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For more than 130 years, children have reveled in the delightfully non-moralistic, non-educational virtues of this classic.
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Once lost, this eight minute, very damaged, but very delightful silent version of Alice in Wonderland was restored several years ago by the British Film Institute. After about a minute, the eye ignores the damage of the film, like the ear ignores a scratched 78 rpm record. The film was produced and directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow out of their Hepworth Studios in Walton-on-the-Thames, near London. May Clark, who played Alice, was 18 at the time, and had already worked on several Hepworth productions, and not just acting.
As for Cecil Hepworth, he appeared destined for a career in film, as his father ran magic lantern shows.
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We also created lots of extra-special FREE resources so that you could go on your very own adventure in Wonderland!

In this game, follow Alice into Wonderland to make sure that she reaches the court of the Queen of Hearts in time. One sunny day, Alice follows a White Rabbit down a rabbit hole … and into Wonderland! One day, Alice climbs through the big Looking-glass above the fire… and into Looking-glass Land. Full audio, teacher’s notes and an assessment pack for these Readers are available from the Young Readers website.
They show knowledge of the camera trickery pioneered only a few years earlier by Georges Melies, like the shrinking and growing Alice and the appearance of the Cheshire Cat.
According to her bio at the Women Film Pioneers project, she did a bit of everything around the studio, “from special effects and set decoration to costume design and carpentry.” The early days of film have a real “student project” feel about them, no pigeonholed roles, just everybody chipping in. Cecil worked for several companies before setting up his own and wrote one of the first books on the subject, Animated Photography: The ABC of the Cinematograph.
Wonderland is full of adventures and along the way you might meet the Mad Hatter or play a game of croquet.
Try these fun, after-reading activities to practise understanding of plot, character and vocabulary. And at the time, the original length of 12 minutes (eight are all that’s left) made it the longest film coming out of the nascent British film industry.

It starts with Alice following the White Rabbit down the hole, the “eat me” and “drink me” sequence, the squealing baby that turns into a piglet, the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Tea Party, and the Red Queen and her playing card minions. His company continued to make films in this early style through 1926, but eventually ran out of money.
There are four activities where students practise (1) describing a person or character (2) listening and understanding a story (2) learning new vocabulary and (4) playing a game in a group. Alice has some wonderful adventures with the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Cheshire Cat. The Red Queen tells Alice that when she reaches the eighth square, she can be a queen, too. Inside the slide you will see each company and the methods you can use to find out who called you. To pay off debts, the receivership company melted down his films to get the silver, which was the reason most scholars thought his films were lost. In 2008, one of his films was discovered, and then “Alice.” There may still be others out there.

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