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For a successful married life, the general characteristics of both the bride and the bridegroom are that they should have long life span, normal cleverness, good fortune and love towards life mate and family members.
If both have a good life line without faults, a moderate head line, a good fate line and a good heart line without faults, the married life will be happy. Besides these general qualities there are some special characteristics, which are to be examined for the successful married life. For a successful married life, the main quality required is respecting the whims and fancies of the life mate and to adjust oneself to suit the occasion. The couple should follow established norms, discipline, discrimination and a methodical approach to face any event in the life.
For a successful married life neither of the two should have abnormal qualities or characteristics. If the fate line starts from the mount of luna, she will have obedience, respect to others and loving nature.
If the fate line starts from the mount of luna and stops just before reaching head line, then she is most obedient and worships her husband as God and serves him well irrespective of his merits and demerits. On the other hand if there is no fate line in the hand of the bride then it will not be possible to assess her behavior and conduct. In this article, I will do my level best to explain how scientific astrology and Hand Analysis (Scientific Palmistry) can help people to be better professional managers and business leaders. This planet deals with government service, timber, forest contracts, wool, medicine, banking and goldsmiths. It represents shipping, import-export, food business, milk products confectionery, bakery, plastics and catering. It represents development of land1 copper, any manufacturing where fire is used, machine tools1 ornament factories, hardware goods, chemists, druggists and dentists.
It represents the middle-men, accountancy, stationery, printing, publishing, radio and other communication media, auditing and interpreters. It represents lawyers, judges, counsellors, teachers, professors, the clergy, the treasury, temples and churches. The professions and business connected with Venus are: silks and expensive textiles, interior decoration, coffee planting, tea estate owning, gemstones, photography, engraving, cartoonist, music, embroidery, flower selling, beautician and perfumes. This planet indicates miners, coal and fuel of every petroleum, real estate business, building contractors, agriculture, heavy machinery, iron, tin, lead, oil seeds, leather goods, hides, excavators and time-pieces. If we are interested in investments, we would like to know something about the future of the company or public body, etc. Short journeys, business relations with neighbouring countries, advertising, company correspondence in general. Silver and the silver market, instability of share quotations, women working for the company. Popularity of the company, the working environment, trade and financial recoveries generally, interior decoration. Rising labour consciousness, social security measures like health insurance, profit sharing, the concept of nationalisation.
The client now asks, "With which country shall I trade?" The astrologer replies, "As Cancer represents China, Holland, Canada or New Zealand, and it is in your Ascendant, you will do well by trading with any of these countries." Hence a specific country has been pinpointed by making use of Mundane (Political) Astrology. The client now asks, "When shall I start the business?" By studying the client's birth chart, the astrologer can select the exact day and minute when the business can be launched. A leading American business astrologer also has a sound knowledge of Hindu (Indian) astrology.
It is an astrological truth that a company launched at the wrong time will collapse after a short time or encounter enormous unnecessary difficulties. A business partnership should never be started unless there are many favourable 7th House factors in the birth chart of the client.
There is an easy way to tell from the hands that the person should avoid a business partnership. Scientific methods of personnel selection may not be sufficient to assess the true nature and potential of the candidate.
What a criminal waste if the wrong person is given an important job position for which he has no aptitude!
He will enjoy his work and have a natural aptitude for choosing the right staff for the right jobs.
The head of an international executive search firm estimates that as many as 20% of the large German, Swiss and Scandinavia firms get an astrological reading on executive candidates before hiring them.
The billionaire financier, J P MORGON, used to consult Evangeline Adams regularly regarding Stock Market investments. Within the next 50 years of so, the ancient Science of Astrology will regain dignity and respect it commended in the past. Astrology is invaluable in predicting earthquakes, planning agricultural operations, vocational counselling, and as a brilliant tool in business management.
Astrology will help the manager to gain an insight into individual motive and character which no other science can afford.
