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Anybody can learn how to read Kindle books on PC, cell phone or any other Android device for free. The Kindle Reading App is free to download and use and does not place spam links or other malware or tracking software on your hard drive. Once you have used the app once, you will see the benefits of using the Kindle app on a large screened device, like a laptop or tablet.
You can go to Amazon’s Kindle store, find a book that you want to read and then click on the Reading App box to download it. The Kindle Unlimited program is a very good deal for people that read at least 3 books a month. Amazon also has a special offer going on right now where anybody interested in trying out audiobooks can do so with a 30 Day Free Audible Trial and also receive 2 Free Audiobooks of their choosing.
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Who wouldn't want over 350 Pages and $45 Worth of Free Flipping Advice guaranteed to make you money? Get three full-length bestselling Almost Free Money books just for hanging out with me in my email list! There are a number of apps that are available to read books on iPad, free or charged, allow us to buy, download and view ebooks for iPad. But if you often use iBooks you may not feel so satisfied with it, like me, because its catalog is not so bigger than other stores, like Kindle. But eBookMobi's shortcoming is that it can only read drm free ebooks, while you know that most books we purchased from sites are with drm problems.
With an iPad you may not just want to read books, but also some videos, web searching, games playing, etc.

Except for iBooks, another apps are third-party readers, they are related to their stores, and the formats and DRM kinds are also limited. No matter which store you like, go there to find your books, download them to your iPad or other devices or computer. As iBooks is the built-in reading app, so the reading experience is guaranteed, be safe, be free. But as both an iPad user and an ebook fan, sometimes we may feel confused about which app to use is better, is there an app that allows us to read books purchased everywhere, no matter drm protected or drm free, and so on. So if you love reading different kinds of books, I'm sure iBooks will not meet your needs totally.
The Kindle has an larger catalog, we can find some more books that we couldn't find in iBooks. Once a book are purchased from amazon, we can only use Kindle app, no matter we like it or not. Though Kobo app reads DRMed epub books, but we must make sure they are with the same Adobe ID as our kobo account email. It collects a lot of google books in this store, thus we can say it is designed for Google fans, or android fans. It supports Adobe DRM books, connected with your Adobe ID, regardless of where they were from. About books iPad we can install an reading app to help us read books, so just need to listen to them, for a good rest. The tool needed Ultimate Converter, helps you remove any drm from books and convert them to epub or pdf format.
If you don't want to install so reading apps on your iPad, or you just want to use iBooks, but reading a lot of books, this way may help you.

And, in order to meet your needs, I also spend some time talking about their features, my own opinions, give you some good suggestions to help you find the best way to read books on iPad.
The best thing about iBooks is that you can purchase books in this store directly, while another third-party reading apps require you to go to their websites to buy, then back to their apps to read. Kindle is provided by Amazon, as eBooks we purchase from amazon store have kindle's own formats, such as azw3, mobi, so we have no choice but installing Kindle app on iPad to read kindle books. We can intall this app on android smart phone or tablet with easy, just with Google account.
For example, as we known that some of kobo and sony books are protected with Adobe DRM, so when reading kobo and sony books, if we don't want to install kobo, we can install bluefire instead. With iTunes Filesharing we can import those files from our devices or computer to iPad with easy.
So with iBooks after you find an interesting book, you can purchase it right away (with Apple ID), then download it to iPad to have a reading. Except for books from kindle store, Kindle can also display PDF and Mobi files if they are DRM free. So if you collect a lot of books with multiple formats, this app may become your best choice.
We must purchase their files on the website, then log in the kobo app to sync books we've bought.

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