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Daily Astrology Explorer is your personal panchaang with the detailed analysis of every moment for you.
The Chinese horoscope is based on the movement of the moon, which explains the origin of the term "lunar year".
The best astrology software based on Lal Kitab, that generates your Horoscopes and Varshaphala complete with remedies, gemstone recommendation, rudraksh and detailed analysis. Astrology Prophet Pro Transits is the program, which allows your to view astrological influence on your life, day by day in five main spheres of life.
Astrology Prophet Pro Directions is the program, which allows you to view astrological influence on your life, day by day in five main spheres of life. A program to calculate aspects between planets at a given date (current date or birthdate). There are many astrology programs available that will calculate, display and print natal charts some of which have excellent graphics and produce artistic output.

Unlike the usual programs, Planetary Aspects and Transits software makes hardly any mention of astrological signs, and no mention of houses, but rather concentrates (as its name says) on planetary aspects and transits, and how these change over time.
This document is a complete schedule of all the different cycles you will go through for the next few months. The study of the astral climate is a keeper and you can use it anytime in order to control your destiny. All the astrological data and charts are calculated with high precision by Daniel Vega's AstroQuick software. This astrological study of about 20 to 40 pages (10 to 20 pages for 6 months) includes many color charts and ephemeris' tables. The Natal Report completed with the analysis of your karmic indexes (Lunar nodes, Dark Moon, retrograde planets and part of fortune). Also displays personal transits for either of two birthdates, and synastry for two birthdates.

Planetary Aspects and Transits software is useful within both of these branches of astrology. There are also programs that attempt to calculate everything that any astrologer ever supposed to exist.
Planetary Aspects and Transits does not require the use of any other astrology program, but if you already have one of them then this is a very useful addition. Planetary Aspects and Transits is different, and much easier to use (and to understand) than most astrology programs.

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