Kalidas, a famous ancient Sanskrit poet and astrologer said thousands of years ago, "There is nothing in the three worlds for knowledge besides the hand, which is given to mankind like a book to read". Vedic astrology is and the perfect way to find out the solution of human being’s life any kind of problem no matter whether it is big or small. Many of Indian astrologers are available in India who offers their astrological service at free of cost for people and our astrologer Pandit Mukesh Gaur Ji is also among from that astrologer who see the profit of people instead of his own. Free Vedic Astrology service are offered by Mukesh Ji is real and genuine so if you are having any kind of issues, doubt or any problem you can easily make consult to us and can get the solution of your problem with the help of Vedic astrological tactics .
Astrology is a complete package of prediction and tradition which hold the related bodies and details that enables us to provide relevant information which is related to our personality, affair and other material issues. To assess these qualities, the life line, head line, the fate line and the heart line of both are to be examined.
The heart line should be more specific than the head line in the hands of both the bride and the bridegroom. They should not be preoccupied with tension, suspense, hopelessness and pessimistic attitude.
As such if the husband treats her with loving care, then the married life will be very happy. Similarly the married life of a couple will not be happy, if both do not have good fate lines.
The Ascendant refers to the Sign rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth of a company or the individual.
The client now asks, "But what business suits me?" The astrologer says, "The planet MOON is well placed in Cancer in your birth chart. Elections refers to times chosen by astrologers for the initiation of any work or enterprise of importance, the beginning of journeys, signing of contracts and agreements, getting married, etc. A few years ago, he helped a California biotechnology company that was facing a severe cash crisis.
Astrologers disagree with management experts that the collapse of a company was due either to insufficient capitalization or a weak business plan.
This is because choosing the right astrological time to start a company will generate so much positive energy as to neutralize all other negative factors and thus ensure success of the enterprise.

Many of my clients are Chinese and they are fond of business partnership in Singapore and Malaysia. If there is a mole or spot on the 2nd or 3rd phalanges of Mercury or little finger, the person should avoid a business partnership. Doctors bury their mistakes, but the mistakes of the Personnel Department may have to be transferred to other departments! An outstanding Personnel Manager will have the planets Jupiter and Saturn well placed in strong houses and favourable Zodiac signs.
It shows the typical hand features of an outstanding effective business and management leader. Experts say that these elements go into making a decision, defining the problem, gathering relevant information and logically analyzing the data. The correct interpretation of the birth chart correlated preferably with the company chart will tell the manager which is the best option to pursue. Another ancient Indian astrologer wrote, "There is nothing like a horoscope for the acquisition of wealth, it is a boat in a sea of troubles, and it is a guide in the journey of life".
Mukesh Ji has given lot’s of years in Vedic astrology and this is the reason he is having bulks of the name of satisfies the customer.
But there is lots of married couple in the world who are still deprived of the happiness of having the baby. A comfy life mean to have the luxurious bungalow, luxury car, super cool lifestyle to live, a big bank balance and much more thing and cause of that every person wants to live a life with full comfy but is it really easy to get all comfy easily?
Vedic astrological tactics are really much powered enough which will never gonna to make you disappoint with your expectation, what you are expecting you will defiantly get in your life easily. From the ancient times, it is in existence, people used this vedic astrology for their life. To have the above qualities it is desirable that both the bride and the bridegroom should have a square hand and square fingers. If the fate line starts inside the life line(that is towards thumb) or it touches the life line, then she will depend upon her father for her needs during childhood. In this sample horoscope, Jupiter and Moon are setting in the Lagna or Ascendant in the Zodiac Sign of Aries. The time chosen to launch a company will influence to a significant degree the events affecting the company as it progresses. Thus Electrical Astrology deals with initiating auspicious times to get the most favourable results. This unhappy situation arose because a silent American investor did not keep his promise and deliver a promised cash infusion. If a company is launched at the wrong time, a heavy injection of capital will NOT save the company. The precise time - even to the minute - of launching a new company cannot be determined by Management Science. These secrets are largely unknown to the "GURUS" of Management Science in the Western world. As the 10th House governs trade, commerce and business activities, and many businessmen do business with business partners, we must study the 7th House in the birth chart of the subject.
If the answer is negative, the client should not start a business partnership under any circumstances. One key to the MIND is the HANDS, a perfect MIRROR giving insight into the working of the human mind. The world would be marvellous if all new candidates lived up to half of the promise made on their resumes.
