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While many people associate iPhones and iPods with apps, music, and movies, they're also a great way to listen to audio books. All You Can Books is a subscription service that offers audiobooks for a monthly fee—but with a twist. Another site that offers public domain audio books (meaning books whose authors have been dead for, in most cases, at least 75 years). This volunteer-driven site offers public domain books in audio format read by people from all over the world (and thus offers books in many languages). As part of its larger collection of freely available media, which also includes movies, courses, language lessons, and books, Open Culture provides links to recordings of short stories, poetry, and books.
Whether out for a walk, at the gym, on a plane, or in the car, you can bring dozens of audio books with you on your iPod or iPhone. This site, which offers a couple hundred free audiobooks, collects classic literature into bite-sized chunks. While you won't find the major names here, Podiobooks is packed full of free audio books by authors in more than two dozen genres (including public domain classics).

You'll find dozens of free MP3s, with longer books often broken up into multiple files. Audible sponsors many popular podcasts, including This American Life and other top shows, and provides free audio books through those ads. The audio books here are completely free and can be downloaded either as a podcast or as an MP3. EMusic usually offers bonuses for longer-term subscriptions with upfront payment, so keep an eye out for deals.
For instance, a long novel like Alice's Adventures in Wonderland appears as 12 separate downloads for easy assignment and listening.
Expect to find public domain classics as well as modern masterworks (there are a few Raymond Carver and Philip K. Titles are offered in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and more.Formerly known as Books Should Be Free.
Options including listening on the site or downloading MP3s.One especially cool twist with Podiobooks, is that serialized audio books are a major focus of the site.

Since the works it offers are pubic domain, it can provide these books for free, doubling the bang for your non-existent buck at the site.
In this case, authors release their books chapter by chapter and allow users to subscribe to the book and get each chapter as it's released.
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