoga which I found is what is in my kundali will show any effect with the Gajakesari yoga?
So, ascribing each and every problem to kala sarpa dosha when it exists in a chart is not a correct approach. There is one person in my family whose whereabouts are not known till today since 1962-many astrologers said his unfulfilled dreams create problems for the generations of my family. Other grahas are Sun and Mercury in the seventh, Moon and Venus in the eighth and Saturn in the ninth.
I frequently visit to Kalahasti to perform Kalasarpa parihara pooja and i visited so many places, even in Traiambakeshwar also i perform some pooja to Lord Shiva.
IMHO, two horoscopes should be cast, one with DST and one without it, and some sort of preliminary chart rectification techniques should be used to select one of them. In countries belonging to European Union, summer time starts on the last Sunday in March and ends on the last Sunday in October. Maybe after an year I will be able to compare & contrast the predictions and real life events.
If a person has Kalsarpa yoga in his kundali, Rahu and Ketu are said to limit the potential of the chart and not allow other important yogas to take effect. The person having this combination in his chart should take precautions in deals by paying extra attention towards legal documentation. This combination is not good for health and Rahu being in eighth house is usually not considered good as it indicates a sudden and violent death. Also, I would like to know that is it true that the good things get delays when someone has this yoga. In my horoscope ragu is in the sixth house and ketu is in the twelfth, Sir I am facing lots of trouble in my life especially in my job, So please sir suggest me, what should I do to improve my life. I have therefore chosen not to incorporate such a logic in the birth chart application on this website and prefer to take this input from the user. In practice, it is observed that this role of Rahu and Ketu diminishes over time and good things are just delayed for such people.
Also, I have Sun in 8th house along with Ketu and Rahu is aspected by Saturn (present in 5th house) and Jupiter (present in 6th house). Can any scholar through light on my kundli and make some prediction.Also whether do I need some Kaal Sarpa Yog Anushthan or not. DST has never been used in independent India, although we do see an example of DST being used during the second world war. The person should never try his luck in lottery, share markets, and anything where speculation is involved. Also, wanted to know is this all karmically bound to my past life, or just something random.

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