Astrology and Hand Analysis can help the Personnel Department tremendously in finding the right people in the right job at the right time. Also the planet Saturn will have some connection by aspect or conjunction, with the 10th House, the House of Profession, is astrology.
For is someone wanted to make trouble for a company, a shareholder could call a meeting and say the Board of Directors took advice from an astrologer! But if they are supplemented by the judicious use of Scientific Astrology and Hand Analysis, the Personnel Manager will become a BLACK BELT in Management Science.
As Sun represents Management Science, the planet Sun will also be very well placed in the chart.
The one correct decision to make will be revealed in the horoscope with startling accuracy.
The horoscope and palms see very deep into the factors, that constitute the elements of decision making.
If the 5th House and its ruler are severely afflicted, the person should avoid speculation totally. Astrology attracted the attention of Dr Albert Einstein, Aristotle, Acero, Claudius Ptolemy, Sir Isaac Newton as well as great thinkers of the East. All that is necessary to determine the sublime truth of Astrology as a Science is a fair, thorough investigation, of its methods and principles by scientific men.
There will be a revolution in Management thinking once Astrology is widely practised by managers. Mukesh Ji only having one aims that to help people to resolve their issues so by that people can live life happily and beautifully. There are lots of thing matters like physical issues, time, planetary positions, destiny and many more things but whatever the reason is no one sees the reason everyone just looks that the couple is childless and Indian society childless couple faces lot’s of guilt and problems cause of society which makes them realize again and again that they are childless. Then the answer is obviously No, for getting all comfortable people have to do lots of hard work and not only hard work, the thing which really matters a lot is Destiny. It gives a complete prediction of someone's future as it is a diagram of the positions of planets.
If the hands of both the bride and bridegroom contain numerous small and long lines and appear like the web of a spider, then all the above mentioned bad qualities exist for both and as such the alliance will not be successful. If there are 4 or 5 short vertical lines on the mount of Mercury, then they willingly serve others.
Naturally after marriage, she will depend upon her husband and if the husband treats her with love and affection and fulfils her desires then the married life will be successful.
It is interesting to note that a leading American business astrologer was offered a cool million American dollars to work under exclusive contract to a consortium of venture capitalists.
This astrologer selected an exact favourable Astrological Time to send a telex to a Japanese investment company.
One important secret when starting a new company is that it should be launched during the period of the expanding MOON. Those natives (subjects) having malefics or naturally evil planets like Mars, and Saturn in the 7th House should not have a business partnership. A mole on the Mercury Mount which is the mount under the little finger will give the same result.
RODGER's 7 point plan and FRASER's 5 point plan may not reveal the true capabilities of the candidate. So we can easily understand why a combination of favourable Jupiter and Saturn Mounts will make a candidate suitable for the very important position of PERSONNEL MANAGER. If malefic (evil planets) like MARS and RAHU are sitting in the 6th House, the Personnel Manager will have frequent trouble with employees.

The time will surely come when Astrology and Palmistry will be widely and openly used on the recruitment of managers. Thus Jupiter could be exalted in the Zodiac Sign of CANCER, while Sun will be exalted in Aries. If the manager is thinking of making a major decision, and his planetary position is bad, the wise manager will delay making the decision. It is fair comment to say that Astrology sees much further than modern management science as regards decision making. If the 5th House and its ruler are favourably disposed, the person can gain considerably from speculation. Events proved him right, while many reputable Stock Market analysts did not foresee the 1987 crash that shook the world's Stock Markets. In the future, the wise manager will combine the wisdom of Astrology with the techniques of modern Management Science. Many of couples are those who after having doctor consultation get blessed with baby but some are still those who are suffering from this problem so for those all couples we are here to offer you the help that the first thing you should do is to take consultation of doctor that what actually the problem is and if you are the one who have taken all the prescription but still you are childless then you should take help of astrology. Destiny is one of the most precious things which plays very important role for getting the comfortable life. So it is a good sign for the couple to have medical stigmata in their hands.Love, affection, delicacy should be in normal proportions for a successful married life.
