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I recommend that if you have come here for the first time, try exploring the Wisdom of the Week channelings (with over 150 weeks of teachings), experience the powerful transformative processes in the Wisdom and Processes of Soulhealing section, and read about what I've learned on my journey in my Recent Insights column.
You can learn a great deal about both Western and Vedic astrology by reading my 100+ free essays and tutorials, and even get a copy of your own chart. You can also peruse my 50 page cookbook of gourmet chocolate recipes, and prepare some of my scrumptious chocolate desserts (look under About Hank), and also learn about my journey with gourmet teas, and what I consider to be the best teas that I've found so far and where to get them. You can also explore the field of software for astrology by reading my published reviews of over eighty astrological programs, my articles on how to get the most out of (and avoid the weaknesses of) astrological software, how to get updates to the programs you own and demos of the ones you are interested in as well as a large number of free well done Western and Vedic horoscope programs, and how the most powerful programs compare to each other. Numerology Number 4: This description is for someone with a few 4's in their numerology chart and especially if their life path number is 4.
For this reason, a person with 4 numerology needs to find balance between their work and the rest of their life. Taking time to pursuit other hobbies and interests such as meditation, yoga, music (listening or playing an instrument), painting, spending time in nature or socializing with friends is very good for this person. Since a person with several 4's in their chart tends to take life seriously, anything that helps loosen and lighten the mood is good. Watching a funny movie, and hanging out with lighthearted people is good for someone with this number.
In relationships, a person with numerology number 4 is working on trusting and joining fully with another person.
They have a tendency to stay separate and in their head too much as a way of avoiding getting hurt. They need to learn to trust their intuition and let their feelings, not their intellect, be their guide.

Meditation can help them with this.Once they learn to trust their own inner wisdom and guidance then they will find it easier to trust others.
As mentioned above, anything that takes them out of their head and more fully in their body will help balance them.
A person with the number 4 life path has the mind of a scientist, mathmetician, or businessman.
Any career that involves dilegence is good because this personlity sticks with their endeavors. They make great employees because they are conscientious and will put their whole effort into their work. The position of Stars in the different Rashis in the horoscope at the time of Birth of a person is called GRAHYOGA.
When Grahyogas are harmonious, they create the likelihood of happiness, riches, success, respect, etc. To learn when I will be teaching classes in astrology, and if you're interested, feel free to contact me. I can guide you -- at no charge -- towards the best astrological software and interpretive reports for you, and provide them for you at the lowest prices. There are many Grahyogas in the horoscope of a person, where some Grahyogas are favorable while some unfavorable.
Laws of the universe states that the processes need time to mature and you can’t rush them.
You will get benefits through your brothers and sisters.Real estate peoples will get good benefits.

Laws of the universe tell us that we carry emotional baggage from the past which sometimes runs our lives without knowing or being aware of it.
Laws of the universe are telling us that now, after we have solved the problems it is time to come to peace with ourselves, with all of the advantages and disadvantages, and to live with no restrictions nor exceptions. You will get benefits through your fathera€™s side.You will get success at any taken tasks. Laws of the universe are calling us to make sure that the foundations are well placed before we proceed – because there may be problems. Laws of the universe states that in a place where there is no light, there will be darkness.
Where there is no truth – Will be lies, submission to urges, neglect, drift and loss of control.
Laws of the universe tell us that in order to succeed at something, we must sacrifice something else. Laws of the universe are demanding that we cannot let material interfere with our personal development.
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