If the fate line starts in the middle of the palm without connection to life line, she will have independent nature. An astro-palmist is one who is well versed in both the Sciences of Astrology and Palmistry.
Either the partner will let him down, the partnership will be broken or there will be a financial loss. Many clients have consulted reputable management consultants who advised them to go into business partnerships.
Management consultants having such features in their hands themselves suffered heavy financial losses when they ventured into business partnerships.
A GRILLE on the Saturn Mount will weaken it, and surely make the Personnel Manager most miserable in his job. What to do, how to do it, when to do it, and sometimes even who to blame when it doesn't work! Once the decision is made based upon a deep interpretation of the horoscope, the manager can have the confidence that it is a very high probability or near certainty the outcome would be a success. With Astrology, a manager can implement a decision on a specific day at a very precise time, thus increasing radically the chances of success. As we told before that Vedic astrology is an art of planetary position calculation by using the date of birth of people. Many of people have issues with their life that even after doing lot’s of hard work they are still not achieved, what they are working for so the thing which is becoming hurdle between this all things is Destiny or luck. So much so if both bride and bridegroom have long index fingers, one will not care for the other and chaos will prevail. She will try to be independent and she may not behave as per the whims and fancies of her husband. The astro-palmist studies the hand features and sees that the Mercury Line, representing business, is well formed in both hands.
Yet, when the 7th House was badly afflicted in the birth chart, invariably the client came to grief as a result of listening to the management consultant.
It deals with PEOPLE, the only aspect of the business industry which has not improved over the last 200 years.
The following favourable signs strengthen the SATURN MOUNT - triangle, square, trident and a clear vertical line. Then if the Saturn Mount is also favourable, then the subject is a TRUE, POSITIVE SATURNIAN.
Combinations showing leadership in Astrology and Hand Analysis can be strengthened by training. As the horoscope sees the FUTURE, it is possible to integrate the past, present and future through the Science of Astrology. The computer cannot interpret the chart, but it can give the mathematical planetary positions within a few minutes.
He will be able to foresee and make use of all benefit influences operating through his own environment.
You can make consult to our astrologer he will make you guide with the help of astrological powers and give Free Vedic astrology for childless couple. So it is desirable to have a normal index finger for good married life or even a short index finger. For a successful married life both the bride and the bridegroom should have a long little finger and well developed mount of Venus. This is confirmed by the strong position of the planets representing business in the birth chart or horoscope. Thus, there is a time to go into business, and a time to avoid it, a time to look for a position and a time not to look for it.
Management consultants would be able to give more perceptive and accurate advice on this subject of business partnership if they had sound knowledge of FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY. Should the SATURN MOUNT be normally developed with favourable signs on it and the JUPITER MOUNT also be favourable, the person can do well as a PERSONNEL MANAGER.
There are certain things which even the most brilliant manager cannot foresee, but these are often seen clearly in the horoscope.
Astrological remedies are powered enough to solve your issue and if you work according to the guidance of astrologer Mukesh Ji then you will defiantly get bless with a baby. The answer is Vedic Astrology, Vedic astrological remedies can help you to boost up your luck level easily and when you get your luck then no one can stop you to touch the heights of life.
The astrologer says, "Yes, you can safely start a business venture." The client then asks the astrologer, "Any possibility I can be a multi-millionaire?" The astrologer is able to see signs of great wealth in the hands. Professions and trade for which a person is fitted can be read from the hand by a careful, thorough examination of the dominant finger and the MOUNT at the base of it. This Business Wisdom can be revealed to the subject with the interpretation and help of a highly competent business astrologer.
Are you the one who is also wishing for having the comfy life then you can make consult to us we will make help you to active all through things what you want in your life. Also, he knows that there are favourable "Yogas" for wealth, like Lakshmi "Yoga" in the birth chart. The explanation could be that there are elusive astrological factors stopping the business from progressing.
Scientific Astrology and Hand Analyst (Palmistry) can be very useful tools indeed in supplementing the Scientific methods of personnel selection, like the Interview, the Job Application Form, the Resume and Psychological Tests.
The astrologer, "Yes, you will definitely be a multi-millionaire by the age of 45." So this is strategic planning.

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